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Boycott these Soviet-style tyrants



PayPal is known for seeking to snuff out conservatives. For example, Pay Pal terminated the hosting company Epik for hosting the free speech social media site Gab. PayPal banned Subscribestar.


PayPal works with the far-left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center to help identify accounts to ban.


PayPal pledged $530 million "to support black and minority-owned businesses in the United States and foster diversity, amid worldwide protests over racial injustice", thus legitimizing the George Floyd riots and discriminating against businesses owned by people of other skin pigmentations.



PayPal has no redeeming qualities.



Boycott PayPal, or at the very least, use or make other payment methods available. Just keep in mind that all the other payment processors have banned the social media site, Gab. If you are accepting payments while being a conservative, you could be cancelled at any time by these mini-me's of PayPal.




1. Accepting payments: Always make bitcoin payments an option. Currently, bitcoin is the only sure way to prevent being suddenly cancelled.

2. Sending payments: Utilize bitcoin payments if the payee accepts bitcoin.


3. Hopefully a company (that protects free speech and is not 'woke') is developing a centralized payment system.



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