Footwear companies


(Apolitical companies include Red Wing Shoes, Florsheim, On Running, and Newton Running. Least offensive alternatives are New Balance, Dr. Scholls, and Skechers.)


fist tribal bord micros Nike (also Jordan Brand, Foamposite, Converse) - (see our detailed review of Nike) - The original racist hate company that picked Colin Kaepernick as their endorsement hero. Despicable anti-American company. Against Trump's travel ban. Consider NewBalance and Dr. Scholls instead.

tribal Converse (owned by Nike) - Honors 11-year old drag queen in advertisements.

fist tribal alert-1 Adidas - (also owns Salomon shoes, Taylormade golf, Maxfli) Unapologetically supports the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter right at the top of their website in bold letters. Also donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund (bails out man who wants to rape children). They are so rabidly obsessed, that their shoes play second fiddle to BLM! Adidas ran a disgusting ad celebrating men playing in women's sports. Adidas canceled Kanye West. Dem donors. German company pushing wokeism on America.

fist tribal Puma (owned by the French holding company Groupe Artémis S.A.) - Pushing the usual systemic racism nonsense. Donated in excess of 3 million dollars to "work on criminal justice reform" (AKA dismatle the justice system) and for "issues affecting the LGBTQIA+ community". Puma sponsored Gwen Berry, the Olympian who turned away from the US flag.

fist tribal Vans - (See under CLOTHING > VF Corp) - (see our detailed review of Vans) - Pushing "diversity", "equity", "systemic racism", "justice", blah blah blah. Plans to hire less white people by 2025.

fist tribal Tom's Shoes - Donated $100,000 to the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter and other organizations "fighting for racial justice", thus reinforcing the lie of systemic racism in America.

fist tribal newsg Reebok - Tribalism. Employees and PAC's donated 87.5% to democrat House candidates. Joined the anti-Trump group StopHateForProfit.

fist Keen Shoes - Pushing leftist nonsense: Global warming hysteria, systemic racism, diversity (AKA discrimination), supports the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter.

fist tribal Dr Marten - Donated to the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter and other race-mongering groups in order to "fix" systemic racism, Pride and transgender tribailism.

fist Deckers - Donated $500,000 to organizations including the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter.

fist alert-1 Foot Locker - See under "Camping / Sports".

Zappos shoes - Owned by Amazon, which is our #1 boycott target!

fist alert-1 Denali shoes - A product of Pacific Trail, which is owned by Columbia Sportswear (see under CLOTHING). Employees and PAC's at Columbia Sportswear are rabid Dem donors. Pacific Trail is based in the Marxist city of Portland. Columbia Closed all of their North American stores for 2 hours in honor of armed robber/fentanyl user George Floyd.

fist tribal Merrell (parent company Wolverine Worldwide) - "Making justice, D.I.E. (diversity, inclusion, and equity) a key strategic pillar within our business", LBGTQ and gender tribalism.

tribal Dr. Scholls - Pride tribalism tweets. Owned by Yellow Wood Partners, from which we cannot find any political donations.

tribal New Balance - Pushing climate change nonsense, has a pride collection. Overall, New Balance is still one of the least offensive footwear companies in this highly woke industry. NB is not pushing systemic racism nonsense and has a stellar donation record. NB was one of the very few footwear companies that did not urge president Trump to remove his proposed 25% China trafiff on footwear.

fist tribal Brooks Running - Very woke! Pushing D.I.E. (diversity, inclusion, equity), pushing climate change nonsense [1, 2]. Wants to have 50% women and 30% black, indigenous and people of color employee representation in the US at every level. Based in the Marxist city of Seattle.

tribal Sperry - Pride tribalism.

fist tribal alert-1 Brooks Brothers - See Authentic Brands Group under "Clothing".

fist tribal alert-1 Frye Boots - See Authentic Brands Group under "Clothing".

fist Saucony - Pushing D.I.E. (diversity, inclusion, equity). Supports the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter [1, 2]. Matching employee donations to Black Lives Matter Boston, Global Empowerment Mission, Black Community, Minnesota Freedom Fund, ACTBlue Charities, NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund, ACLU, Loveland Foundation, Black Health Alliance.

fist tribal Johnston and Murphy (owned by Genesco) - Woke! Wants 'equality' (which we know as a code word for racial socialism), race-mongering about an end to 'racial injustice', supports NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, pride and women's tribalism, etc.

fist tribal DSW Shoes (Designer Brands Inc.)- Race mongering Tweets about black lives matter, employees marching for pride equality. Employees and PACs donate almost exclusively to democrats.

alert-1 - Dropped Ivanka Trump's line. UPDATE: Great news... Now bankrupt!


Apolitical shoe companies to support

Red Wing Shoes - Appears to be apolitical. Based in Red Wing, MN.

Florsheim - Appears to be apolitical. Based in Glendale, WI.

On Running - Appears to be apolitical. Swiss company.

Newton Running - Appears to be apolitical. Based in Boulder, CO.


Least offensive shoe companies

tribal Dr. Scholls shoes - Appears to be owned by an apolitical company in Yellow Wood Partners.

fist tribal New Balance Athletic - Shoes, clothing, more. Stellar donation record. However pushing climate change nonsense, and race-mongering tweet.

tribal r Skechers - Pride tribalism. Small donations favor democrats. $1,435 to Biden, $68 to Trump. Not as 'woke' as most shoe companies.