This is a list of companies that we have found to be either patriotic, apolitical, or at least not as offensive as the companies we boycott. Sometimes we are left with no choice but to pick a least offensive company or product. Let us know if you find better. Let us know if you discover any 'wokeness' that we may have missed in any of the companies listed below.

CONSUMER ELECTRONICS - No politics that we can uncover. Consumer electronics, home essentials, home appliances. Milwaukee-based. Since 1936. Almost no political donations in 2020. ABT has a 'great' TrustPilot rating, even though most people write negative reviews when they decide to write reviews. By comparison, Amazon has a 'poor' rating. Best Buy has a 'bad' rating. ABT has FREE shipping for items like TV's.

Provantage - Appears to be apolitical. Computers, parts, supplies, housewares, and much more! Ohio-based.

MicroCenter - Appears to be apolitical. Computers and electronic devices. Based in Hilliard, OH.

Samy's Camera - Appears to be apolitical. Based in Los Angeles.

hhgregg - Appears to be apolitical. Based in New Jersey.

Electronic Express - No wokeism that we can find. Based in Nashville, TN. Since 1983. $29.95 to ship a TV.

P. C. Richard - No wokeism that we can find other than bragging about how they are using less CO2. With 66 stores, it is the largest chain of private, family-owned appliance, television, electronics, and mattress stores in the United States. Based in Long Island, NY. 100 year old company. Check the shipping cost before you order anything. They wanted $90.98 to ship a TV. - CDW is not perfect and certainly not our first choice. They donated about twice as much to Democrats in 2020 as Republicans. However, is a better alternative than Amazon for electronics, including cameras. Very limited selection of products. Just use ABT or MicroCenter instead.

LG - South Korean company. Has an 'ESG committee', but with vastly different goals than in America. LG has employment quotas based only on gender and disabilities. South Korea is 99% Korean, so it would be comical for them to attempt to implement BIPOC race quotas. No LGBTQ quotas either. Pushing CO2 climate change nonsense on themselves.

tribal Phillips - Pushing CO2 climate change nonsense on themselves. Boasts of having high ESG standards. Has some sort of 'inclusion and diversity policy' but doesn't elaborate. Phillips wants gender equity, but otherwise could just be creatively pandering to the woke mob. Overall, Phillips is a mildly woke company compared to most. Dutch-owned company. - Do NOT support this company. We are told that NewEgg drop ships some merchandise via We don't do business with under any circumstances! Furthermore, NewEgg is reportedly owned by the Chinese company, Hangzhao Liaison Interactive Information Technology Co., Ltd.



h - Mobile phone service. Yes, their host network is Sprint (owned by T-mobile). Unfortunately, all of the host networks are offensive. Doing business with Patriot Mobile limits the financial support of bad companies. - Why are you still using an expensive landline? Instead use a (VOIP) voice-over-internet protocol landline. Do NOT use Ooma, whom we boycott!

Magic Jack - Why are you still using an expensive landline? Instead use a (VOIP) voice-over-internet protocol landline. Do NOT use Ooma, whom we boycott!

tribal Roku - Only buy this device if you don't have a smart TV. This device is unnecessary on a smart TV. You can also choose to use Roku in conjunction with a digital antenna if you like (for free local channels). Cut the cable! Use Roku instead of your overpriced Marxist cable provider or dish company. Save a lot! You might choose to just watch YouTube videos with Roku. Or, with Sling TV, you can choose channel packages that don't include certain propaganda networks. For example, the Sling TV 'Blue' package does not include the CBS propaganda network. Roku celebrates pride month, but beggars can't be choosers. Roku is by far the least offensive option. Do NOT buy Firestick (Amazon) or Chromecast (Google)!

PureTalk- Mobile network provider. Advertises on conservative talk radio. Provides wireless service over the AT&T Mobility network. Unfortunately, all of the host networks are offensive. Doing business with PureTalk limits the financial support of bad companies.

Freedom Phone - Freedom Phone is way overpriced and has too many questions. Instead consider a Google-free smartphone or the Linux-based Pinephone.



Uline - Online office supplies and more. Unfortunately, they sell in bulk. Not so much a consumer company. Stellar donation record. Based in rural Wisconsin.

Provantage - Appears to be apolitical. Computers, parts, supplies, housewares, and much more! Ohio-based.



Pet Supermarket (owned by private equity company, Roark Capital Group) - Seems to be apolitical. Headquartered in Sunrise, FL. Their career page states, "We treat everyone with respect, and embrace diversity and support an inclusive environment." Sounds like pandering to shut up the woke crowd. No Tweets about diversity, BLM or pride. Roark Capital are usually a heavy Republican donors.

