10/28/2022 - Enemies of free speech: GENERAL MOTORS was the first company to halt advertising on Elon Musk's Twitter. We've been sounding the alarm for a long time about GM being a radical-left-wing company with bad intentions! We regard companies that attack free speech as the most offensive ones of all. Boycott GM for life! That includes Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Isuzu, Onstar, AC Delco, BrightDrop, Periscope, and Ultium. BOYCOTT ALL OF THESE GM BRANDS!


Other enemies of free speech who have stopped advertising on Twitter include: Volkswagen, Audi, General Mills, Mondelez Int, Pfizer, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Eli Lilly, American Airlines, Boston Beer (Sam Adams), Verizon, Mars, Kellogg's, Merck, and the CBS propaganda network. The tyrants at Apple have all but stopped advertising. These are the same old far-left-wing suspects that we have always boycotted.



State of Wyoming fighting woke banks

STORY: As you know, the banking sector is one of the most woke groups of companies. They're basically all woke to some degree. Many of them have adopted ESG, the cartel-like rating system, which among other things, attacks the oil industry. The state of Wyoming is introducing a bill that would direct the state treasurer to make a list of financial institutions that are actively engaged in discrimination against energy companies and refuse to enter into contracts with them.


West Virginia, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, South Carolina, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Arkansas and North Dakota have also made moves to stop doing business with companies that engage in ESG or other politically motivated activities.


To this day, the CDC continues to spread medical misinformation

We have a wealth of actual real-world data showing that mask mandates do nothing to stop respiratory viruses like COVID. Not only are cloth masks useless, but N95 masks have been shown to have no impact on stopping COVID spread. We also know that it doesn't matter if you're 6 feet or 60 feet apart. You're just as likely to spread/get COVID. Yet, the CDC continues to gaslight us by pretending as if masks and social distancing actually work.




Why is FOX News drooling over Nikki Haley?

For those with short-term memory, Nikki Haley is a RINO who has been at odds with Trump too many times. She joined the chorus of Democrats by demanding that Trump release his tax returns. She attacked Trump over a Jake Tapper CNN interview. She walks and talks like a RINO when it comes to the wall and illegal immigration. And, Nikki did not fall in line with supporting Trump's Muslim country immigration ban. When the alt-left Washington Compost speaks glowingly of Nikki, that's when you know that she's not the right candidate.


"Donald Trump is everything I taught my children NOT to be in kindergarten" -- Nikki Haley


Finally, Nikki Haley slammed the door on ever being a Republican presidential contender when she joined Democrats and their false narrative of blaming Trump for January 6th... "We need to acknowledge he let us down. He went down a path he shouldn't have. And we shouldn't have followed him. And we shouldn't have listened to him. We can't let that ever happen again." Nikki also said "When I tell you I’m angry, it’s an understatement" and she said she was "disgusted" by Trump. Well, we are disgusted by Nikki Haley (RINO). It's no surprise that Trump refused to have a meeting with Nikki at Mir-a-Lago. When the rabidly left-wing Newsweek ridiculously calls Nikki the Republican 'frontrunner' for 2024, that's when you know she's the wrong candidate and has zero chance.


Nothing to see here! Move along!

1/2/2023 -- As always, the debate is over and The Science™ is settled. Those Branch Covidians are rushing to summarily declare that vaccination has absolutely nothing to do with NFL player, Damar Hamlin's health emergency. They say it's definitely not vax related and you're a 'right-wing conspiracy theorist' if you dare question anything. But, how do we know that he didn't have a weakened heart due to some other contributing factor? A logical person asks, when considering that NFL players take hits to the chest every week, why don't we see other players' hearts stopping? Common sense says that there is something more at play with Damar Hamlin than just commotio cordis. Either way, keep your eye on the ball. The cold-hard fact is that excess deaths coincide with the vaccine rollout. Athlete collapses and deaths have spiked way up (1616 athlete cardiac arrests, including 1114 dead since January 2021) from just 29 to 71 per year. A recent survey found that 1 in 4 people think someone they know died from COVID vaccines. What's up with that?


BELOW: Hearts stopping is normalized by the Rolling Stone medical journal.

If you question the GroupThink narrative, you're 'vile' and a 'conspiracy theorist'.



Amazon laying off 10,000 employees!

If their 2020 political donation record is any indication, then our number one boycott target is laying off 8,266 democrat workers. Hopefully, you, our readers played a role in this. Continue to shop at ABT for electronics, and the many other companies for other products.


As always, the mainstream media knows best

Now that the mid-term elections are over, the media is once again telling us who to vote for in 2022. As always, they hate Trump. Even though Trump wasn't even on the ballot, they are blaming Trump for any and every Republican shortfall as if this is a fact, while ignoring such things as Mitch McConnell giving 5 million dollars to RINO Lisa Murkowsky, the weakness of the losing candidates themselves, etc. The media would love nothing more than to fracture the Republican party into Trump VS DeSantis. The Republican National Convention is a long way off. Until then, let the people decide who should be the Republican candidate for president. This will sort itself out over the coming year and a half. Voters should make an honest, intelligent assessment of Trump or DeSantis based on such things as reliable polls that look at hypothetical ballot choices (ex- DeSantis VS Biden, Trump VS Biden, DeSantis VS Newsom, Trump VS Newsom, etc). Republicans have to win. Let the chips fall where they may -- just don't be manipulated by trickery.


The media will lie with statistics to convince you to dump Trump. For example, the survey question below cannot be taken at face value because the biggest Trump haters not only always vote, but might likely answer yes to a question like this...




Big Tech donated 90% of funds to democrats

No surprise. The Tech Tyrants made 90% of their donations to democrats. Twitter, Apple, PayPal, Alphabet (Google), and Meta (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) donated $5,662,211 during the 2022 election cycle. Stop feeding the beast. Switch to alt tech!


Google has shadow-banned this site

As of 11/22/2022, a Google search for "boycott woke companies" lists this site on page 6. Contrast this with Bing, which lists this site at the very top of page one. This is why we tell people who insist on using a 'mainstream' search engine to use Bing. Yes, Bing is owned by the tyrants at Microsoft, but for whatever reason, Bing is not as oppressive as Google. Now, more than ever, please link this site to your site, blog, etc.


Bitcoin buying opportunity coming soon?

9/14/2022 - If past performance (2017 - 2019) is any indication, Bitcoin may bottom out in about 2 months and then flatline for the next 3 months (your possible buying opportunity window).


