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I'm a deranged democrat from a lawless blue city with BLM/ANTIFA riots/arson/looting, a neutered/demoralized police department, dismantled justice system, high taxes, endless COVID lockdowns, thousands of drug addicted homeless people living and s--tting on our sidewalks and I've now become triggered by this site! I want to tell you how much I hate Trump and how everyone and everything is racist! ANSWER: Nobody around here gives a flying s--t.


What are your conflicts of interest? ANSWER: This is strictly a non-commercial, news, and educational website. Nobody who contributes to or runs this site is in the business of selling anything, neither directly, indirectly, through the side door, the back door, etc. Accordingly, there are no ads found on this site, and we do not accept donations ever. Recommendations and/or links to companies, products or other webpages are unsolicited.