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Underhanded left-wing politics advertised as 'not political'




Like so many left-wing organizations (Civic Alliance, NAACP, National Urban League, Sierra Club, Rock The Vote, etc) that we review, the Rotary Club claims to be 'non-political', yet low and behold, they're in lock-step with the left on all of the wedge issues. They're busy parroting the refuted notion that CO2 is causing the planet to heat up, and that we can/must reverse it [1, 2, 3]. They're pushing for D.I.E. (Diversity, Inclusion, Equity) [1, 2]. They're pushing LBGTQ tribalism [1, 2]. And, the more we dig, the more we find... Judging by articles in the Rotary Club's publication called the Rotarian, they want to control political narratives, they just can't seem to resist the urge to defend even the most radical democrats, and of course they attack Trump. The Rotarian does this under the cloak of simply trying 'educate' their members on how to find truth. The truth is just the truth, right? Of course, their solution is to direct members to lefty outlets such as the sneaky, left-wing mouthpiece, Snopes. But, it's not political, you see. Wink. Wink.


In their quest to control political messaging, the lefty media is famous for desperately going so far as to 'fact check' Babylon Bee comedy articles, or even 'fact checking' funny memes that make fitting political or social commentaries. Similarly, the Rotary Club published a piece in their Rotarian magazine, in which the author, Kim Lisagor Bisheff, was triggered by 'ideas and memes'. And so, who did she choose to use as a poster child for innocent victims of fake news? Would it perhaps be Donald Trump? Would she cite one of the endless lies said about him, such as the constantly repeated lie that Trump called white supremacists in Charlottesville 'fine people'? Would it be the lie of the century that Trump colluded with Russia to 'hack' the 2016 election, which got endless wall-to-wall coverage by the lefty media?




Instead, this left-wing author rushed to defend none other than the most radical far-left-wing democrat, Ilhan Omar, and all of her impeccable character [sarcasm].



ABOVE: Excerpt from The Rotarian [1, 2]


Unfortunately, the Big Tech protectors may have erased the meme in question from history, so we cannot verify that the meme in question is in fact false, half-true, or false but done as a comedic commentary. This image (below) is the closest thing to a 'press conference in front of terrorists' that we have been able to find using Google and Bing image searches. If you believe this is real, you might be a half-wit...




We will assume that it's true that Ilhan Omar did not actually pose with terrorists for a press conference, just as we will assume that, because of a meme, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez did not wait for hours at a subway sandwich restaurant for a subway train. On its face, it sounds too ridiculous for any normal person to believe. A 'meme' is most commonly a form of satire that pokes fun at reality. Ilhan Omar in fact has a history of making anti-Semitic & anti-American comments, she famously diminished the 911 terrorist attacks as just a case of 'some people did something', and she made the racist comment that Americans should be more fearful of white men than jihadist terrorism. Therefore, any meme that pokes fun at her apathy towards terrorists is not something that is in need of being 'fact checked' unless, of course, you're a vain democrat attempting to do damage control by micro-managing everything people see or read on the Internet.


By knocking down a strawman (in this case a silly meme), the author cunningly attempts to repair a reprehensible democrat's image. For elderly, easily deceived, low information Rotary Club readers with short attention spans, Ilhan Omar is suddenly not so bad after all. Never mind that Ilhan Omar was a strong advocate of abolishing the Minneapolis police, and never mind that she believes that Americans who participate in Trump rallies are members of the Klan.


THE SOLUTION: The author, Kim Lisagor Bisheff, further displays her political bias by providing a solution to all of these funny memes. To find the truth, she laughably directs Rotary Club readers to go to none other than the far left-wing Snopes,, and PolitiFact -- all of which famously abuse their roles to boost democrat narratives.


Bisheff also advises Rotary Club readers to go to unnamed 'News institutions like those we revered in the Watergate era' which 'are still producing top-quality journalism'. It's not hard to deduce which institutions she regards as 'top-quality'. She could only be referring to the very left-wing organizations that spread daily DNC propaganda, namely the NY Times, Wash Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.


Bisheff also conveniently urges members to avoid getting news from social media. Unlike highly biased Big Tech™ search engines and news feeds, individuals on social media are free to post links to actual top-quality journalism news sites such as, The Daily Wire, OANN, NewsMax,, the Gateway Pundit, Breitbart, and the NY Post, which Bisheff evidently wants nothing of. In short, Bisheff wants democrats to have a monopoly on messaging. The best advice for elderly Rotary Club members is to avoid listening to Kim Lisagor Bisheff for news gathering advice!


Just who is this Rotarian author, Kim Lisagor Bisheff anyway? Imagine our shock when we discovered that Bisheff teaches journalism in the notoriously far-left-wing California university system, she once wrote for the far-left LA Times, and she authored a book about... you guessed it... global warming!