Here's your proof that the Jan 6th Committee is a farce

8/10/2022 - After being voted out of office, Liz Cheney (RINO) said “I will be doing whatever it takes to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office", yet she sits on a supposed "bipartisan", "neutral" committee investigating the January 6th protest. It's literally like having a fox watch over the hen house.


Starbucks joins Walgreens and others who have closed stores in dem cities

File this one in the poetic justice category. Starbucks fights hard for democrat causes and to get democrats elected. The chickens have come home to roost. Justice systems have been dismantled, crime has gone through the roof, and crazy homeless are allowed to roam the streets of blue cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Washington DC, and Philadelphia. Starbucks is closing 16 of its stores because of safety issues. Serves them right. Instead buy coffee from non-woke companies like Mount Rushmore Coffee Company based in Rapid City, SD, based in Mechanicsburg, OH.


Trump warned Germany about becoming depedent on Russia for natural gas

VIDEO Trump's prophetic words on July 11, 2018, 3 1/2 years before Russia invaded Ukraine, and Germany finally agreed with Trump that being dependent on Russia was a bad idea.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg's ego cost liberals on Roe VS Wade

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an activist in a robe, and well into her 80's, it was her ego that kept her from retiring. She bought into her liberal media's narrative that Hillary Clinton had the 2016 election in the bag. The rest is history. Having said that, nothing will change, except in certain red states. Evidently, this is lost with protesters in blue states who somehow believe that the rug has been pulled out from under them.


Dick's Sporting Goods, Expedia, PayPal, Disney, Google, Bank of America paying for travel for abortions

Instead of bankrolling democrat election campaigns, leftist companies such as Dick's Sporting goods will be spending up to $4,000 of their money on abortions. They will also inevitably be filling the pockets of scammers looking to pocket some of this free money.




Striking down Roe VS Wade

This is a win for the Republican party voter roll. Less blue state babies will be born. More red state babies will be born. Is this the real reason why democrats are so up in arms?


BELOW: Blue = States where abortion is illegal



What the CDC doesn't want you to know:

Only about 75 healthy children have died of COVID


BELOW: According to the CDC, only 1,257 kids age 18 and younger have died of COVID.

It is critically important to note that this stat does not separate the unhealthy from the healthy.



So, what happens when we separate the healthy from the healthy? The CDC either does not provide this stat anymore or they obscure it (probably to ramp up fear in parents in order to induce them to vaccinate their kids). But, in September 2020 the CDC quietly reported that about 94% of people who had died from COVID-19 in the U.S. also had other contributing conditions listed on their death certificates. They died with COVID and something else -- not of COVID alone. Only 6% of deaths listed COVID-19 as the only cause. And so, if we were to apply this stat to children, we would multiply 1,257 times 0.06 and then arrive at 75.42. Therefore, as of 5/28/2022, it is fair to estimate that only about 75 healthy children have died of COVID since the onset of the pandemic. There are 73.1 million children under the age of 18 in the US. If we count 18-year-olds, this raises the figure to about 77 million.


BELOW: To mask this inconvenient stat, the CDC lies with statistics by telling you that COVID is 'one of the leading causes of death among children'. This factoid (which also lumps the healthy and unhealthy all together) is much ado about nothing because the baseline number of child deaths is extremely low.



Parents cannot make an educated decision as to whether or not to get their kids vaccinated when statistics are obscured. Failure to separate the unhealthy from the healthy in statistics is a critical lie by omission. The above analysis doesn't even take into account how deaths can be reduced by testing at the first sign of sickness (sore throat, etc), then treating COVID immediately. We have many treatment options. Vaccines are just one line of defense. How many of the above rare deaths were complicated by failure to act quickly?


Past performance says cryptocurrencies still have more to fall

6/19/2022 -- Past performance is no guarantee of future results, but sometimes it can be telling. It has been a blood bath for cryptocurrencies, but this falling knife may still be falling.


Back in 2018, Ethereum dropped 94% over about 11 months time. Yesterday, Ethereum hit 880.93. That's down about 81.7% from its high. We're only 7 months and change since Ethereum's all-time high back in November of 2021. So, past performance says that you might want to wait before jumping back into cryptocurrencies. Also, keep in mind that after the 2018 - 2019 crash, Ethereum floundered for at least another year before forming its next bubble.


There was a similar trend with BitCoin. Right now it's down about 74%. It dropped 84% from its December 2017 high. Back in 2018, it made sense to jump back in only 1 year after the correction began. We're only a little more than 7 months into this latest BitCoin correction.


The bottom line: It's not a bad time to be a buyer of BitCoin at a 74% discount. It's also might not the end of the world if you sit tight and wait another 4 to 16 months, or dollar cost average over the next 16 months. Of course, don't put all of your eggs in cryptocurrencies. Stocks are also on sale at about a 21% discount from their December 2021 high. Bonds are on sale at about a 10% discount (when factoring in dividends) from their August 2020 high.



Dr. Simone Gold sentenced to 2 months prison by Obama Judge,

then smeared once again by the lying left-wing media

CLICK HERE for article.


Don't feel sorry for Sephora Beauty robberies

On 5/28/2022 Sephora Beauty's Cerritos, CA store was looted in broad daylight. But, don't feel bad. This far-left-wing French-owned company is a threat to our democracy. Sephora cancelled all future partnerships and cut ties with beauty influencer Amanda Ensing for being a Trump supporting conservative. In typical leftist fashion, Sephora hypocritically claims to be all about being "inclusive", when in reality, they are the polar opposite. Sephora are bigots who stand against conservatives. Sephora offered to settle with Amanda Ensing if she would be silent.


Sephora also Donated more than $1 million to National CARES Mentoring Movement, to the Center for Urban Families, to the anti-Trump, anti-Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, anti-Elon Musk, pro-illegal immigration, group known as the NAACP, to the National Black Justice Coalition, and to the National Black Coalition on Black Civic Participation Black Women’s Roundtable.


Sephora discriminates! They reserved 15 percent of their shelf space specifically for products made by black-owned companies, regardless of whether the products are better than products made by companies owned by people of other than black skin pigmentation or not.


Instead shop at, which appears to stay out of politics and creating division.


TRUTH Social

5/18/2022 - TRUTH Social's web app just launched, and so we just joined. Join and follow us to show solidarity with Trump!


War in Ukraine officially over

The news media will now have hysterical wall-to-wall coverage about the prospect of the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Putin will have carte blanche to do whatever he wants to Ukraine. Chemical weapons or a tactical nuke will do little to divert attention from abortion talk.


