URGENT: Boycott Amazon.com


Reminiscent of Soviet Union-style assaults on free speech, Google and Apple launched a simultaneous attack on the social media platform Parler, by banning the Parler cell phone app.



Next, Amazon delivered the knockout blow by completely kicking Parler off of their web server.


Amazon.com is an egregious threat to free speech and our democracy. For starters, CEO Jeff Bezos owns the radical left-wing Washington Post and has resisted Trump's Muslim immigration ban, putting our country at risk. Bezos is being replaced by Andy Jassy, who was CEO of Amazon's evil AWS web services that shut down Parler. Amazon has also banned products that it deems offensive to Muslims and LBGTQ people (example: The "No Dress for Timmy" book was banned). Amazon banned Washington Redskins merchandise.


Amazon is also actively removing films from Amazon Prime without specific explanation why. Amazon typically removes content that offends social justice warriors. Amazon removed a Clarence Thomas documentary from its streaming service. Nothing offends leftists more than black conservatives.


The final straw was when Amazon, along with Google, Apple and others coordinated an attack on the free speech social media platform Parler. Amazon's role was to kick Parler off of their cloud web server, leaving Parler without a server and thus left desperately trying to get back online. Parler has sued Amazon.


Amazon terminated its contract with Parler for “violent content on your website.” But Amazon itself deals with merchandise that advocates the death of all Republicans or specifically targets President Donald Trump.¬†Amazon sells at least 130 pieces with the hateful slogan, ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards).


Amazon is estimated to have cornered a whopping 47% of retail e-commerce, thus depriving other smaller businesses. With such enormous market share, Amazon has become emboldened and undeterred in pushing their political agendas.


In response, many folks immediately cancelled their Amazon Prime membership and have stopped shopping at Amazon altogether. If you can't find alternatives to Amazon.com to support then you are just plain lazy. There are so many other alternatives.


There are other large stores...

Ashley Home Store - We love this company! Furniture, kitchen, bath, baby, lighting, etc. Headquartered in rural Wisconsin.

Walgreens - General merchandise. More middle of the road political donations.

Overstock.com - (Much less offensive than Amazon) - General merchandise - Overstock posted what we believe is just a lip service webpage to appease the BLM mob. Overstock heavily favored donations to Republicans from 2006 to 2018, however, 2020 donations to either party were miniscuel. Overstock is nowhere near as offensive as Amazon, so if you're looking for an 'big box' online store, we recommend Overstock.com

BigLots.com - (Less offensive than Amazon) General merchandise


ABT.com - Consumer electronics, home essentials, home appliances. Milwaukee-based. Since 1936. Almost no political donations in 2020. ABT has a 'great' TrustPilot rating, even though most people write negative reviews when they decide to write reviews. By comparison, Amazon has a 'poor' rating. Best Buy has a 'bad' rating.

Electronic Express - No wokeism that we can find. Based in Nashville, TN. Since 1983.

P. C. Richard - No wokeism that we can find other than bragging about how they are using less CO2. With 66 stores, it is the largest chain of private, family-owned appliance, television, electronics, and mattress stores in the United States. Based in Long Island, NY. 100 year old company.

Samy's Camera - Appears to be apolitical.

CDW.com - While not perfect, cdw.com is a much better alternative for computers, electronics, cameras, etc.


Sportsman's Warehouse, Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops -- Appears to be apolitical companies.

Murdochs.com - Online ranch and home supplies store, based in Casper, Wyoming.

Atwoods.com - Online ranch and home supplies store, based in Oklahoma.

LockeSupply.com - Electrical, plumbing, heating, tools for professionals. Based in Oklahoma.

RuralKing.com - Farm and home store, including laundry detergent, pet food, toys, etc.

FleetFarm.com - 'Built on Midwestern values'. No wokeness that we can find.

Ace Hardware - As a whole, Ace employee/PAC donations are more Republican leaning than Democrat. Gave away 1 million flags. Philippine-owned company.

Blain's Farm & Fleet - Locations in IL, IA, MI, & WI. Carrying products for farming, car care, fishing, hunting, pets, gardening & more!



Many people who shop via Amazon are just too lazy to use a search engine to discover that there are vast numbers of specialty sites that sell everything from A to Z. Do a search engine query for the specific product you are seeking to buy. This should lead to alternate online stores that sell it. Otherwise, contact the company directly. If they exclusively sell their product through Amazon, then let them know that you refuse to purchase from Amazon and therefore you will be buying a comparable product from some other company instead. Supporting small (or at least smaller) businesses is the right thing to do.


Specialty Stores: This list is endless. This is just a tiny list to get you started in shopping elsewhere...

Uline - Office Supplies. Stellar donation record.

Red Wing Shoes - Appears to be apolitical. Based in Red Wing, MN.

Florsheim - Appears to be apolitical. Based in Glendale, WI.

On Running - Appears to be apolitical. Swiss company.

Newton Running - Appears to be apolitical. Based in Boulder, CO.

tribalism Dr. Scholls shoes - Appears to be owned by an apolitical company in Yellow Wood Partners.

fist tribalism New Balance Athletic - Shoes, clothing, more. New Balance has a STELLAR donation record! However pushing climate change nonsense, and race-mongering tweet.

tribalism rating-r Skechers - Pride tribalism. Small donations favor democrats. $1,435 to Biden, $68 to Trump. Not as 'woke' as most shoe companies.

fist tribalism Johnston and Murphy (owned by Genesco) - Woke! Wants equality (which we know as a code word for racial socialism), race-mongering about an end to 'racial injustice', supports NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, pride and women's tribalism, etc.


MyPillow - Sheets, bedding, towels, etc.


You can do your own research to find out if they are a 'good', 'bad' or neutral company. This site exposes company political donations. You can also do a search engine query for the company name plus "Trump" or "Black Live Matter".


Be sure to let the new company know why you're shopping with them and that you'll cancel them too if they turn into a left-wing political company.


If you insist on making purchases from Amazon then at the very least, SCALE BACK on your Amazon purchases! Plus feel free to LIBERALLY return Amazon purchased products that you don't like.


Also note that often Amazon doesn't actually stock products in their warehouse. Instead, they dropship -- meaning they send the supplier the order and have them ship it at an additional shipping cost. So it wouldn't have made a difference in shipping costs had you just ordered elsewhere anyway. This is one more reason to discover other online specialty stores.


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