Atwoods -

Rural King - - Note that Menards faced backlash over COVID mask mandates in stores. Masks do not work in stopping respiratory viruses like COVID, despite what your TV set tells you.

Pet Supplies Plus - Seems to be apolitical. Headquartered near Detroit, MI. in a county that voted 68.12% for Trump.

My Pillow - Dog beds



h Ashley Home Store (owned by Ashley Furniture Industries) - Furniture, kitchen, bath, baby, lighting, etc. Headquartered in rural Wisconsin.

Bassett Furniture - Appears to be apolitical. Supports vets.

Scandinavian Designs - Appears to be apolitical. Offers military discounts.

Living Spaces - Appears to be apolitical.

Stickley - Pushing CO2 climate change nonsense on themselves, and light women's tribalism, but not on the level of democrat party/media divide & conquer propaganda. Mainly based in upstate New York.

Slumberland Furniture - Stopped selling MyPillow.



h Life Fitness (Owned by KPS Capital Partners) - No politics that we can find. Owned by a private equity company that has swung Republican as far as employee/PAC donations. Quality products too!



Scheels Sporting Goods - Headquartered in Fargo, ND. No politics. Stellar donation record. Scheels is employee-owned. The one negative with Scheels is that they have partnered with the United Way. Perhaps Scheels is unaware that United Way partnered with Bank of America to teach critical race theory. Be sure to let them know! Based in Fargo, ND.


fist Great American Outdoors Group (owns Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops, Sportsman's Warehouse, White River Marine Group, and Our Nature Resorts) - Bass Pro Shops has a diversity and inclusion page and they made race-based donations to the Thurgood Marshall Fund and Greening Youth Foundation. Bass is also 'Fostering diversity in our team'. Did Great American Outdoors Group approve of this? If so, you may choose to boycott their other owned companies.



TIP: If you insist on buying a clothing product from a manufacturer on our boycott list, avoid buying directly from them. Instead buy from Dillards if possible, and thus a good company shares profits with a bad company.


h Dillards department store - A rare clothing retailer bright spot! The only thing close to politics that we can find is a pandering page with light talk about diversity. To them, the word 'diversity' is probably just a substitute term for 'equal opportunity employer' to creatively shut up the activists. This little webpage is minuscule in comparison to what other companies are doing. Dillards has no talk about D.I.E. race quotas. As further confirmation, Dillards has no woke tweets. Stellar donation record. 85% to Republicans in 2020. Based in Little Rock, AR.

Jockey - Small number of donations heavily favor Republicans. No woke nonsense that we can find. Headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Buy direct from or a Jockey outlet store! DO NOT buy from Macy's, Target, Kohl's or JC Penny, as they are all on our boycott list!

Cinch Jeans - No wokeism that we can uncover. Denver-based. - Ohio-based. -  Based in Waterford, MI

Randa Apparel & Accessories (owns Haggar Clothing) - Seems to be apolitical. Texas-based.

Pendleton - Seems to be apolitical.

Orvis - Seems to be apolitical.

Flag & Anthem - Seems to be apolitical. No woke tweets.

1791 Supply & Co -

WeareUnitedUs - Non-woke but pricey and small selection.

BYLT Basics - No politics that we can uncover other than an attempt to charge you $2.75 to "Offset your shipment's carbon footprint", which is pure nonsense -- Humans are not heating up the planet. A bit pricey, but high quality. Based in Orange County, CA.

fist Duluth Trading - Trump supporters. Hints of wokeism: Showcases a person who has a "mentoring program to bring diversity into brewing", and another who founded the woke, Color in the Outdoors, and believes "equity in outdoor spaces is so vitally important".

fist Russell Athletic, Fruit of the Loom, Spalding - Owned by Berkshire Hathaway. Donations have historically favored Republicans. However, Berkshire Hathaway committed to OneTen, AKA hire based on race over merit. The company has also done some pandering to BLM, and has talk of climate change nonsense. But, beggars can't be choosers in this rabidly woke industry. You certainly don't want to support Under Armour, VF Corp, Gap Brands, and the rest of the offensive companies.

fist t Perry Ellis - Some Tweets about diversity, but could be pandering in response to SJW. Owner was born in Cuba, so he likely fears the communist democrat party. Pride tribalism. Donations are solidly Republican.

fist t Hanes - Owns Champion - Hanes posted a message about "systemic racism" and announced that they made "a donation" to the NAACP. This announcement was met with anger from consumers. Hanes also has a webpage about "diversity and inclusion", and about climate change nonsense. Champion pride tribalism. But, Hanes are heavy Republican donors.



Red Wing Shoes (work boots) - Appears to be apolitical. Based in Red Wing, MN.