If Roe v. Wade is shot down, then Republicans will have an edge in future elections. Red states will ban all abortions, thus giving birth to more Republican voters, while blue states will keep killing tomorrow's democrat voters. Win-win.


How many times have we seen this movie? The media conveniently
rushes to blame guns for progressive policies and race-mongering

In wake of the Sacramento and Brooklyn shootings, like clockwork, the media is rushing to blame guns. They insist that we just need more gun restrictions, and this will stop the violence. Nothing could be further from the truth.


In Sacramento, gang member, Dandrae Martin illegally possessed a firearm. Like all criminals, he didn't care that he was breaking gun laws. He also had a lengthy rap sheet. The progressives in California didn't care about keeping him in prison. The liberal agenda is to keep criminals out of prison.


In Brooklyn, accused subway shooter Frank James, was clearly inspired by the media's race-hate propaganda. The city of New York is also under attack because the progressives running the city refuse to clamp down on crime and violence.


By the way, had the shooters been white, with certainty, the corporate media would have also blamed the shootings on white supremacy, thus inspiring more divide and acts of violence.


FACT CHECKING YouTube's false claims of 'COVID Misinformation'



For insight into the war in Ukraine,

look to military people -- not the left-wing media

VIDEO 3/7/2022 - Retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor says what's left of Ukrainian forces has been driven into the cities. He says Putin will not flatten Ukraine's cities. He says that this phase of the war will be over in about 10 days. Macgregor says Zelensky is not a hero, and he needs to come to terms with Ukraine being a neutral country.


VIDEO 2/27/2022 - Retired Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis says that he believes that Putin has no intention of occupying Ukraine because there is no value in doing so. He says Putin wants a Ukraine leadership that is neutral, and he wants to only keep "peacekeeping" troops in the Donetsk and Luhansk border area. He says Ukraine is mainly infantry, and therefore cannot win versus Russia's armor.


VIDEO - 3/2/2022 - This Ukrainian-born US Army Vet, predicts the conflict will go on for about 5 years before Russia gives up on occupying Ukraine, but perhaps keep Donetsk and Luhansk.


The war on fossil fuels has been a disaster

Under President Trump, the United States was a net exporter of oil, producing about 13 billion barrels per day. Then Joe Biden took office, bent on crippling US oil production. The killing of the XL Keystone pipeline alone, reduced oil production by 800,000 barrels. Now we're down to producing 11 billion barrels per day and importing 600,000 barrels of oil from Russia per day. Declaring war on oil production pleased the dim-witted climate change cultists, who didn't realize that nothing changed. The same amount of fossil fuels is being consumed. We simply shifted business to Russia.


Now, the West is joined at the hips with Russia. Without any fear of sanctions, Russia seized on a wide open path to invade Ukraine.


N95 masks don't work in stopping COVID-19

Article - They don't work, yet the technocrats and their media lap dogs continue to insist that they do work.


Questioning the efficacy of the vaccines?

Article - Are you really a whopping 17 times more likely to go to the hospital if you're unvaccinated? Data out of San Francisco suggests otherwise.


The return of 'Lyin' Ted'

Never forget that Ted Cruz was an original die-hard never-Trumper. Only after Trump's popularity did not wane, did Ted get on board. Well, Ted is back to his old ways, as he adopted the Democrat party's language by referring to the January 6th protest as a “violent terrorist attack”. Never mind that nobody has been charged with terrorism, nor insurrection.




Raw data: Omicron is 76% less deadly than last year's COVID

Cases have more than doubled from the record day during the big surge of last winter. Daily cases peaked at 306,271 on Jan 8, 2021. So far this year, cases peaked at 619,997 on Dec. 31, 2021.


Now we look at daily deaths, which peaked at 4,439 on Jan 21, 2021. If we didn't have new and improved treatments, and Omicron was just as harmful today as COVID-19 was last year, we would expect to see a peak of around 8,878 deaths per day. We are nowhere close to that! Omicron first emerged in Africa on Nov 24, 2021. Since then, the highest death day in the United States was only 2,109 on Dec 21, 2021. That means that COVID is 76% less dangerous than last year. We haven't even delved into the question of how many of the daily deaths are actual deaths of COVID or deaths with COVID (ex- serious car accident, heart disease, cancer, etc).


Australia: A prime example why lock downs don't work




More egregious examples of the media suppressing COVID news

1) December 2021 - Columbia University published a study that suggests that the number of deaths reported to the CDC (via VAERS) are under-reported by a factor of 20, consistent with known VAERS under-ascertainment bias. That would put the actual vaccine related deaths at about 400,000 instead of 20,000. This information is critical for consumers in determining the risk-benefit ratio of the vaccine shots, yet the media completely ignored it because of their pro-vaccine agenda.

2) September 2021 - The World Health Organization's Dr. Mike Ryan contradicted the medical establishment's push to have everyone get booster shots. He stated "Right now, there is no evidence that I’m aware of that would suggest that boosting the entire population would necessarily provide any greater protection for otherwise healthy individuals against hospitalization and death". Most mainstream media outlets skipped this story completely, while MSNBC and the Guardian lied by omission by only reporting on the second part of what Dr. Ryan had to say, which was to instead give the vaccines to poor nations with people who still haven't gotten their first shot.

3) The media continues to ignore the low numbers of ICU admissions in hospitals. Instead it's talk of cases, cases, cases. If the omicron variant is not causing serious illness then so what if cases are rising?

4) The media is also falsely claiming that it's "too soon" to know if the omicron variant is less severe, when in fact there is data from Africa, Denmark, the UK, and Scotland that shows that omicron is less severe. Data from Africa is particularly relevant because that is where the variant first emerged.


BELOW: ICU admissions in Africa are 79% lower than the previous peak in June of 2021.





BELOW: Omicron cases in the UK are going down...




Reasons NOT to run out and get a booster shot

1) Vaccines are just one line of defense. So are treatments. There are treatments available that are very effective when administered early. Japan has adopted Ivermectin treatment instead of repeated booster shots.

2) Corona viruses mutate faster than most viruses. How long is that booster shot even going to last for?

3) Viruses virtually always become less lethal over time as they mutate. Early indications are that the omicron variant is less lethal.

4) The vaccines were hurriedly approved only under emergency use authorization. Vaccines are normally tested for 4 - 6 years before hitting the market. We don't know what the long-term side effects of the vaccines are. mRNA vaccines put you at risk of acute coronary syndrome. A study says mRNA vaccines could be an early step to cancer formation. There is speculation that mRNA vaccines could lead to an uptick in Parkinson's disease.

