(owns Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus)


Silicon Valley silencers





Facebook's censorship is indistinguishable from that which you see in communist countries. Facebook puts their far-left-wing politics ahead of profits. With as many users as they have, Facebook is a clear and present threat to Democracy.


Facebook is an extention of the deep state: Biden administration press secretary, Jen Psaki admitted that Facebook has a line of communication with the Biden administration in which the government tells Facebook what "problematic posts" and "misinformation" they want to be censored.


Facebook hires left-wing "fact checkers" to censor conservative speech.


In a vile attack on free speech, Facebook permanently banned President Donald Trump and any content in the voice of Trump (such as interviews).


Facebook also routinely closes conservative's accounts, they censor conservative speech, and they block political ads that don't fit left-wing politics.


Facebook removed posts and videos in support of Kyle Rittenhouse.


Facebook employees wanted to suppress conservative news outlets.


Facebook even censors satire: “We do not allow hate speech on Facebook, even in the context of satire, because it creates an environment of intimidation and exclusion, and in some cases, may promote real-world violence.”


Facebook has a de-radicalization program for “preventing extremism” on its platform. Clearly, Facebook is merely trying to snuff out conservatives.




Hypocritically, Facebook does not consider anything extreme about the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter, as the site continues to allow BLM to have Facebook pages. Facebook protects Black Lives Matter from criticism.


Facebook deleted the accounts of German anti-lockdown groups.


A Mark Zuckerberg-funded voter advocacy group donated $7.4 million in order to 'dramatically' expand the vote in Detroit, which was key to Biden's win.


Facebook is run by unapologetic anti-Trump propagandist(s).


Facebook is against North Carolina's bathroom bill.


When it comes to unpaid invoices, Facebook discriminates against men and non-minorities.


Instagram has also indefinitely banned President Trump's account.


Instagram banned the "Let's Go Brandon" song.


Facebook is run by anti-Trump propagandist(s).


Facebook requires employees to get vaccinated.



Facebook has no redeeming qualities.



Stop using Facebook, Instagram, Oculus and WhatsApp. Do not use MeWe either! MeWe censors.




1. Switch to Gab. 1,784 Alexa ranking as of 4/17/2021. CEO, Andrew Torba is committed to free speech! Gab is the ONLY free speech platform. They are able to keep it this way because they built their own cloud servers, and therefore are not restrained by Big Tech web infrastructure companies, which ALL censor to one degree or another.


2. Use Gettr, a Twitter-style platform launched by Team Trump on July 4, 2021.


3. Use Minds only as a backup plan. 4,832 Alexa ranking as of 4/17/2021. Minds is hosted by Cloudfare, which banned 8chan. The Minds App is also approved by Apple's App store, which tells you that censorship is alive and well. Furthermore, there's too many social media platforms. This fractures Gab's share.


4. Use CloutHub only as a backup plan. 25,509 Alexa ranking as of 4/17/2021.


5. Advertise your business with Gab.



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