Newton Running - Appears to be apolitical. Based in Boulder, CO.

Unite Us - Founded by NBA player who refused to kneel for BLM.

t Dr. Scholls shoes - Appears to be owned by an apolitical company in Yellow Wood Partners.

fist t New Balance Athletic - Shoes, clothing, more. New Balance has a STELLAR donation record! However pushing climate change nonsense, partners with GLSEN, and race-mongering tweet. Not as 'woke' as most shoe companies. Did not close stores in Russia (AKA no virtue signaling). You decide.

t d Skechers - Pride tribalism. Small donations favor democrats. $1,435 to Biden, $68 to Trump. Not as 'woke' as most shoe companies.



Speed Queen owned by Alliance Laundry Systems - Washers and dryers. Based in rural Wisconsin.

Goodman AC & Heating - Appears to be apolitical.

Dacor - Appears to be apolitical.

Middleby owns Aga, Brava, Char-Griller, Evo, Kamado Joe, Krushr, La Cornue, Lynx, Marvel, Masterbuilt, Mercury, Novy, Rangemaster, Rayburn, Sedona, Ss Brewtech, Stanley, Viking, and U-Line - Appears to be apolitical.

Smeg - Appears to be apolitical.

LG - You are more patriotic in supporting a South Korean tech company than supporting a Marxist American company that is trying to create division.

t Liebherr - Light women's tribalism.

fist t Whirlpool - (also owns Maytag, KitchenAid, Consul, Brastemp, Amana, Bauknecht, Jenn-Air, Roper, Indesit and other major brand names.) - Whirlpool has committed to OneTen, a woke scheme to specifically hire only more black employees, AKA one race over merit. Pride tribalism tweets. On the bright side, Whirlpool is headquartered in Berrien County, Michigan, where 53.7% voted for Trump in 2020. Donations favor Republicans. Only buy from Whirlpool only as a last resort. GE is more offensive than Whirlpool.



Bank with an apolitical regional or local bank, or credit union. This would be your first choice. Otherwise, all of the BIG banks are woke!


Old Glory Bank - Very patriotic! Against left-wing cancel culture. Larry Elder supports this mid-Western bank.

MidFirst Bank - The largest privately-owned bank in the United States. No woke tweets that we can find. Donations have heavily favored Republicans, although the gap has narrowed recently. The only negatives we can find are an April 6, 2020 $100,000 donation to a partner of the United Way (which has more recently began teaching critical race theory and urging white people to "cede power to people of color"), and a donation to the Boys & Girls Club (which opposed Georgia's much-needed voting reform bill). MidFirst is also virtue signaling about offsetting their carbon footprint. C02 climate change is a left-wing conspiracy theory.

Woodforest National Bank - No woke tweets. Loyal Republican donors. Texas-based.

Coosa Valley Credit Union - Link

Christian Community Credit Union - Link

Adelfi Credit Union - Link

Regent Bank - Link

t fist Comerica Bank - Dallas-based. The only reason we mention Comerica here is because the entire large banking sector is highly woke. Comerica is perhaps the least offensive of the larger banks. Employees and PAC donations favor Republicans. However, Comerica donated 1 million dollars to assist black-owned small businesses, thus discriminating against people of all other skin pigmentations. Relative to the size of the company, this was a lot! Otherwise, Comerica appears to be apolitical. Use only as a last resort.  

fist t gun Charles Schwab - See under "Brokerages". Schwab also provides banking services. At last check, they reimburse you for out-of-network ATM fees. Use only as a last resort. Based in a suburb of Dallas, TX.

First West Credit Union - British Columbia’s third largest credit union. Joined the anti-Trump hate group, StopHateForProfit.



h Coign - Conservative credit card issuer. Yes, they are partnered with VISA, but beggars can't be choosers -- All four of the credit card networks are woke. Discover and Amex are slightly more offensive than VISA. Using a Coign card essentially diverts profits away from your woke bank, but not VISA.

h AlignPay - Great alternative to PayPal for consumers. Launched by Dan Bongino. Dedicated to freedom. ‘Cancel culture’ free.

h GabPay - P2P payment platform.

Century Business Solutions - Specializing in payment processing for the firearms industry.

Orchid Solutions - Firearm merchant payment processing.

WinRed - Specializing in political donations.

GiveSendGo - Accepted donations to Kyle Rittenhouse fundraiser when GoFundMe banned him.

Subscribestar - This site was targeted by leftists and banned by PayPal.

BitCoin and other crypto currencies - Always offer this option to buyers when conducting business! Use this option when sellers offer it.

2nd Ammendment Processing - For businesses.