5) The are real short-term vaccine side effects... 17,128 deaths according to VAERS as of Oct 15, 2021. 23,712 permanent disabilities according to VAERS as of Oct 1, 2021. 75,605 hospitalizations according to VAERS as of Oct 1, 2021. 122,833 serious injuries according to VAERS as of Oct 15, 2021. These deaths and other adverse events were estimated by Columbia University to be 20 times higher! Japan slapped a heart inflammation warning label on the COVID vaccines.

6) Antibody dependence enhancement syndrome (ADE) may be increased with each shot, weakening your immune system more and more.

7) Risk stratification: Most people, due to age/health status, are not at significant risk of COVID in the first place. We all have immune systems that much more often than not, fight off COVID with ease!

8) T-cell immunity! You may have gotten COVID and didn't know it. 95% of people who get COVID have mild or no symptoms. If you previously got COVID, your natural immunity is better than vaccine immunity. Your T-cell immunity may last for decades. You can take a test to find out if you have T-cell immunity to COVID.


Omicron = The mid-term election variant

Why do democrats and the media keep ramping up the virus fear?

1) To justify the mass mailing out of ballots so that fraudsters and people who are otherwise disinterested in voting will/can vote democrat.

2) To justify socialist policies of paying people to sit at home, out of work.

3) They're in bed with Big Pharma. Novavax, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Sanofi all donated 3.2 to 5.8 times more money to Biden than to Trump.

4) To put small businesses out of business, while big left-wing companies like Amazon pick up the slack.

5) Control. Nanny mentality. It's psychological. Government knows best. You need government to save you.


The media's three motives behind attacking Kyle Rittenhouse

1) Attack guns. Sean Davis from The Federalist pointed out that when the left failed at banning guns in court, their new strategy was to go after people who exercise their right to use guns.

2) Attack anyone who resists the democrats' brown-shirts (ANTIFA, BLM).

3) Racist! Racist Racist! The endless war against white people.


Aaron Rodgers made the right choice!

11/14/2021 - Article


Vermont 78.2% vaccinated, yet record COVID cases!

Don't expect the media to talk about this. Vermont is the most vaccinated state, yet they are hitting record levels of cases...




AP Fact Check lands itself on our list of fake news websites

"AP Fact Check" is yet another promulgator of left-wing propaganda and lies. Contrary to their fake fact checks, it is well established that natural immunity is superior to vaccine immunity. If you have T-cell immunity to COVID (due to prior exposure to the virus), then you do NOT need to get vaccinated. PERIOD.


The Maricopa County Arizona audit

23,344 Mail-in ballots from persons no longer living at that address

17,322 Duplicate ballots, which surged AFTER the election

10,342 Potential voters who voted in multiple counties

9,041 More ballots returned by voter than were sent to them

2,382 Voters who voted in-person but had moved out of Maricopa Co

2,081 Voters moved out of state


277 precincts had more ballots cast than people

255,326 Early Votes do not have a corresponding record in the County’s voter file

284,412 ballot images were “corrupt or missing”


Arizona was decided by only 10,457 votes.


Joe Biden’s political speech full of misinformation and lies flies in the face of science

9/9/2021 - Article


Media lies with statistics to suggest that kids have suddenly

become more vulnerable to coronavirus

8/10/2021 - The ABC propaganda network declared on World News Tonight with David Muir that child cases are up 400%. First of all, the operative word is "cases" -- not deaths. So what if cases are up? Kids are developing natural immunity by getting COVID.


And secondly what is the baseline of 400%? The answer is that the baseline among healthy kids (not obese, diabetic, leukemia, etc) is very rare! We've gone from rare to 4 times less rare. But before you panic a little, consider this important tidbit. Viruses are spiky! Case numbers don't move in a straight line. Cases go up and then they go down, then back up and down again, etc. At the moment they're up, and so the media is pouncing. ABC highlighted a kid who was sent to the hospital... wait for it... because he had a fever! In other words, parents are just scared and this is causing hospitalizations to increase. Kids are not actually in need of urgent care. Daily deaths of all ages is still relatively low.




ABC cited no studies to back up their suggestion that kids are somehow just as at risk as older adults. Don't believe the hype. Keep your eye on the ball -- AKA the actual statistics.


Age 5 - 14 -- Odds of dying for everyone in age group: 0.001 or 1 out of 100,000

Age 5 - 14 -- Odds of dying if no comorbidities: 0.00006 or 1 out of 1,666,666


Age 15 - 19 -- Odds of dying for everyone in age group: 0.003 or 1 out of 33,333

Age 15 - 19 -- Odds of dying if no comorbidities: 0.00018 or 1 out of 555,555


Age 20 - 24 -- Odds of dying for everyone in age group: 0.006 or 1 out of 16,666

Age 20 - 24 -- Odds of dying if no comorbidities: 0.00036 or 1 out of 277,777


Age 25 - 29 -- Odds of dying for everyone in age group: 0.013 or 1 out of 7,692

Age 25 - 29 -- Odds of dying if no comorbidities: 0.00078 or 1 out of 128,205



Children and heart inflammation after getting vaccine shot

8/1/2021 - VAERS reports 397 cases of heart inflammation in children between the ages of 12 and 17 after getting the Pfizer shot. That's one out of every 22,418 shots. The FDA continues to allow emergency use authorization of the Pfizer vaccine for children age 12 and over despite the fact that healthy children are at a remote risk of death from COVID-19.


11,405 deaths following vaccine

According to the CDC's VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting system), in the US, there have now been 11,405 deaths following vaccination. On the one hand, some of these deaths could be coincidental. After all, people die all the time. On the other hand, we don't know how many deaths have gone unreported to VAERS.


188 million Americans have received at least one dose of a vaccine. That's one death for every 16,483 shots. Only 551 of those deaths have been people under the age of 50, however, less people under the age of 50 have been vaccinated.


Two-thirds of vaccinated could die of heart failure

External article: A Canadian doctor believes that the mRNA vaccines could lead to heart failure. How long before the Marxist media rushes to smear this doctor?


Vaccination trial results

Even if study after study can't convince you that masks and social distancing don't work in stopping respiratory viruses like COVID, here's what should convince you to return to normal. If you've been vaccinated, the likelihood of you winding up in the ICU or dying from COVID is just plain rare. Although, new variants of the virus could evade the vaccines or trigger antibody-dependent enhancement.


