Review of Equinox

(Owns SoulCycle, Blink Fitness)


Trump-hating NYC wokesters




Upper management at Equinox openly hates Trump. They apologized for the fact that one of Equinox's investors (Stephen Ross) hosted a fundraiser for Trump. This is what Equinox's CEO had to say to Equinox members after the woke mob became triggered...


“The last week has been difficult for all. I am sorry for the impact it has had on our community. . . . I have been in our clubs listening to our teams and members. I really appreciate the open and honest feedback I received. It’s been heartfelt and, in many instances, emotional. I’m proud that even during this difficult time our community is one that listens and respects each other... It pains me to see how [Stephen Ross hosting a Trump fundraiser] has been impacting [our employees]" -- Harvey Spevak, executive chairman and managing partner of Equinox


TRANSLATION: I hate Trump. We all hate Trump. Trump fundraisers are deplorable.


Harvey Spevak is a loyal democrat donor. His favorite is Marxist, Chuck Schummer. He has donated to one Republican. Predictably, this money went to RINO, Mitt Romney. Go figure.


As it turns out, Stephen Ross is merely an investor in Equinox through a parent company called Related Companies. He is not a majority shareholder and he does not run the company. Wokester, Harvey Spevak does.


Furthermore, Stephen Ross said this in August of 2019 about Trump: "I have known Donald Trump for 40 years, and while we agree on some issues, we strongly disagree on many others and I have never been bashful about expressing my opinions.” Just what does Ross strongly disagree with Trump about anyway? Ross believes in the anthropogenic climate change sham, and he has fallen for race-mongering. In an August 2020 interview with the far-left-wing NY Times, Ross threw Trump under the bus, calling him "divisive" and saying "I haven’t really made a decision who I’m voting for.” So, as far as we're concerned, Stephen Ross is a RINO! Think of him as an influence-peddling Mitt Romney. All he did was provide a venue for a Trump fundraiser.


Stephen Ross also owns a stake in the far-left-wing company &Pizza.


Stephen Ross, who also owns the Miami Dolphins, hypocritically runs a nonprofit focused on improving racial equality in sports. The NFL is 56% black!


Equinox is founded on "a culture based on equality, diversity, inclusivity, integrity, empathy, and mutual respect. A community where everyone is welcome. . . . We have been a proud partner of House Lives Matter, supporting the House Ballroom Community comprised of sexual and gender minority people of color (LGBTQ and gender non-conforming).


The CEO's of Equinox and SoulCycle hypocritically say “We believe in tolerance and equality, and will always stay true to those values.” -- Yet they are intolerant of Donald Trump.


Equinox is on board with the ESG woke capital movement. [1, 2]


Equinox has an "Equality + Belonging Leadership Council".


Equinox has an "Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer".


Equinox is pushing diversity and pride.




Equinox allows tranny men to use the women's bathrooms. So, don't complain if you see a naked man in the ladies room.


Equinox is always preaching women's tribalism. Gender before merit.


Why was Equinox pushing people to vote in October 2020? It's a well-known fact that people who are not interested or not motivated to vote, when pushed to vote, usually vote democrat! 70% of people 18-29 years old vote democrat. Young people hold the majority of gym memberships.


Equinox is headquartered in the far-left-wing city of New York, NY.


Equinox is pushing climate action nonsense.


CONCLUSION: The woke mob is boycotting Equinox and SoulCycle. For once, we agree with the DNC mob! Let these two woke companies die!


GOOD NEWS: KARMA STRIKES BACK! Equinox lost 11.25 million dollars in a race-mongering lawsuit in NYC. Get woke, go broke!



1. Support your locally-owned mom & pop gym!


2. NO BRAINER: Buy Life Fitness exercise equipment (owned by KPS Capital Partners). Seems to stay out of politics and they make quality products!



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