America First Insurance - America’s conservative insurance group. We don't know much about this company because it just launched in 2022. A reader reports that they use AIG as 'their' insurance company. Unfortunately, ALL of the big insurers are woke. Sometimes the best you can hope for is to share/divert some profits away from a woke company. We recommend doing this this with credit cards, and certain other categories when there is no other alternative. Maybe at some point, if America First Insurance grows, they can then become their own insurer.



NOTE: We're not your investment advisor. Investing carries risk. Do your own due diligence when investing. Large publicly traded companies virtually always go woke to one degree or another. That is why there are no perfect ETFs (AKA index funds) out there. However, we prefer ETFs because they are less risky than individual stocks and don't require day-to-day analysis. And so, our strategy is to pick the least offensive ETFs.


RSP (ticker symbol) by Invesco - By investing in an equally-weighted S&P 500 index fund, you only invest about 1.1% in the big five tech tyrants, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Google, which would otherwise represent about 22.5% of an index fund that is weighted based on market cap. Best of all, RSP has outperformed the S&P market cap index over the last 1, 2 and 5 years (the last time we checked). We don't like Invesco, but unfortunately they are the only company we're aware of that offers an equally weighted S&P 500 index fund. Buying an Invesco fund is better than investing 22.5% in BigTech. 34 billion in assets.

INDEX (ticker symbol) - Equally weighted. Trades like a mutual fund, in that there is only one trading price per day. Relatively small fund with just over 100 mil in assets.

EUSA (ticker symbol) by iShares - No more than 0.24% invested in any one company! A similar non-equally weighted fund would probably have upwards of 20% in the most evil of Big Tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet/Google. We don't like iShares (owned by the evil Blackrock), but unfortunately they are the only company we're aware of that offers an equally weighted broad market mid and large-cap index fund. Buying an iShares fund is better than investing 22.5% in BigTech. 325 million in assets.

XNTK (ticker symbol) by SPDR - Equally balanced technology ETF. Great way to invest more in tech but with less exposure to the biggest tech tyrants! 404 million in assets.



Strive ETF's - Ticker symbols DRLL, SHOC, STXE, STXG, STXV, STXD, STRV, and STXK. They still invest in all of the usual woke companies (Apple, Amazon, etc), but, through proxy voting and proactively engaging with companies, Strive seeks to get them to choose shareholder profits over wokeness, such as ESG. Therefore, if you insist on investing market-weight funds, like those sold by the evil Black Rock company and others, at least Strive is voting the right way.



MAGA (ticker symbol) - Invests at least 80% in companies with employees and PAC's that are highly supportive of GOP candidates. This is an ETF, so you are investing in multiple companies, with less than 1% in any one company. 18 million in assets.

ACVF (ticker symbol) - The American Conservative Values ETF is said to "Boycott companies that are hostile to conservative values". This ETF is comparable to the S&P 500. It's blended large caps. Holdings are far from perfect. However, these days, most big companies are woke. A more accurate description of the fund might be to say that they boycott the worst of the worst companies. Their list of "Companies Most Hostile to Conservative Values" looks very accurate. So, keep in mind that many of their holdings are on our boycott list, but beggars can't be choosers when it comes to investing. This ETF is less offensive than a cap-weighted S&P 500 ETF. Another alternative is to buy individual stocks, however, you would need to buy about 20 to 30 different companies in order to reduce your risk. Re-balancing could be tedious when you have to make this many trades and report all of it on your taxes. 34 million in assets.



Dimensional Funds and ETFs - LINK - Does not have an ESG commitment.



Beware that investing in individual stocks, especially penny stocks, is riskier than buying index funds! Generally speaking, we don't recommend putting more than 1% into any one company. As described earlier, it is hard to find large companies that don't go woke to some degree. But, we searched far and wide to find a few bright spots.

DWAC (ticker symbol) - Financial Services sector - Digital World Acquisition Corp is merging with Trump Media & Technology Group (including Truth Social). MAGA would be a better choice. But if you support Trump, you might choose to put a little bit of your money where your heart is.

SCHW (ticker symbol) - Financial Services sector - Charles Schwab

DDS (ticker symbol) - Consumer Cyclical sector - Dillards

BSET (ticker symbol) - Consumer Cyclical sector - Basset Furniture

DLTH (ticker symbol) - Consumer Cyclical sector - Duluth Trading Co.

PII (ticker symbol) - Recreational Vehicles sector - Polaris owns Indian Motorcycles

PSQH (ticker symbol) - Tech sector - PublicSquare

ROKU (ticker symbol) - Tech sector.

CDW (ticker symbol) - Tech sector. CDW is not perfect, but not as woke as the rest of the tech sector companies.