Pfizer-BioNTech (trial data)

95% effective at preventing symptoms in people without prior infection.

100% effective at preventing severe COVID. That's really all you need to know. You're not going to wind up in the hospital!


Moderna (trial data)

94.1% effective at preventing symptoms in people without prior infection.

94% effective at protecting fully vaccinated adults (65 and older) from hospitalization.


Johnson & Johnson (trial data)

66% effective at preventing symptoms.

72% effective at preventing moderate symptoms (such as fever and headache) to severe symptoms (such as shortness of breath and low oxygen levels).

86% effective against severe symptoms, but that was not severe enough to require hospitalization.

85% effective at also preventing severe COVID from the Delta variant.

100% effective against preventing hospitalization or death. That's really all you need to know. You're not going to wind up in the hospital!


As of April 30, 2021, 101 million Americans had been vaccinated, and there had only been 10,262 reports of "breakthrough" COVID cases, meaning, people who were vaccinated, but nevertheless, still managed to get COVID anyway. So, that's 0.0001% or one breakthrough case for every 9,842 vaccinated people. Of those 10,262 rare cases, 10% of patients were hospitalized (about a thousand, or 1 out of 100,000) and only 2% died, although some of these patients actually died from something else (ex- heart disease, cancer, etc). The median age of those who died was 82.


The bottom line, take off your silly mask! They never worked in the first place. At this point, if you're still wearing a mask, you have a serious PHOBIA!


Latest scare tactic: The Delta variant

All viruses mutate, and over time, viruses virtually always become less deadly. In fact, according to Dr. Kelly Victory, the so-called Delta variant, while more contagious, has been causing extraordinarily low hospitalizations and is 10-20 times less lethal according to UK stats. We should only be paying attention to how many people are getting severe cases and dying -- not transmissibility of this new strain, which the media, Fauci, and Walensky

try to scare us with. If you weren't planning on getting vaccinated, don't be scared into getting vaccinated by the Delta variant. It's just more government/media fear-porn.


The World Health Organization: Don't vaccinate kids

6/21/2021 - The World Health Organization says "There is not yet enough evidence on the use of vaccines against COVID-19 in children to make recommendations for children to be vaccinated against COVID-19."



Catching COVID-19 becomes a good thing!

We don't yet know how long vaccine immunity will last. Similarly, after recovering from COVID-19, it is unclear how long those antibodies will persist, because the virus has only been around for about 1 1/2 years. But, so far, according to Dr. Kelly Victory, COVID-recovered people have immunity that is broad, robust and enduring. And, if SARS-CoV-1 is any indication, COVID-19 T-cell immunity could last for decades. And there is a reason why clinics in search of plasma are recruiting blood donations from people who recovered from COVID-19 -- Not from people who have been vaccinated. Natural COVID-19 antibodies are the best antibodies!


That is why, if you have been fully vaccinated, it might be a good thing to catch COVID-19. Keep in mind that the risk is minimal. For example, the J&J shot has a 74.4% effectiveness in the United States. During the trials, it had a 100% efficacy against hospitalization and death from the virus! So, even if you're one of the 25.6% who gets sick from the virus, you're likely only to get mild symptoms -- Perhaps common cold-like symptoms. That's a small price to pay in order to get robust immunity that could potentially last for decades. Plus you'll have the peace of mind in knowing that you may never need to get some non-FDA-approved "booster shot", which could have short-term or long-term side effects.


Schiller PE ratio resuming upwards trajectory

The Schiller PE ratio is getting into nose bleed territory. Should you shift a bunch of your stock money into bonds right now? Probably not, because some of the best gains happen at the tail ends of bull markets, and after all, we only just climbed out of the COVID stock market correction last year. But, wouldn't it be nice if the market starts tanking during the 2023 election year? Bill Maher wished for the economy to tank under Trump. So can we under Biden!




Google promotes Biden / Fauci propaganda video

Article: Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci fielded questions from cherry-picked left-wing YouTubers. The video was NOT well-received!


Past performance says cryptocurrencies may have more to fall

If the Bitcoin crash of 2018 is any indication, we still have not bottomed out. When we compare the Bitcoin bubble of 2020-2021 to the bubble of 2017-2018, the crash of 2018 was preceded by a much steeper upwards trajectory as well as a 2X greater appreciation of price. The price appreciation in 2020-2021 has been more orderly. This is not expressed in the comparison chart shown below. We simply scaled both 1 year charts so that the crests and peaks would align with each other.


$19,166.98 on 12/16/2017 - Crest

$6,332.37 on 2/5/2018 -- 52 days from the peak -- Dropped another 70% from the crest.

$5,954.53 on 6/28/2018 -- 195 days from the peak -- Dropped another 6% from previous peak.

$3,194.96 on 12/15/2018 -- 365 days from the peak -- Dropped another 46% from previous peak. Or 83% from the crest.


$63,346.79 on 4/15/2021 - Crest

$31,248.62 on 5/23/2021 -- 39 days.


If the bubble in progress were to follow the 2017 trajectory, the nearest short-term bottom will happen in about 13 days, on Saturday, June 5th. UPDATE: As it turned out, the near-term bottom happened sooner, on May 23, then went up 66.5%, before giving back 30% of those gains.


Now might be a good time to look at the phases of a classic bubble. It's possible that we still have not reached the lowest low of a "blowout phase". If so, patience will be required to get back in at the best price.


bub Declares the Pandemic Over

Click here for story. Based on the Columbia University model, 234.43 million Americans (or 70.79%) have natural or vaccine immunity. This is within scientist's estimates of 60% to 70% to achieve herd immunity. Even outlier states such as Michigan have flattened their curve and have reached herd immunity. Barring, a strain of the virus that evades the vaccines, the pandemic is over. It will continue to simmer, but the virus is not any great threat. Currently, most of the new "hospitalization" cases we are seeing are from people who arrived at the hospital for other reasons (car accident, kidney stone, etc) but tested positive for COVID because of routine testing. The people who are still dying of COVID are people who contracted the virus many months ago, before they could get the vaccine, and are just now succumbing.


As of 6/8/2021, 66.6% of the adult population has received at least one dose of a vaccine. 39.2% of the US population as a whole, presumably including adults, has natural immunity (based on the Columbia University model). So we tack on another 13.09% with natural immunity and that puts us at 79.69% of the adult population with immunity. We are not concerned about those under the age of 18 because they are at fundamentally zero risk, and are poor vectors of the virus.


