Comcast / NBC Universal

(owns NBC, MSNBC, Xfinity, DreamWorks SKG, Comcast, Peacock streaming)


Radical, dangerous, left-wing propagandists





Comcast / NBC Universal is the top parent company of MSNBC, the most vile, radical, far-left-wing communist propaganda network on television.


MSNBC gave left-wing, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, bigoted, conspiracy theorist, Joy Reid her own show.


NBC essentially functions as a propaganda arm for the democrat party. NBC News President Noah Oppenheim blatantly lied about his propaganda network by stating “We’re ferociously defending the idea that it’s possible objective and nonpartisan....Our mission is to illuminate and not advocate.” NBC and MSNBC have zero conservative or centrist news or talk shows.


Comcast / NBC Universal opposed Georgia's much needed voting reform bill, which among other things, requires people to vote with an ID.


Employees and PAC's at Comcast donated a whopping $933,087 more to Biden than to Trump.


Censorship of political opponents: MSNBC wants to keep Donald Trump off of Twitter.


Comcast / NBC Universal is trying to poison the minds of the American voter to the left. Trump himself hates this merged company.


In typical fashion, even NBC's 'comedy' programming is pure left-wing propaganda, with shows like Saturday Night Live, that attack Republicans and conservatives.


NBC/MSNBC was banned from the Kyle Rittenhouse trial after being caught stalking jurors.


BLATANT LIARS: NBC/MSNBC was insidious in smearing Kyle Rittenhouse as a "white supremacist", while also characterizing his self-defense as a murder...



NBC/MSNBC ignored reporting on the fact that the FBI knew all along that Trump-Russia collusion was a hoax.


NBC/MSNBC smeared Elon Musk as a 'troll' and had a tantrum when Elon Musk promised to resore free speech on Twitter.




Comcast banned a public service ad in order to protect the mainstream vaccine narrative.


Cut ties with conservative, Matthew Schlapp.


Comcast cut off political donations to Republicans who support Trump.


Committed to OneTen, AKA hire based on race over merit.


Defeaning silence: NBC refused to cover the Hillary Clinton sypying scandal.


On NBC's Meet the Press, Chuck Todd (D) and his round table of left-wing propagandists hoped for Trump to die so that he can't run for president in 2024.


NBC spews left-wing propanda even on their "comedy" shows with propagandists like Amber Ruffin.


Nick Sandman sued NBC for over $250 million for defamation. A confidential settlement was reached.


NBC refused to air the Golden Globe Awards because they say there aren't enough black people in the Hollywood Press Association. Keep in mind that NBC has no problem airing NFL games despite the fact that the NFL lacks diversity. White people represent 61.6% of the entire US population, but only 24.9 percent of the NFL's players.


Comcast NBC Universal is against Florida's Parental Rights Bill.


CBNC uses their programming to promote democrats and democrat party agendas. For example, the show American Greed features mostly episodes that attack Republicans (Paul Manafort, Duncan Hunter). By doing a hitpiece on landlord Steve Croman, the show helps to normalize to idea of rent control.


Transgender bias: NBC airbrushed a Will Thomas photo to make him look more feminine.




DreamWorks SKG is 72% owned by 3 leftists. David Geffen donated 400K to the anti-Trump Lincoln Project and well as to tons of other (D)'s. Steven Spielberg (D) is a never-Trumper who furthered the left's absurd lie that the media is somehow under assault by Trump (as the MSM has a virtual monopoly on TV, and dominates print and tech) and he compared Trump to Nixon. Jeffrey Katzenberg said of Trump, "Worst nightmare I could ever imagine doesn't come close". If you purchase Dreamworks SKG meda, you are essentially funding the Democrat party.


Hulu is 1/3 owned by Comcast / NBC Universal.


Hulu pulled advertising from Laura Ingram for criticizing David Hogg.


Hulu allows democrat ads about abortion and guns.


Hulu aired a propaganda piece to legitimize and praise Christopher Steel, author of Hillary Clinton's bought-and-paid-for fake anti-Trump Russian Dossier.








3. Sling TV (owned by Dish Network)



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