(Unfortunately, none of these brokerages are perfect)

joined = Partnership with a bad custodial bank


joined FirstTrade - A privately held brokerage. They use BMO Harris Bank as their custodial bank (when you park cash in your account). BMO Harris joined the race-mongering, censorship-loving, anti-Trump group StopHateforProfit.

joined Zachs Trade - You can think of Zach's and Interactive Brokers as one and the same. Zachs Trade uses Interactive Brokers LLC, to provide custodial banking through JP Morgan Chase, who we boycott. If you use Zachs Trade, then in order to mitigate business with JP Morgan Chase, don't leave a lot of cash sitting in your account. Either invest it or transfer it to your bank account. Zach's mirrors InteractiveBrokers' ESG policies.

joined InteractiveBrokers - You can think of Zach's and Interactive Brokers as one and the same. InteractiveBrokers is a mixed bag. On the bright side, their employees and PAC's have a stellar donation record. A solid 96.96% of donations went to Republicans in 2022. However, IB uses JP Morgan Chase as their custodial bank. InteractiveBrokers also uses ESG to rate companies. At least, so we are told, they do not use ESG to rate their own customers, as Merrill Lynch does. If you use InteractiveBrokers, then in order to mitigate business with JP Morgan Chase, don't leave a lot of cash sitting in your account. Either invest it or transfer it to your bank account. We rate InteractiveBrokers as a slightly better choice than Charles Schwab.

fist t gun joined Charles Schwab (owns TD AmeriTrade) - The ONLY reason we mention Schwab is because their employees and PAC's have a rock solid donation record (89% to Republicans in 2022). Schwab uses TD Bank as the custodian of customer cash. Still a bad company, but not as bad as JP Morgan Chase, whom they once used as their custodial banker. Schwab charitable suddenly cut off donations to the NRA. If you are a staunch gun supporter, then you might want to skip doing business with Schwab. Schwab is making race-based donations: $3.5 million scholarship program for Black students pursuing degrees in financial planning. People with other skin pigmentations do not qualify! Finally, Schwab is "committed to ESG through sustainable real estate practices, responsible workflows, and investment stewardship. Schwab discloses key corporate sustainability metrics around carbon emissions, energy and water use, and volume of environmentally favorable purchases". Based in a suburb of Dallas, TX.




(All of these are merely less offensive than Amazon, Target, Walmart)

1) Our first recommendation is to discover the many specialty online retailers out there! Unfortunately ALL of the 'big box' stores are woke.


HARDWARE / HOME / RANCH - Online ranch and home supplies store, based in Casper, Wyoming. - Online ranch and home supplies store, based in Oklahoma. - Electrical, plumbing, heating, tools for professionals. Based in Oklahoma. - Farm and home store, including laundry detergent, pet food, toys, etc. - 'Built on Midwestern values'. No wokeness that we can find.

Ace Hardware - As a whole, Ace employee/PAC donations are more Republican leaning than Democrat. Gave away 1 million flags. Philippine-owned company.

Blain's Farm & Fleet - Locations in IL, IA, MI, & WI. Carrying products for farming, car care, fishing, hunting, pets, gardening & more!

Menards Hardware - Not our first choice. We are becoming suspicious of this once-heavy Republican-donating company that started to waiver in 2020. Still carries MyPillow. However, like GroupThink sheep, Menards had COVID mask mandates in stores even though masks do nothing not stop respiratory viruses! Also, they inexplicably banned children in stores because of COVID, even though children are very very poor vectors of COVID and very very rarely die of COVID. Children should be used as shields to develop herd immunity to protect the herd! Eau Claire, Wisconsin-based. 54.4% voted for Biden VS 43.6% for Trump.

fist t alert-1 - We've given up on Home Depot. They have caved to the woke mob. The only thing positive we can say about Home Depot is that they are not as horrible as Lowes.



(There are very few beauty companies that are not 'woke') - Seems to be apolitical. Let us know if you discover otherwise.

Revlon - Ronald Perleman, the chairman of Revlon, donated $125,000 to The Trump Victory Committee in 2017. Revlon has been harassed by the BLM mob into hiring based on skin pigmentation.

Chi Haircare - Owner Farouk Shami donated to President Trump in 2016 and continues to support him.

Nimi Skin Care - Anti-woke company that advertises on PublicSq

Smashbox - Seems to be apolitical. Let us know if you discover otherwise.

Sigma Beauty - Seems to be apolitical. Let us know if you discover otherwise.




(All seems to be politically neutral)

h Jeremy's Razors - Created specifically as a response to the obnoxious left-wing Harry's razors. Also sells chocolates.

h Patriot Shave - Patriotic, anti-woke. Based in Evergreen, CO.

The Beard Club - Based in Orange County, CA

Dissident Soaps - Based in Kalispell, MT.