Most American cities have already reached herd immunity

5/15/2021 - The virus is endemic. There will be no more "new waves" any time soon, pending a new variant that evades the vaccines and/or people's natural immunity. If you're vaccine-hesitant, this is one more reason to avoid, or at least further put off getting vaccinated. This is in addition to the fact that a treatment for COVID is in trial phase that could be available by Fall.


In California, 61 people died and 1,903 news cases were documented on March 14th. You might say, that's still a lot! 50% of Los Angeles county has been vaccinated. Los Angeles was hit hard by the virus. Probably, at least 50% or more people in LA County have natural immunity. It is fair to estimate that 75% of LA County has immunity to the virus, through vaccines or through being exposed to the virus. This is well within the herd immunity threshold that scientists have estimated.


So, why haven't cases and deaths declined more? Who are these new cases and deaths?


In a rare useful LA Times article, it was revealed that deaths are mostly people who became ill months ago, some before the vaccine was available to them, and they have just now succumbed to the virus. The new "cases" at hospitals like USC are mostly people coming in for other reasons, then through routine testing, they find out that they also happen to test positive for COVID. Recently USC had only one patient in the hospital for COVID. Dr. Brad Spellberg, chief medical officer at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center reports that they haven't had an ICU admission for COVID in 6 weeks!'s Stephen Barrett smears Dr. Kelley Victory with dangerous hit piece

We fact-checking the fact checker!

5/13/2021 - A faulty, anti-science opinion piece about Dr. Kelly Victory was written by a retired psychologist (now in his late 80's) named Stephen Barrett, M.D. and he posted it on his website Click here for article.


Will vaccines kill more healthy children than the virus itself?

The FDA is on the verge of authorizing the Pfizer vaccine for 12-15 year-olds under Emergency Use Authorization.


Healthy children (with no comorbidities) ages 5 to 15 have a 1 in 1,666,666 chance of dying of COVID if they get the virus.

The odds of dying for everyone in the 5 to 15 age group is 1 out of 100,000.


Healthy children (with no comorbidities) ages 15 to 20 have a 1 in 555,555 chance of dying of COVID if they get the virus.

The odds of dying for everyone in the 15 to 20 age group is 1 out of 33,333.


Based on data from the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), as of March 29, 2021, there have been 2,509 reported vaccine-related deaths among the over 158 million people who have had at least one dose of a COVID vaccine. That's one death for every 62,973 people. This statistic is for all age groups and all variations of health.


Keep in mind that we don't know what long-term side-effects might await. Vaccines are normally tested for 4 to 6 years on average. Over a year ago, these vaccines didn't even exist.


UPDATE: As of May 10, 2020, VAERS received 4,434 reports of deaths out of 259 million doses administered. Note that there may be more that have not been reported. Nevertheless, as it stands, that's a death rate of 0.00017, or 1 out of every 58,412. 52.41% of the recorded deaths following vaccination were infants and toddlers under the age of 3, apparently all from the vaccine trials because this group is not eligible to get vaccinated. As far as children 3 years and older, while the "Percent" of deaths in these age groups are low, this chart groups them in smaller cross-sections of 3 years, 3 years, 3 years, and 4 years. The older age groups represent larger age cross-sections of 27 years, 21 years, 10 years, etc. Also, very few children between the ages of 3 and 12 have been vaccinated, yet this group has already seen 141 deaths from the trials.




The government's push to vaccinate could be reminiscent of the Coventry Blitz -- They're allowing a few more people to die than is acceptable, all for the greater good of achieving herd immunity. But, you don't have to sacrifice your children!


40 to 50% of CDC employees have not been vaccinated. That's not a good advertisement for the vaccines.


As expected, vaccine supply has started to exceed demand

Most of those people who are at the greatest risk of dying or getting very sick from COVID-19, and wanted to get vaccinated, have already gotten vaccinated. 35.3% of Americans are under the age of 25. The vast, vast majority of this group does not need to get vaccinated. Despite endless media brainwashing efforts, evidently, there are people out there who understand this. That is why the supply of vaccines has started to exceed demand.



We have to ask, will we ever get to the government's arbitrary goal of vaccinating 70% to 75% of Americans? 44.7% of Americans have gotten at least one dose of a vaccine. That leaves 25.3% left (or 83.74 million people). At the rate that the curve has dropped off, it doesn't look like we're going to get to this arbitrary goal. Evidently, parents are not enthusiastic about getting their kids vaccinated. Young, healthy adults are not as enthusiastic as their parents and grandparents. So, instead watch for government to find creative ways to force more people to get vaccinated, even though they can't legally force people to get a non-FDA approved shot, and the closest ETA for any vaccine approval is October 2022 (for the Maderna shot). Watch for the media to use all the fear tactics, by focusing on outbreaks in other countries, on new strains of the virus, on that outlier death of a young, healthy person, etc. Also watch for corporate America to attempt to bribe people into getting vaccinated, with discounts, coupons, free ice cream, etc. But, the public is no longer listening.


Dangerous window following vaccination:

Why you don't want to be exposed to COVID-19 soon after getting your shot

People who recently got vaccinated often get hammered by the virus and frequently end up in the hospital or die. This is because of your body's short-lived antibody response from the shot. With the two dose vaccines, there is roughly a 4 week period during which you could get hammered by the virus instead of protected. This generally applies to all viruses and all vaccines (flu, measles, etc). Ideally, to mitigate risk of a bad reaction, you don't want to get vaccinated when the virus is raging all around you. Fortunately, in most cities the virus is endemic.


100% of the people who have had and recovered from COVID-19, already have T-cell immunity, and therefore a vaccine may well be worthless.


Of the remaining people who have never had the virus, there is strong evidence that for about 80% of this group, a vaccine may also be worthless, all because because they have enough preexisting T-cell immunity that they don't develop symptoms or at least serious symptoms. The evidence comes from this study, and is very closely substantiated by data from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, as well as from the fact that there is no place in the world where more than 20% of people have had significant, symptomatic disease from COVID.


Read before you run out and get an mRNA shot

We have a very good idea as to the short term risks from getting these mRNA shots. But the long-term risks are unknown because these shots have not been tested long term.


There are unknown risks regarding auto immune diseases, pathogen priming / antibody dependent enhancement, risk of infertility for women of child bearing age, and according to immunologist J. Bart Classen, possibly even neurological disorders (from the mRNA vaccines) that may take years to come to light.