A search of Bischeff's Twitter feed quickly reveals a rabid hatred of Donald Trump, as well as a strong dislike of Fox News and Tucker Carlson.






As further evidence of Kim Lisagor Bisheff's communist democrat party leanings, she was so triggered by the new Twitter CEO, Elon Musk, that she proudly blocked his posts. Centrist speech be damned! Free speech on social media be damned!


Again, this is who the supposed 'non-political' Rotary Club allows to 'educate' its vulnerable elderly members.


ANOTHER DOOZY: The Rotarian allowed yet another never-Trumper by the name of Steve Almond to complain about what he believes are people spreading misinformation (which he calls 'bad stories'), all under the guise of writing a can-we-all-just-get-along peace article. NOTE: Mr. Almond reminds us of Bruce Springsteen (D) in Jeep's Super Bowl ad whereby once Joe Biden was in and Trump was out, it was suddenly time for political discourse to end.




Of course, the first 'bad story' that upset him just happened to be one that made Hillary Clinton look bad. He first proceeded to take a shot at Donald Trump by talking about the candid Billy Bush interview that the media hyperventilated over, and tried to use to destroy the Trump candidacy. He says that Trump boasted about 'forcing himself on women'. For starters, this is an intellectually dishonest characterization of what Trump said. Trump was talking about a subset of promiscuous women who like to party with celebrities, and Trump also pointed out in the interview that 'they let you do it' -- meaning these were women who allowed him to grab them in private places. They consented! If they consent, there is no 'forcing'. Steve Almond might want to discover what a groupie is. There are groupies for more than just rockstars.



ABOVE: Excerpt from The Rotarian [1, 2]


Mr. Almond then proceeded to juxtapose his dishonest hysteria about Trump, against a clever defense of Hillary Clinton as someone who got a bad rap over her interview with Roy Reid. He is quick to marginalize the story by pointing out that it happened 'some 40 years ago.' Then, much like Snopes often does, Mr. Almond used a strawman argument to obscure what happened, by merely knocking down a very specific claim that Clinton laughed 'at the victim'. Technically she did not laugh at the victim. But, what she did in fact do was laugh and speak frighteningly casually about the trial of a man whom she fully believed was guilty of raping a 12-year-old child. According to the Daily Wire (an actual top quality journalism site), the interview "paints a different picture -– one of a callous, calculating woman, who isn’t the 'champion of women' people believe her to be". That's the point that was cleverly obscured by Steve Almond, and of course, was unfortunately not presented to readers of The Rotarian.


BELOW: Steve Almond's strawman argument



The bias of this article all makes sense when you do a little research into Steve Almond. He wrote a book that is introduced like this... 'Like a lot of Americans, Steve Almond spent the weeks after the 2016 election lying awake, in a state of dread and bewilderment. The problem wasn’t just the election, but the fact that nobody could explain, in any sort of coherent way, why America had elected a cruel, corrupt, and incompetent man to the Presidency.' Ironically Steve Almond embodies the type of hyper-partisan people that he criticizes in his Rotarian article. Confession through projection.


Once again, this is who the supposed 'non-political' Rotary Club allows to preach to its members. The Rotary Club allowed an author to spread 'fake news' while accusing others of believing 'fake news' that wasn't fake after all.


BELOW: The Rotary Club goes woke!



In lock-step with the democrat party's divide and conquer agenda, the Rotary Club is pushing LBGTQ tribalism [1, 2]. And, in typical form, the Rotary Club is quick to snuff out any suggestion that they are being political. They gaslight you to not believe your own eyes.


BELOW: If you have to argue that you're not being political, and with exclamation marks, you're being political.



The debate is over and The science is settled: The Rotary Club has joined in the chorus of medical establishment groupthink, asserting that everyone should/must get a COVID-19 vaccination, that the vaccines are summarily safe, that masks work, etc. We can't find a single tweet that challenges the groupthink, despite a wealth of data and studies to draw from.


The Rotary Club is at odds with science: As late as June 2022, to attend a Rotary Club convention, they required proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result from a test administered by a medical professional or certified testing agency. 60% of new COVID patients have been vaccinated. If you're vaccinated then who cares if the guy next to you isn't vaccinated? The Rotary Club contradicts its own narrative that the vaccines 'work'. And what about attendees who have natural antibodies? No admission, all despite the fact that even the CDC admits that natural immunity is better than vaccine immunity.


Climate change hysteria: Despite the fact that humans have only added 1.29 parts CO2 to 10,000 parts total atmosphere over the last 145 years, the Rotary Club's president plans on making climate change their number one focus.



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