List of news and alt-tech sites that Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo and the rest of Big Tech are trying to stop


NEWS FEED AGGREGATOR SITES (that aren't devoted to left-wing propaganda)

h - 2,756 engagement ranking. Has the "look" of DrudgeReport but without the left-wing propaganda! 96 million page views in December 2020. Site had a spike in traffic beginning around March 10, 2021. - 28,732 engagement ranking. Has the "look" of DrudgeReport but without the left-wing propaganda! - 21,762 engagement ranking. Has the "look" of DrudgeReport but without the left-wing propaganda! - 1,867,569 engagement ranking. Has more of a news site look. -


VIDEO PLATFORMS (that don't censor conservative speech)

NOTE: These sites will improve as they grow.

h - 1,039 engagement ranking. Trending upward in leaps and bounds! Recently surpassed BitChute! - 1,647 engagement ranking. Some technical issues, such as with uploading videos. - 2,907 engagement ranking. Decentralized, and therefore vitually impossible to take down. - 10,474 engagement ranking. Also decentralized. - 15,478 engagement ranking. - - 14,066 engagement ranking. British website. - 1,689,749 engagement ranking. - Censorship! Onwned by a French conglomerate. We don't trust conglomerates or the French globalists!


FILE SHARING - 65,537 engagement ranking. File sharing



h - 2,257 engagement ranking. Gab is the ONLY online platform that allows free speech. We recommend that you join Gab. Gab had 272 million visits during January of 2021. Gab gained around 600,000 new users in one day, on Sunday, January 10, 2021. has gained 3 times as many subcribers on Gab than on Minds, all in less time. Gab runs on its own servers, therefore cannot be cancelled by the Amazon, Apple or Microsoft tyrants. New servers are being added to accomodate the new influx of traffic. Any computer user can use Gab. If you're a smart phone user, the Gab app is not found in any app store (because they banned Gab). However, if you go to, you can save the URL to your home screen, then it functions like an app. - 3,504 engagement ranking. We recommend Gab instead. The Minds App is approved by Apple's App store, which tells you that censorship is alive and well. Furthermore, there's too many social media platforms. This fractures Gab's share. OK to use Minds as a backup site in case Gab is ever down. - 39,459 engagement ranking. We recommend Gab instead. There's too many social media platforms. This fractures Gab's share.

USA.Life - 33,042 engagement ranking. We recommend Gab instead. There's too many social media platforms. This fractures Gab's share. - 5,440 engagement ranking. We recommend Gab instead. There's too many social media platforms. This fractures Gab's share. Parler is no better than Minds when it comes to free speech. Parler has sold out to Apple's censorship demands. On 4/19/2021, it was announced that Apple will allow Parler back to the App Store, but under condition of moderating "hate speech and incitement". Background: On Sunday, January 10, 2021, Parler had been shut down by the fascists at Web Services. We were hopeful that they would build their own servers and say no to the Big Tech censors. That appears to be off the table. Apple cannot be trusted ever. Speech should not be moderated. The best way to combat hateful speech is and always will be with more speech. Stick with Gab and Minds. - Censorship! We're done with this site and its CEO! This post indicates that MeWe is censoring conservative speech just as Big Tech does. Here's another post claiming that MeWe is taking down all StopTheSteal content. The CEO of MeWe has openly said he doesn't want MeWe to be a right-wing echo chamber. He says "I don't like sites that are anything goes," and "I think they're disgusting." MeWe is hosted by Amazon AWS, the very same cloud hosting company that hosted Parler. Amazon shut Parler down but did not shut down MeWe. That says it all. Obviously Amazon is pleased with MeWe's commitment to censorship. In fact, MeWe's creator never set out to build a home for "unfettered speech". He merely wanted a platform focused on privacy. That's it! For confirmation, MeWe has a very broad terms of service agreement which states that you are not allowed to "post defamatory obscene, shocking, hateful, threatening or otherwise inappropriate content or airing personal grievances or disputes". This is the exact kind of broad language that Big Tech uses to censor conservative speech! Note that Parler, Gab, Minds and CloutHub have NO such speech restrictions.


INDIVIDUAL NEWS SITES (that aren't devoted to left-wing propaganda) - engagement ranking 429 - engagement ranking 1,479 - engagement ranking 2,784

Donald J Trump, desk of - engagement ranking 635 - Proceed with caution. Sometimes left bias. engagement ranking 271 - engagement ranking 783 - engagement ranking 15,112 - engagement ranking 2,053 - engagement ranking 509 (One America News Network) (note that it's not .com) - Sometimes left-bias



h Brave browser - Imports your bookmarks, form field properties, passwords, etc.

Dissenter browser (by Gab) - Based on the Brave browser. Has a built-in comment section that allows you to comment on any web page including CNN articles (and there's nothing CNN can do to stop it!), and it blocks BigTech advertisements and trackers. Supposedly imports bookmarks, but it didn't work when we tried it. No updates for a year. Gab may have abandoned this browser. if so, use Brave instead.


Search Engines

Coming soon! Give it time for companies (perhaps Gab?) to develop a search engine that doesn't shadow ban conservative sites and features new links to centrist outlets. - Their "news" searches, while mixed, favor more centrist sites. - Their "news" searches, while mixed, favor more centrist sites like and the NY Post. qWant is far from perfect. A seach for "global warming" turns up results from many left-sing sites like Wikipedia, TreeHugger and LiveScience, but no results from , , , etc. - Fundraiser by the people from USA.Life are launching.

DuckDuckGo - A MiniMe of Google. Search for "Trump" under the "News" tab. Expect an outpouring of search resuls from left-wing sites like theGuardian, Politico, CNN, Newsweek, NYTimes, WashPost, etc.


Instant Messaging

Telegram - Telegram is a freeware, cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging software and application service.


OTHER - 25,657 engagement ranking. News and discussion forum. - Not propaganda like Wikipedia. ( - Save snapshots of webpages. Useful in preventing Google, Yahoo, etc from penalizing your website for linking to conservative sites. Also helpful in preventing left-wing sites from getting clicks. If you run a website with links to external sites, using linked articles also prevents sites from seeing in their web stats that traffic is coming from your site. - Exposing mainstream media bias - Exposing mainstream media and social media bias - engagement ranking 16,111 - Conservative news satire - Push back against big tech and media.

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