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How liberals change language in order to control the debate

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San Francisco - We have declared the city of SF a fascist organization

Top twelve lies about 911 - Debunking the most desperate and absurd truther lies about 911

Ten more lies about 911 - Continued debunking of truther lies about 911

Asymptomatic Transmission - How the medical establishment rushed to judgment on mask mandates, then panicked when the WHO's Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove contradicted their groupthink

Government caught lying about COVID

Corporate America - Enabling the continued destruction of their stores

The Science - Masks, Lockdowns and Social Distancing don't work

A Timeline of government lies and contradictions regarding COVID-19

Civic Alliance - Our review of the so-called 'non-partisan' organization

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Google promotes Biden / Fauci virtual townhall with cherry-picked left-wing YouTubers.

Infection Fatality Rate - Your odds of dying if you get COVID, especially if you have no underlying health conditions

Davos - Davos World Economic Forum = Academy Awards drivel

National Geographic Channel - Anti-Trump propaganda

Jeep's Super Bowl Ad - an underhanded attack on Republicans that reinforced the Democrat party campaign strategy and parroted their victory message

Media Smears Rush Limbaugh -

RINO Season is here

Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Legislated from the bench

Santa Monica Business Climate - Rattled by unfettered looting and rioting

Trump calls for boycott of select companies

Will Trump run again in 2024? It doesn't matter

USA Today lies - What else is new?

Vaccine Equity - 'People of color' unknowingly being prioritized as guinea pigs

Women's History Month - Just another conduit for promoting leftists and their left-wing agendas

Herd Immunity Update - Estimating when COVID-19 will end for now

David Hogg - The poster boy for liberal privilege

Old technology Johnson & Johnson vaccine likely coming very shortly after February 26th

LucasFilm/Disney's bigotry and hypocrisy on full display as they fire Gina Carano, but leave Pedro Pascal alone

Big Tech putting ideology ahead of profits

Geriatric Joe's 1/14/2021 Speech - Deception of Perception