Defender Razor - Based in Los Angeles, CA

Jes Organics - Bath & Body, skin care, makeup, Based in Mesquite, Nevada.

tribal Desert Essense (owned by Country Life) - This is a money-saving recommendation. This 8 oz tube of shampoo is so highly concentrated that it will last you at least a year. That's when you realize that all other shampoo products are watered-down scams. The company wants to 'end gender inequality around the world'. No other wokeness that we can find.

Pure & Natural - This is a money-saving recommendation. Crystal deodorant stone. Note that you must spend about a minute applying otherwise crystal deodorant won't be very effective.

Kirk’s soaps - Based in Erlanger, KY.

Renpure (hair care) - Based in Ontario, Canada.

Acure (skin, hair, body products) - Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Duke Cannon - Parrotting COVID groupthink misinformation about 'social distancing'. Based in Minneapolis.

Mitchum deodorant (Owned by Revlon) -

fist tribal Barbasol, Pure Silk - Owned by Perio, Inc. Ohio-based. The only blemish is a donation to ROX (Ruling Our Experiences), a women's tribalism organization that also preaches some black girls' tribalism. Otherwise, no woke tweets or webpages that we're aware of. - We've removed them because of partnerships with Disney and Disney-owned Marvel. Based in Los Angeles, CA.



Cooper Vision (Contact lenses) - Ooops! We removed them. They joined the United Nations Global Compact, which pushes D.I.E., ESG, climate change nonsense, and globalism. CooperCompanies President and CEO, Albert White signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ pledge (AKA less white people).


VARIOUS PRODUCTS - Arts and crafts. Store display reportedly encouraged voters to vote for Trump.

Dean Guitars - Tampa, Florida-based. No woke tweets. Independently owned. We haven't done much research into musical instrument companies. There are probably many more non-woke companies. Just avoid Gibson and Fender!

h MyPillow - Sheets, bedding, towels, etc.

Egard Watch Company - Backed the police during a time when other companies support the violent, Marxist group BLM. Anti-transgender commercial.

fist tribal Koch Industries owns Purina and Georgia Pacific (Quilted Northern, Angel Soft, Brawny, Sparkle, Dixie) - Race-based donations, including to the National Urban League. Diversity Tweets. On the bright side, Koch are huge Republican donors. You decide.



h - Hosting, domain registration, anonymous domains, censorship resistance. "We believe that privacy and free speech are two essential values that are worth safeguarding" -- IncogNet. Based in the Netherlands and US.

h Gab - The only free speech platform. Facebook-style layout and functionality.

h TRUTH Social - Partners with Donald Trump.

h GETTR - Twitter-style layout and functionality. Launched by former Trump spokesman Jason Miller.

h Brave browser - Stop using Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc. Use the Brave browser but don't use the Brave search engine, which produces left-wing propaganda results (NY Times, CNN, the Guardian, CBS, etc).

h Citizen Free Press - News aggregate site. Like Drudge Report but without the left-wing propaganda links.

h - Hosting, development and advertising. Owned & operated by conservatives. Starting at $99 per month (50 GB storage), this is not for your average Joe consumer's website.

h GiveSendGo - Fundraising without Big Tech canceling you. Accepted Kyle Rittenhouse fundraiser.

h SubscribeStar - Fundraising without Big Tech canceling you

4conservative - Search engine. Slow. Search results are merely a little better than the far-left wing Google. For example, a recent search for "climate change skepticism" produced results whereby only 2 of the top 7 results were actual skeptic websites. The #1 result was an alarmist site. We're still waiting for a search engine that is not pushing lefty results. - Web hosting. Does not appear to be political.

HostPapa (owns Cloud 9 Hosting, Silicon Valley Web Hosting) - Canadian company that has bought out many American hosting companies. No woke tweets. The only negative is that their terms of service leaves the door open to terminate anyone. It reads, "wilfully promote hatred against or defame any identifiable individual, group or other organization; including but not limited to promoting hate, violence, or intolerance based on race, age, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation." But, are they actually enforcing these terms, and with broad strokes as BigTech loves to do? We can't seem to find any news stories of accounts being terminated. Perhaps these terms of service are merely to comply with Canadian law. Remember that Canada does not actually allow full freedom of speech. - Based in Iceland. Supports free speech. The only negative we can find is that they have bought into climate change nonsense.

