Websites (that might fool some)


all2 = Generally, most if not all of these sites predominately protect liberals and liberal causes, while attacking conservatives and conservative causes.


Wikipedia - Highly biased, left-wing site that masquerades as an "encyclopedia". Founder is an anti-Trump propagandist. Wiki is financially supported in part by grants from left-leaning foundations. Writers are left-wing propagandists who use other leftists and left-wing outlets as "sources" in order to qualify their left-wing opinions. Wiki tries to further left-wing agendas such as anthropogenic global warming hysteria, anti-conservative narratives, lying by omission regarding hydroxychloroquine, etc. Wikimedia Foundation against Trump's "Muslim travel ban". Wikipedia protects Hunter Biden. Click here for further details. Use, or instead. - (see our detailed review of Snopes) - Self-promoted as a "nonpartisan fact-checking site", but is actually a liberal mouth piece.

Politifact - Self-promoted as a "nonpartisan fact-checking site" that uses "strict journalistic standards", is actually a liberal mouth piece (or "flop-check" site) that distorts the truth and posts outright false information [1, 2]. Never call PolitiFact an “independent fact-checker.” They are every bit as liberal and biased as their fans in the liberal media [1]. Uses selection bias, and lying by omission. Selective outrage. False information. Makes strawman denials to suppress truthful stories. Run by people from the left-wing Tampa Bay Times. 6 times more likely to defend Biden than fact check him [1, 2]. Prematurely declared true reports of inflated COVID deaths to be a 'pants on fire' lie. Other examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, - Self-promoted as a "nonpartisan fact-checking site" is actually just another liberal mouth piece.

AP Fact Check - A mini-me of Snopes left-wing propaganda. 1,

USA Today Fact Check - Just another left-wing propaganda outlet masquerading as as a "nonpartisan fact-checker".

MediaBiasFactCheck - Pure rubbish! Immediately loses all credibility by laughably rating the far-left-wing NY Times, Washington Post, and LA Times, as merely "LEFT-CENTER" instead of "LEFT BIAS". We've seen this with sites like Wikipedia where they attempt to normalize the left. MediaBiasFactCheck also smears the online encyclopedia, InfoGalactic as 'extreme right'. MediaBiasFactCheck laughably gives the left-wing add-on, NewsGuard a 'least biased' rating. MediaBiasFactCheck smears PragerU as "Extreme Right, Propaganda, Poor Sourcing, Failed Fact Checks, False Claims".

newsg - Nature endorsed Hitlery Clinton and called Trump "unsuitable for office". The 'scientists' (political activists) at Nature had a temper tantrum when Trump won, stating, "Donald Trump’s election has dropped a bomb on US and global politics. The international reaction is one of shock and disbelief." Endorsed Joe Biden, staging "We cannot stand by and let science be undermined. Joe Biden’s trust in truth, evidence, science and democracy make him the only choice in the US election". Misled the public by publishing a study claiming that COVID did not come from a lab. It was not disclosed publicly that Anthony Fauci helped to edit this study. Published an anti-Trump attack article called "The plan to ‘Trump-proof’ US science against political meddling". Pushing climate change nonsense. British-owned site meddling in American politics. - A very irrational far left-wing comedy site. Use and instead.

Merriam-Webster - 'Woke' left-wing dictionary. Spends their time on Twitter resisting Trump. Changed their definition of the word 'girl' to include "a person whose gender identify is female". Added one of the definitions of the word "preference" to include "offensive" in order to fall in line with leftists who get offended if anyone claims that being LBGTQ is a choice. Defined "color-blind" as having a racist connotation, thus flying in the face of Martin Luther King. Has a woke definition of "female". And Merriam-Webster actually defines global warming as "widely predicted to occur due to [humans]", thus furthering the lie that the debate is over and the science is settled. Despite the fact that COVID-19 shots do not meet the legal or medical definition of 'vaccine', Merriam-Webster changed their definition to include the shots. - Laughably regards left-wing media outlets like Newsweek, Reuters, BBC, MarketWatch, and Forbes as "centrist'.

Ad FontesAnother useless lefty media ratings company and self-proclaimed arbiter of truth and facts. Rigged to favor left-wing media. They laughably rate CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, USA Today, Bloomberg, AP, NPR, PBS, Reuters, The Hill, Newsweek, Axios, and Forbes as 'middle or balanced bias'. Labeled Media Research Company 'unreliable'. - Left-wing cancel culture. As a prime example, the site smears Dr. Kelly Victory. - Run by woke leftists.

RottenTomatoes - Disabled audience score for Fauci propaganda movie.

MoneyWise - Ran a click-bait article called "25 worst presidents". Of course they bashed Trump based on DNC and media fabricated 'scandals' and allegations, opinion, and selective outrage. Of course, neither Clinton, Obama, Biden, or Carter made their left-wing list.

fist PornHub - Donating $100,000 to race-mongering organizations.

fist OnlyFans - Supports the violent Marxist group, BLM.

newsg - Has an "Advisory Board" that censors and permanently bans users who among other things "attempt to sow dissension" and engage in "general rants". Essentially bans conservative political speech under the guise of stopping "trolling".

newsg MrMoneyMustache - Zero tolerance for users who criticize Joe Biden (D). Administrator is based in the Marxist city of Seattle. Go figure.

all The Onion - Echo chamber of lefty comedy. Trump-haters. Attacking Prager University, defending CO2 climate change nonsense. Anti-white racism. Pro-vaccine propaganda. LGBTQ tribalism. Anti-2nd Amendment. Mocking anyone who wants to control our borders. No-brainer: Head on over to the Babylon Bee for actual comedy.