Frequently asked questions regarding our boycott page


Q. How am I supposed to boycott, for example Microsoft and Apple? I need to use a computer!

A. Reread the instructions at the top of the page, below where it says What can you do to resist? There's many things you can do when all companies in a particular category are bad.


Q. How am I supposed to boycott all of these companies?

A. Then just boycott a few companies, such as our "Worst" in category companies.


Q. Why don't you provide a list of good companies?

A. Because, in figuring out where to shop, it's much easier to start by just looking at the bad companies. Then, if a company is not mentioned, you can assume that generally they are apolitical and thus can be supported. Sometimes we provide names of alternate companies to support. We also have a small list of just a few of the more prominent 'good' companies to support, but beyond that, there's just too many small companies that are favorable or apolitical.


Q. How can I determine if I should support [name any company]?

A. Do your own research. Here's some helpful instructions.


Q. Love the site. Can I donate?

A. No. We are strictly a non-commercial site. If you want to help out, then provide us with research into bad and good companies according to our criteria.


Q. Why do you stoop to doing boycotts? It's unAmerican.

A. Democrats play dirty. Being passive will achieve nothing. We have no choice but to fight back.


Q. Do you have an email list?

No. Follow us on Gab (best choice) and Minds for the most important updates to the boycott page.


Q. What do you think of the website ?

A. Click here for a detailed response.



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