Judy Mikovits, Ph.D. Mikovits predicts a long-term significant uptick in neurological and neurodegenerative diseases, such as psychosis, Parkinson’s, migraines, ALS and sleep disorders. She also believes there will also be a rise in pain syndromes like fibromyalgia, as well as cancers, kidney disease and rheumatoid arthritis, to name a few.


Parler sells out

Parler has sold out to Apple. On 4/19/2021, it was announced that Apple will allow Parler back to their Apple App Store. This is unacceptable because Apple is part of the Big Tech censorship machine. Predictably, Apple allowed Parler back on because Parler agreed to moderate "hate speech and incitement". Speech should not be moderated. The best way to combat hateful speech is and always will be with more speech.


Unless this is a ploy to bring in lots of users, then defy Apple, Parler is done. Don't believe anything Dan Bongino says if he claims that speech will be free. Apple cannot be trusted ever. Our favorite is Gab. Gab especially, has never bowed to Big Tech.


Will the real left-wing companies please stand up?

4-14-2021 - It has never been easier to figure out who to boycott. As state after state works on repairing their voting laws, companies that are aligned with the Democrat party and their "Jim Crow" lies, are making themselves known to all. Here's a list of the companies who have reared their ugly heads.


Feeding the hands that attacked them

4-8-2020 - Is corporate America about to become victims of the very wokeness that they helped cultivate? Story


Will Derek Chauvin trial verdict trigger civil unrest and then a stock market dip?

4-6-2021 (updated 4-13-2021) - The S&P 500 keeps hitting all-time highs. While we never recommend attempting to time the market, it might soon be a good time to rebalance your bond/stock mix if your allocation ratio has become imbalanced. The jury is expected to begin deliberating on Monday, April 19. If there is a not guilty verdict or if there is a hung jury, we all know what the BLM mob will do. However, this time around, the public is getting tired of riots. Also, with a Democrat in the Whitehouse, suddenly the Democrat leaders of these blue cities and their media lapdogs are against rioting. And, most importantly, in the grand scheme of things, a bunch of riots are actually small change. Think about it. The markets shrugged off a year of coronavirus shutdowns. But, sometimes the markets look for a catalyst when stocks have made big runs. The stock market is up almost 80% since 3/16/2020. If the markets care about the trial, selling could happen at any time.


Know your rights regarding "vaccine passports"

4-5-2021 - The vaccine companies are legally protected against lawsuits. However, in the USA businesses and other private entities are not. It is against the law to force someone to take an experimental treatment. Therefore, if you are forced by a university, an airlines or other business to get vaccinated, and you are later harmed from the vaccine, these entities can be sued. This presents a problem because the soonest scheduled FDA approval for a COVID-19 vaccine isn't until October of 2022 -- and that's if all goes well.


Oct 2022 -- Maderna

Jan 2023 -- Pfizer

Feb 2023 -- AstraZeneca

May 2023 -- Johnson & Johnson


As predictable as flies being attracted to ____

It's a who's who of the usual left-wing CEO's who are voicing opposition to Georgia's much needed voting integrity law. It's the same old suspects who are once again demanding ransom over the latest political football. If you ever needed confirmation that our boycott list is correct, just have a look at the signatories. Sure enough, it's TripAdvisor, Patagonia, Under Armour, Apple, Blue Apron, Lyft, Uber, Comcast, Viacom CBS, etc, etc. It's wealthy CEO's in San Francisco and New York trying to tell Georgia how to run their state. NO THANK YOU!


Who is behind this effort by companies to challenge Georgia's voting integrity law? Read our review of the not exactly "nonpartisan" action group called Civic Alliance.


California infringes on people's rights by requiring

proof of vaccination or proof of being tested

to attend concerts at only 50% capacity

It is against the law for state and federal governments to force people to get a vaccine that is not FDA approved. Florida understands this. They decided that it is a clear violation of people's rights for businesses to require proof of vaccination.


But, leave it to the Marxist state of California to use loopholes to try to force people to get vaccinated. If a venue wants to hold an indoor concert, theater performance, or private gathering, in order to get to just 50% capacity, all of their guests must be COVID tested or show proof of full vaccination. Besides this being a violation of people's rights, why cap capacity at 50% if everyone is fully vaccinated or tested? They're treating vaccinated people as if they are unvaccinated, and treating COVID-negative people as if they are COVID-positive.


COVID-19 vaccination cards are ridiculously easy to fake and they're found all over the Internet! We don't recommend faking a COVID-19 proof of vaccine card unless you need one as a prop for a movie.


COVID cases continue to fall in Texas

despite reopening and Fauci calling it 'risky'

Texas Governor Greg Abbott ended all COVID-19 mask and lock down restrictions beginning on March 10th, so they are 17 days into freedom. The incubation period for COVID-19 is 2 to 14 days, with 5 days being average. So, in looking at the most recent 7-day case totals to March 26 versus the previous 7 day period. Virus cases are in fact down 16.48%.


If we look at the most recent 10 day period versus the prior 10 days, cases are down 19%.


What if cases go up in the future? Since most people who are at risk and who want to be vaccinated, have been vaccinated, an increase in cases isn't necessarily a bad thing. If young people go to bars and nightclubs and then gain natural immunity, that's a good thing! It's what we should have allowed to happen all along. And at what cost to we destroy businesses? Public policy is about considering everyone -- not just a few. We didn't shut down the economy in 2018 when 78,000 died of the flu. We have never shut down businesses in order to save a few lives. Automobiles cause about 38,000 deaths per year and another 3 million are injured or disabled. We don't ban automobiles.


National Geographic Channel teams up with Pfizer to attack Trump

The National Geographic Channel is not the wholesome science, history, and world culture content that your grandmother used to know the magazine as. Story


Big Tech is censoring negative news about

the experimental, non-FDA approved mRNA vaccines

3-10-2021 -- Big Tech is cracking down on anyone who goes so far as to merely insinuate that things can go wrong with the vaccines. Truthful, factual content is being removed. Critical speech is being suspended or banned completely by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


And so, we report these events in the United States following COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. This data is from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) from 12/15/2020 to 2/26/2021:

25,212 Adverse events

1,265 Deaths

4,424 Serious injuries

479 Permanent disabilities

2,743 Hospitalizations


NOTE: These are just events that were reported. Historically, less than 1% of all vaccine injuries and deaths are ever reported to VAERS. The CDC does not immediately release this data to the VAERS system, sometimes publishing it weeks later. Some of the above statistics may overlap, for example, one person may be counted as a hospitalization and a serious injury.


