We fully boycott these assholes



Patagonia openly and unequivically hates Trump, Trump supporters and Republicans.


98.56% of donations by Patagonia affiliates in 2020 were to Democrats.


Patagonia has sued the Trump administration over public lands, and tried to remove Trump appointed officials at the Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service.


Patagonia's former CEO of 12 years, Rose Marcario called the Trump tax cuts "irresponsible". If Patagonia was so upset about paying only 21% in Federal taxes instead of 35%, they should have shut up and used their excess profits to pay all of their employees six-figure salaries! Instead, they dumped 10 million dollars to "groups committed to protecting air, land and water and finding solutions to the climate crisis", and they self-styled this donation as being done to spite Trump. BTW, the last time we checked, people are living longer than ever, all thanks to the industrial revolution.


Patagonia is obsessed with the unproven theory that humans are causing the planet to warm and that if true, it's dire and dangerous. Patagonia has a "Vote the asshole out" TAG on one of their product lines, which they say is directed at any politician who denies or doubts climate change. If only we collected a dollar every time a liberal contradicted scientific method and falsely claimed that "the debate is over and the science is settled"!


Patagonia endorsed Democrat senator candidates in Arizona, Maine, Montana, and North Carolina. Patagonia also bought political ads.


Patagonia is so obsessed with their left-wing politics that they gave employees four days paid leave to serve as poll workers. Patagonia also assigned employees to go to Georgia to assist in voting rights operations related to the two critical Senate runoff elections that wound up giving Democrats control of the senate.


Bloomberg reports that new CEO, Ryan Gellert felt a wave of relief when Biden won, and told employees to celebrate when Trump lost. Gellert said “It was like taking a lot of big bricks out of your backpack as you’re trudging uphill”.


Patagonia has white-guilt syndrome. The 1800's have long passed us by, yet Gellert is ashamed that white people trespass on Native American land. How ironic that Patagonia is in the business of providing outdoor gear for people to go camping and otherwise trample on Indian land.


“We are a white-led outdoor company reliant on recreation on stolen Native lands that are not yet safe for all. We must confront Patagonia’s lack of progress and take full ownership of the legacy of our failures.” -- Ryan Gellert


Ryan Gellert joined other leftists in opposition of Georgia's much needed voting reforms via not so nonpartisan group Civic Alliance.


Patagonia's Santa Monica location got ranscked and looted during the George Floyd riots. Word on the street, is that Patagonia refused to prosecute looters, thus sympathizing with the rioters.



Patagonia has no redeeming qualities.



This company is sh**




Choose a retailer OTHER THAN Patagonia, Camping World, REI, The OIA, REI, The North Face, and Dick's Sporting Goods (anti-gun). We are just starting to research alternative retailers. There are certainly a few out there that aren't fronts for the Democrat party. Preferably support smaller businesses! We are looking into the politics of Big 5 Sporting Goods, (Utah based), (Utah based), (donations favor Republicans) and others. Let us know if you find some good companies in this category that is otherwise loaded with 'woke' leftists!



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