Tutanota - Email

ProtonMail - Email - Run by globalists? The World Economic Forum (a group of globalists) wrote that the WEF "welcomes 100 innovative tech firms to its Technology Pioneers community", including Proton Mail. The article seems to suggest that companies like Proton 'joined' the Technnology Pioneers community ("By joining this community these emerging tech leaders can continue to show not only the impressive tech advancements within their firms but also how their companies are helping to build a better future for us all.”) UPDATE: A reader tells us that Proton says that they are "in no way associated with the World Economic Forum. From time to time, Proton is nominated for various awards given out by other parties, but this does not mean that we are in any way affiliated with them". However, this could be a non-denial denail because Proton did not specifically address whether they joined the Technnology Pioneers community.

PublicSq - Connecting freedom-loving Americans with local community, reliable information, and the businesses that share their values. We are hoping that that they create forums for each city in America, similar to Nextdoor. Not much traffic so far. New platform. - Non-woke job board.

RightForge - A full-service technology infrastructure company specializing in high-availability cloud hosting, web-development, managing and protecting online assets. Will host Trump’s “Truth Social” network. We did receive a report of RightForge adding a mysterious $250 charge to a customer's bill. We'll wait to see what that is all about before we give RightForge a recommendation here. - Partners with and promoting the imaginary CO2 climate change hoax. Carbonfund is run by ClimeCo, which aggressively pushes ESG. - No longer a champion of free speech. In the early going, this company was a champion of free speech and was smeared by the left as a 'refuge for the far-right'. The company is now under new management which seized the domain of kiwifarms due to unknown terms of service violations. The owner got the domain back only after a fight.



805 Beer by Firestone-Walker (owned by Duvel) - Trump supporters! No woke Tweets that we can find. Only blemish on the company is some 'commitment to clean, renewable energy', which is a pipe dream. Wind and solar will never work. Parent Belgian company, Duvel, cutting CO2 emissions (the imaginary environmental threat). Duval also wants 'inclusive growth' in order to 'foster a diverse and healthy society'. Sounds like weasel words for D.I.E., although how much can a Belgian company discriminate? Belgium is 97.6% white!

Moosehead Beer - No politics that we can find. No woke tweets.

Sapporo (owns Anchor Brewing) - Does not appear to be woke. The closest thing we found was use of the word 'diversity', but it was essentially used as a euphemism for 'equal opportunity employer', which all companies are. "to hire diverse human resources without distinction of nationality, gender or educational history." Headquartered in American-allied Japan, where they respect culture and don't want to take in boatloads of refugees.

In-N-Out Burger - Stood up to the California VAX tyrants by saying “We refuse to become the vaccination police for any government... This is clear governmental overreach and is intrusive, improper, and offensive.” The left became triggered by the fact that In-N-Out donated to Republicans (in addition to democrats). Banned employees from wearing the silly face-diapers that do nothing.

h Publix - South/East regional grocery chain was targeted for boycott by leftists.

Whataburger - No wokeness that we can find.

Zaxby's - No wokeness that we can find.

Rusty Taco

Mission BBQ - Supports police and military. Just 99 stores as of 2021.

Marco's Pizza - No woke tweets or anything that we can find.

Johnsonville -

h Mount Rushmore Coffee Company - As seen in The Gateway Pundit, Pro Trump News, The Liberty Daily. Based in Rapid City, SD. - Based in Mechanicsburg, OH

Abbey Roast Coffee - Silver City, NM

h Founding Fathers Coffee - Supports American military families.

h MyCoffee - Mike Lindell's coffee.

Perdue Farms - Republican supporters. Products only sold online.

h Bang Energy Drink (Vital Pharmaceuticals) - Donated 250K to America First Action

h We The People Wine -

h Lost Trail Winery - Wine

Pizza Squared - We don't ever recommend visiting the Marxist city of San Francisco, but this place actually righteously fired an employee who told police officers they were not welcome at the restaurant.

Monterey Gourment Foods - Tiny company. Apolitical. - Not sold in stores. You'll have to order by mail. Who orders beer by mail? Merely a gimmick product.

Kutztown sodas -

t Yuengling Beer - Trump / Republican supporters. Dick Yuengling endorsed Donald Trump. Yuengling hosted Eric Trump on a media-accompanied tour of the brewery. Accordingly, leftists have boycotted Yuengling. However, Yuendling sponsored a Pride event in Philly. Still, not as woke as most beer companies.

Outback Steakhouse (owned by fist tribal Bloomin Brands) - No wokeness that we can find. Solid Republican donors. However, the parent company is pushing D.I.E. and keeps track of employees by race and gender. Also pushing climate change nonsense. Partners with the National Urban League and the National Diversity Council. The only bright spot about Bloomin' Brands is their donation record.

