American Airlines Review


AKA Anti-America Airlines



AA is not an airlines, but a left-wing political action group that tries to dictate public policy and vandalize our democracy by pushing for democrat party agendas. Headquartered in Fort Worth, American Airlines is an insult to the people of the red state of Texas.


Heavy democrat donors in 2016.


AA voiced opposition to Georgia's much-needed voting reform bill by saying, stating "We are strongly opposed to this bill and others like it". This was without even having read the bill!


AA pushed for Texas to allow boys to play girls' sports and take away their scholarships.


When Trump supporters chanted "USA", the pilot threatened to "dump people off" in the middle of Kansas.


AA resisted the Trump administration trying to transport illegal aliens.


AA allows their flight attendants to wear “Black Lives Matter” pins, thus promoting the violent Marxist group and anti-police politics.


AA is also creating a "diversity pin" for all employees to wear on the job. Remember, diversity means discrimination based on race rather than hiring based on merit.


Against North Carolina's bathroom bill. Canceled a flight because 30 teens refused to wear silly masks.


"Vaccination or termination" is American Airlines' policy towards employees.



American Airlines has no redeeming qualities.



Do not fly with American Airlines.




1. Support airlines that are not on our boycott list, or are at the very least not a "worst" company.



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