Weigh your risk and discuss with your doctor before getting vaccinated. It can't be emphasized enough that these vaccines are not FDA approved. Vaccines normally are tested for 4 to 6 years. The COVID-19 vaccines were released under emergency authorization.



Women's History Month: Just another conduit for promoting

leftists and their left-wing agendas

Click here for story.


Today's CDC study claiming that masks reduce

COVID-19 deaths by 1.9% is a sham

and laughable at face value


3-5-2021 -- The media suddenly reported on a mask study because finally there was one that supported mask wearing. Or does it? Story


Assessing your risk before getting vaccinated

Why your odds of dying are significantly lower if you have no comorbidities. Click here for story.


Golden Globes viewership down 62% this year

Evidently people are sick of being given morality lectures from limousine liberals.


As COVID cases and deaths plummet, the CDC, USA Today and Yahoo spread falsities in order to keep up the fear

Click here for story


Monday = Another affirmation that the bull market is ongoing

3-1-2021 -- The NASDAQ bounced back 3%, the DOW nearly 2%, the Russell 2000 3 1/3%, the S&P 2 1/3%. We just had a -33% correction in 2020. Therefore resist the urge to 'diversify' into alternative investments (non-traded REITS, gold, annuities, etc) because of an impending market crash. A black swan event can happen at any time, but talk of a bubble right now is unfounded. Adhere to your normal bond/stock allocation ratio.


Media smears Rush Limbaugh

2/17/2021 -- The media has always hated Rush Limbaugh because he not part of their group think. Story


A timeline of government contradicting themselves on COVID-19

Click here for story


The data is in:

California's lock down measures did not help




2-15-2021 -- In looking at California's data, you would conclude that closing indoor dining, imposing curfews and closing outdoor dining made the virus worse! In fact, doing so only caused people to get together at their homes. The "experts" don't seem to understand that humans are social creatures. And in looking at the data, you might conclude that opening outdoor dining, helped flatten the curve.


Despite the fact that masks and lock downs don't help, the media continues to double down. They're already calling for people to continue to wear masks even after getting vaccinated. California continues to ban indoor dining, and only allows people from the same household to sit at outdoor restaurant tables. Schools also remain closed.


David Hogg: The poster boy for liberal privilege

2-14-2021 -- David Hogg was originally embraced by the left-wing media because he loudly preached their anti-gun narrative. Best of all, because he was still a child at the time, he could never be challenged. Story


Old technology Johnson & Johnson vaccine likely coming very shortly after February 26th

2-12-2021 -- For anyone who is hesitant about getting the Pfizer or Maderna experimental vaccines, which use brand new mRNA technology, you might want to hang tight and wait for Johnson & Johnson's vaccine, which is scheduled for review by the FDA and advisors on Feb 26, 2021. Story


LucasFilm/Disney's bigotry and hypocrisy on full display as they

fire Gina Carano, but leave Pedro Pascal alone

Click here for story


World Health Organization proves once again that

it is nothing more than a PR firm

2-9-2021 -- Back in June 2020, the WHO was exposed as being beholden to the medical establishment. A few emails is all it took to cause them to flip and flop.


Today the WHO declared that coronavirus is unlikely to have leaked from China's Wuhan lab. Anyone with common sense has to ask, how the hell can anyone ever come to such a conclusion. It seems too much of a coincidence that a bio lab is in Wuhan and COVID-19 just happens to have also emanated from Wuhan. We will never know for sure unless people squeal. Until then proximity is a very, very strong clue. A better question for debate is whether the virus was released intentionally or unintentionally. Given that the virus transmits so easily, this suggests that it is very possible that it was unintentionally released.


Bank of America 'spied' on its customers

2-9-2021 -- We have added Bank of America to our "worst" of boycotted companies.


Jeep's political Super Bowl ad

an underhanded attack on Republicans

and a parroting of the Democrats victory message

Click here for story


Joe Biden's America

2-4-2021 -- Remember when the media compared coronavirus deaths under Trump to the number of people who died on 911 and to the number of US soldiers who died in Vietnam?


We're now just 16 days into the Joe Biden presidency. Already, 48,473 Americans have died of COVID-19 on Joe Biden's watch. That's more than all of the US soldiers who died in Vietnam. That's 16 times more deaths than 911.


Media silent.


Big Tech putting ideology ahead of profits

2/4/2021 -- In the latest example of censorship, Facebook stopped accepting ads for the Gavin Newsom recall. Story


How the medical establishment rushed to judgment on mask mandates, then panicked when the WHO's Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove contradicted their group think

Click here for the article.


Will Trump run in 2024? It doesn't matter

1-29-2021 -- At 78, will Trump be to old? Will he decide to enjoy his time on the gold course? Will the senate convict? Count the latter out because Republicans know not to commit party and career suicide. Either way, it doesn't matter. Story


Davos World Economic Forum = Academy Awards drivel

1-28-2021 -- Watching the 2021 Davos World Economic Forum was no different than watching Hollywood's limousine liberals at the Academy Awards give us morality lectures while patting each other on the back. It was the usual elite thinkers who know what's best for us... wealth redistribution (AKA socialism), climaphobia, dividing based on race and gender (divide and conquer), etc. Story


Time to fully reopen the economy VERY soon --

We could have herd immunity by the end of February!

1-28-2021 -- Anthony Fauci claims that herd immunity is possible by fall, and that we can get back to 'normality' by the end of 2021. REALLY??? Let's fact check him by the numbers. Story


The 1957 flu season was only 1/3 less deadly

than COVID-19 in 2020

In 2020 one out of every 970 Americans died of COVID-19. That assumes that the death numbers have not been skewed to the upside by hospitals getting paid extra for treating COVID patients. In 1957, one out of every 1,482 people died of the flu. Did you ever hear about the US economy being shut down in 1957?


1957 - 116,000 flu deaths - 172 million US population - 0.00067% death date

2020 - 341,199 COVID-19 deaths - 331 million US population - 0.001% death rate


Vaccine 'Equity' - 'People of color' unknowingly

being prioritized as guinea pigs

In Los Angeles, one of the reasons they have literally had to dump out vaccines and are falling behind on administering the COVID-19 vaccines is because 'people of color' have been prioritized to the front of the line because they have been dying of COVID-19 at 3 times the rate as white people, and therefore the virus is racist. They gave this prioritization policy a happy name: 'Equity'. Story


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