Sonic Drive-In


Boycott this far left-wing restaurant



A whopping 98% of company contributions go to Democrats. This company is a slap in the face to the people of Oklahoma, who voted 2 - 1 for Trump.


Former and long time CEO, Clifford Hudson is a textbook liberal supremacist. He's a long-time democrat donor who seems obsessed with diversity, climate change and the vile Charlottesville lie. Hudson often speaks in code, but there is no hiding his message. He hates Trump and Trump supporters. Hudson spoke about being torn over how to deal with Trump supporters who eat at Sonic. He once asked "how do you deal with this, how do you deal with it publicly versus privately, in action versus words?" Hudson laughably and hypocritically says that he's "intolerant of intolerance", not realizing that his bigotry towards Trump and Trump supporters is on full display.


The new leader at Sonic, Claudia San Pedro is, you guessed it, a 100% Democrat donor (including to Hitlery Clinton and Pete Buttigieg).



Sonic Drive-In has no redeeming qualities.



Do not eat at Sonic Drive-In.




1. In-N-Out Burger -- Small donations favor Republicans. The 'woke" mob once called for a failed boycott of In-N-Out. Even in Southern California, nobody could break their In-N-Out habits.


2. Jimmy John's -- Founder donated 100K to Trump re-election bid.


3. Dominoes -- Heavy Republican donors.



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