Our review of the website



Sorry. We don't think highly of 2ndvote.com. Here's why... For starters, we question whether this site might be more about the people running it trying to earn salaries. Why are they charging people to unlock features?


Furthermore, the site lacks an organic hand-picking of companies. We don't give a company a "score". For example, we feel that a company attack on free speech, and/or on Trump or Republicans is so highly offensive that it really doesn't matter if for example that company happens to be on the right side of other issues. We have a "worst" label for the worst of the worst companies, but beyond that, we let readers decide for themselves which company most offends them.


We also differ on what issues are most important in deciding whether to boycott a company.


2ndVote has a cookie cutter system of filtering based on 6 equally weighted categories:

1) Pro-life

2) Pro-free speech

3) Pro-gun rights

4) Pro-border security/immigration

5) Education (common core and school choice)

6) Environment (although their degree of position is somewhat unclear)


We, on the other hand, have chosen to focus on these core issues:

1) Pro-free speech

2) Pro-Trump / Republicans

3) Pro-election integrity (require ID's, ending mass voting-by-mail, etc)

4) Pro-gun rights

5) Culture war -- We are pro-America and pro-police. We are against critical race theory, BLM, globalism, dividing by race/gender/LBGTQ, indoctrinating children into LGBTQ, etc.

6) Pro-border security/anti-illegal immigration

7) Anti-global warming hysteria


The bottom line is that 2ndVote misses the mark. You can use it if you find it helpful. Just understand what their agenda is and beware that their rating system often completely misses the mark. Why should a company's stance on common core and school choice account for 16.6% of a company's rating?


They amazingly gave Discover and VISA a better rating than Charles Schwab, and they gave give Amazon a higher rating than Walgreens.


On their "Spend your dollars at retailers with score 3 or above" list, they gave Goldman Sachs a high 3.87 rating even though Goldman stopped giving donations to pro-Trump Republicans.


They gave Folgers a 3.67 rating (JM Smucker Company is on our boycott list).


They amazingly gave LuluLemon a relatively high 3.33 rating even though they donated $100,000 to the Minnesota Freedom Fund (to bail people out of jail, including a man who wants to rape children) and donated $250,000 to groups including the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter and Reclaim the Block. Lululemon also joined the anti-Trump group StopHateForProfit. Lululemon encourages people to "resist capitalism".


They miraculously gave Black Rifle Coffee a 3.33 rating, including a "green" approval for gun support, despite the fact that this company definantly refused to voice support for Kyle Rittenhouse. The fact that they gave BRC a stellar green rating for gun rights, suggests that they are not keeping up on the news. This is further confirmed by the fact that they have a rating for TD Ameritrade. News alert: TD Ameritrade is now owned by Schwab.



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