Our boycott criteria


1) We boycott companies that attack free speech.

Examples: Company stops advertising with conservative media host for having conservative views. Company attempts to make it difficult for a free speech social media platform to exist.

2) We boycott companies that attack Trump and/or Republicans.

Examples: Company CEO speaks out against Trump. Large amounts of employee / PAC donations to Democrats.

3) We boycott companies that attempt to meddle in election integrity.

Example: Major League Baseball pulling the all-star game out of Georgia because Georgia wants to require an ID to vote.

4) The culture war: We boycott companies that push critical race theory, support race-mongering groups (such as BLM, the ACLU, the NAACP, etc), are anti-police (or otherwise trying to dismantle the justice system), are anti-America, encourage children to deny their gender, push for globalism, etc.

5) We boycott companies that attack the 2nd Amendment.

Examples: Company pulls advertising because conservative media host voices opposition to anti-gun activists. Company stops doing business with NRA.

6) We boycott companies that resist the enforcement of our border laws.

Examples: Company pulls advertising because conservative media host supports merit-based immigration.

7) We boycott companies that push global warming hysteria.

Example: Company running advertisements that reinforce the refuted notion that humans are causing the planet to heat up.


Generally, we boycott large companies. Except in the case of the Red Hen restaurant, which got national attention, we don't clutter our boycott list with tiny businesses or the endless list of 'woke' tech startups. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.


In order to get on the boycott list, a company had to do more than just post a quick tweet or statement buried on their website. As they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease! If a company was already on this list for other reasons (besides race mongering), then in this case, a simple tweet in support of BLM was enough to earn a fist logo fist.


When we recommend alternate companies, we recommend ones that have an online store and have a large enough selection that our readers will actually want to shop with them. We prefer companies headquartered in Republican dominated cities or states.


Our strategy purposely calls for singling out a 'worst' in category company in order to inflict maximum financial damage. That particular company can also be made an example out of, for other companies to take note. Peta used this strategy (to improve farm conditions) by singling out KFC rather than boycotting every single major restaurant chain that serves chicken, which would be less effective. Sometimes we have multiple worst-in-category companies just because there happen to be so many exceptionally vile companies.


We may also recommend that you support companies that might not be perfect, such as Overstock.com, but doing so may be necessary when there are few or even no other viable alternate choices. In the case of Home Depot, we have supported them in order to counteract the left-wing mob.



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