Sierra Club


Once an 'environmental advocacy organization',

currently hijacked by far-left-wing activists




John Muir founded Sierra Club in 1892 with a respectable mission of preserving the California Sierras. Today he is rolling in his grave over how his organization has been hijacked by radical-left-wing activists who are devoted to promoting the latest democrat party agendas, BLM talking points, etc. It's hatred of Trump, opposition to Trump's border wall, support of democrat election fraud via the "For The People Act", LBGTQ and gender tribalism, race-mongering, defunding the police, promoting the false notion that wearing masks helps to stop COVID, they're anti-guns, pro-Roe VS Wade, etc. What on earth do these things have to do with protecting national parks? Nothing!


Sierra Club is triggered by Donald Trump...




Sierra Club laughably parrotted democrat party/mainstream media hysteria that the vastly peaceful January 6th protest was some sort of 'insurrection' that was ordered by Donald Trump and it nearly ended democracy...




At the same time, Sierra Club has never denounced the violent, lawless, Marxist group Black Lives Matter, or the George Floyd riots which was the most expensive riot/civil disorder in insurance history, causing 1 - 2 billion dollars in damage across 20 states from 5/25/2020 - 6/8/2020. 16,241 were arrested, 2,037 police officers were assaulted or injured. 1 police officer was killed. Instead, like something straight out of a Nazi propaganda playbook on gaslighting, Sierra Club has cheered on the BLM movement, even referring to the rioters are 'peaceful protestors', and Sierra Club stoked racial animosity against 'white nationalists'.




Sierra Club endorsed Obama for president in 2008.


Sierra Club supports election fraud: In a transparent display of DNC partisanship, Sierra Club told its members to tell their senators to "fix our broken democracy" by passing the democrat party's falsely titled "For The People Act", which would strip states of their ability to implement basic election integrity safeguard (such as requiring an ID to vote), all as part of a nefarious effort to help democrats get elected. Like typical radical-leftists, Sierra Club perverts language by equating requiring an ID to vote with a 'broken democracy'.




Antisemitism: Sierra Club canceled trips to Israel under pressure from left-wing anti-Israel organizations.


Proof that Sierra Club is no longer an environmental advocacy organization: The political activists at Sierra Club got caught in a conundrum when taking a position on Trump's border wall. Illegal immigration (more population) damages the environment, including by drawing more tourists to Yosemite National Park. Sierra Club is so married to left-wing politics that they chose to oppose Trump's border wall, at the expense of the environment. Sierra Club joined with the radical left-wing ACLU to fight Trump using emergency powers to fund the border wall.


Sierra Club is pushing global warming nonsense. Sierra Club hysterically says that climate change disproportionately affects women and LBGTQ people.


Sierra Club endorsed Brad Sherman (D), who preemptively wrote up articles to impeach Trump.


Sierra Club pushes pride tribalism and wants 'gender equity'.




Sierra Club pushes anti-gun propaganda.


Sierra Club reinforced the false notion that masks work to stop COVID transmission, and other COVID hysteria, including that COVID is racist...




Sierra Club parrotted the democrat party's hysteria that striking down Roe VS Wade is 'racist' against black women.


Sierra Club is pushing 'equity, justice, and inclusion'.




Black Lives Matter Sierra Club wants to defund the police.




Sierra Club supports reparations for black people.




As further proof that Sierra Club is no longer an environmental advocacy organization, they put climate change nonsense ahead of saving whales. Sierra Club has no interest in ocean windmill construction killing marine life.


Sierra Club is based out of the radical left-wing city of Oakland, CA.



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