Jeep's political Super Bowl ad: an underhanded attack on Republicans that reinforced the Democrat party campaign strategy and parroted their victory message


jeepApparently Jeep never got the memo that Budweiser, Coca Cola and Pepsi did, which is that half of the country is fed up with being given morality lectures as they're trying to watch a football game. Now that a (D) has replaced the (R) in the Whitehouse, it's time to stop kicking, screaming and rioting. And so Jeep ran a disingenuous 'come to the middle' commercial. If you're conservative and you thought this was an apolitical, unifying commercial, you were hoodwinked.


This ad absolutely had left-wing political purpose on many levels.


For starters, Jeep Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is inherently pleading specifically with Republicans to shut up and 'come to the middle' because Democrats are no longer marching in the streets chanting 'Not my president'. Democrats already won back power. Right now only one side is upset. Republicans. And now Jeep suddenly wants Republicans to just shut up, 'find common ground' and let the Democrats get everything they want, including closing down the keystone pipeline, ignoring immigration laws, resuming giving away billions of dollars under the Paris Accord, letting Democrats pack the supreme court, adding Democrat seats to the senate, and of course retaining power by dividing the country by groups (race, gender, etc). Why are you being disagreeable?


One has to ask, why did it take four long years of unrest for Jeep to wake up and run a commercial calling for unity? Because that's how political extortion works. Tear the country apart until you get what you want. As long as Trump was in power, peace didn't fit the Democrat's political strategy of extortion. When you're out of power, you divide and conquer. You sit by, let Democrat tensions boil over and then call it 'Trump's America -- a country in crisis'. Only since the desired outcome of winning back power was achieved, did the strategy change to promoting the reward of peace and unity.


By the left's own motto 'silence is violence', Jeep is complicit in causing division for four years. When Jeep suddenly, out of the blue, ran this 'come to the middle' Super Bowl commercial, they exposed themselves as a company that is not politically agnostic -- Otherwise, over the last four years, they would have either been speaking out all along, or always remained flagsilent by never running this commercial. Instead Jeep stood up and clearly identified themselves as anti-Trump leftists with the gall to masquerade as centrists for middle America and for old glory. Where was Jeep when Democrats were toppling statues, burning flags and taking a knee for the national anthem? Missing in action. Silent.


To give Jeep some sort of 'credit' or praise for making a come-together-under-Biden commercial is a little like giving an arsonist credit for putting out a fire. Jeep may not have started the fire, but they sat by and watched for four years of Democrat protests, riots and looting. Contrast that with the vast majority of Republicans at Capitol Hill who protested 'peacefully and patriotically', exactly as Trump instructed. But, like the mockingbird media, Jeep is ready to lump them all in with a few outliers and bad left-wing actors who ran amuck for an hour.


bruceAnd so, predictably, who did Jeep decide would be the best spokeshole to bring us all together? None other than the rabidly Trump-hating, race-mongering, fake blue collar worker, fake cowboy, Bruce Springsteen (D). Make no mistake -- Bruce Springsteen's convenient idea of 'the middle' is the Democrat party. Accordingly, if there was ever any doubt as to Jeep's political leanings, this was clear as day -- A shot across the conservative bow.


Paying Bruce Springsteen to appear in any commercial is an insult to any Republican and Jeep doesn't care. Why didn't Jeep hire Jon Voight, Hershel Walker, Stephen Baldwin, Mike Ditka, Ten Nugent, Diamond & Silk, Mary Hart or Jack Nicklaus? Because they are on the wrong side of the political aisle.


For those who don't remember or haven't been paying attention, Bruce Springsteen has campaigned with every Democrat since 2004. After Trump won, Bruce was crushed. He turned his concerts into obnoxious anti-Trump political rallies. He went so far as to publish an open letter, apologizing for not campaigning against Trump. Springsteen also parroted vicious, defamatory Democrat lies that painted Trump as stoking Islamophobia, antisemitism and discrimination.


Now that Trump is gone and Biden is in, Sprinsteen and Jeep are merely parroting Joe Biden's inauguration propaganda message that 'There's hope on the road ahead.' The country was torn apart under Trump. But now that Trump is gone, we can finally start to heal. It's finally time to 'come to the middle'.


Sorry. We're not falling for this political propaganda being spoon fed to us by Jeep (FCA) Corporicrats teaming up with just another loud-mouth Hollywood half-billionaire leftist.


And remember that Chrysler, Fiat, Dodge, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati are all under the same Jeep/FCA company.



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