Goya Foods - The CEO Robert Unanue is the lone good guy. The company's majority 9 member board voted to censure their CEO, then laughably claimed that "politics is not part of our business". Until the 'woke' leftists are removed from the board of directors, we cannot support Goya.

fist tribal Sanderson Farms Rock solid Republican donors. But, purchased by a highly woke company in Cargill, whose woke CEO says "For far too long, systemic racism has prohibited people of color from contributing their talents and achieving their aspirations in agriculture". ESG report. Says that "climate action" is a "pressing need". Cargill also opposed Florida's Parental Rights In Education bill.

fist Nature's Own - Owned by Flowers Foods (own Dave's Killer Bread, Wonder Bread, and Sunbeam Bread) Woke! ESG oversight, Diversity & Inclusion, climate change nonsense.

fist tribal Sprouts - Gone woke. D.I.E., ESG, discriminates by skin pigmentation, CO2 climate nonsense, etc.

fist tribal ALDI - D.I.E. Prioritizing hiring everyone except straight white people. Caved to the woke mob and rehired an employee who wore a BLM face mask. Has a 'racial equity fund'. Anti-CO2 nonsense.



VITAMINS, BATH & BODY - East AND West coast warehouses to get your order to you quickly. Appears to stay out of politics. No 'woke' tweets, no SJW causes, no political donations that we can find. Let us know if you find otherwise. Also sells personal care items. This shampoo is so concentrated that it will last you at least a year. Has an affiliate program whereby you can earn 10%-14% on web referrals (Note that we earn nothing because we are a strictly non-commercial site). Based in Huntington Beach, California, the anti-California city that voted to ban masks and vaccine mandates, where residents protested Gavin Newsom's closing of beaches during COVID, and where people came out to support Trump after the Dem's assassination attempt.

eVitamins - Based in Utica, MI - A bit pricey but seems to be apolitical. Also sells personal care, food, beverages, preparedness suff.

Swanson Vitamins - Although the company is owned by a Marxist-San Francisco-based private equity firm, they appear to be apolitical. No woke tweets. Nothing. Only buy from a SF-owned company as a very last resort.

Puritan's Pride - Owned by the highly woke Nestle company.




h Trump Resorts - Owned by the greatest president in history

Red Roof Inn (owne by Westmont Hospitality Group) - Pandering Tweets for far-left-wing activist justice RBG, and black history month, but not in an over-the-top tribalistic way. We're used to seeing much worse. No Tweets about D.I.E. New Albany, OH based company.

Motel 6 - Motel 6 does not push any politics that we can find. However, the parent company, Blackstone is pushing D.I.E., ESG, and is based in New York City. The hotel business is so woke that Motel 6 is about the least woke large hotel company you'll find. - Home sharing. Support hosts on this platform! It can't hurt to search for a stay. - Home sharing. Support hosts on this platform! It can't hurt to search for a stay. - Home sharing

fist t Sands Resorts - Gone woke! ESG, race-based donations, "We promote DIE in all aspects of our operations", wants to "remove systemic barriers". Once a solid Republican donating company. That has all but dried up.



h 1A Auto - CEO, Rick Green ran for congress as a Republican. (Owned by Meridian Auto Parts) - San Diego, CA-based - Advertises on Michael Savage and Dan Bongino. Based in Madison, WI. However, we were alerted to their democrat donations. 1A Auto is clearly the better choice. You can still shop with RockAuto as a last resort -- The rest of this parts retail business is highly woke!

h WeatherTech - Republican donors.

Griot's Garage - Car care products.

t Indian Motorcycles (owned by Polaris) - Honors heroes and military. Indian has no woke politics, however the parent company Polaris keeps track of employees by gender, but has no artificial discriminatory quotas that they are trying to meet. Polaris parrots global warming nonsense. The bottom line is that Polaris is nowhere near as woke as Harley Davidson, which we boycott.

t Kawasaki - Has a page about 'diversity' but it could be interpreted to mean 'equal opportunity employer'. You decide. Also, making 'an effort to expand the scope of these initiatives, we aim to create an LGBT-friendly work environment and, to this end, are focusing on pushing ahead with various measures and employee awareness campaigns.' Contrary to old articles, Kawasaki did not end association with "the New Apprentice" because Trump was an executive producer. A rogue employee spread this fake news. Kawasaki does not engage in such politics.

Meguiar's Car Wax - Now owned by 3M, a woke company.



Cinemark theaters - Showing "2000 Mules" across 400 theaters. Stellar donation record. Plano, Texas-based. But, gone woke!



t UFC - Dana White supports Trump. But the UFC went woke by partnering with Budweiser to make Bud Light its official beer.

h WWE - Supports Trump. Although, John Cena bent over for China by apologizing for calling Taiwan a country.



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NOTE: When we recommend 'good' companies, we recommend ones that have competitive prices and have online stores with large enough selections of consumer products that people will actually want to shop with them.








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