About the Equal Justice Initiative


An organization clearly based on critical race theory


Liberals are famous for changing language. The Equal Justice Initiative is a prime example. They crafted this happy sounding message to describe what they do:


"The Equal Justice Initiative is committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States, to challenging racial and economic injustice, and to protecting basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society."


All of the highlighted terms above are subjective.


Does the United States have a "mass incarceration" problem? Not if people who are committing crimes are being locked up. Do we have to have a cap on the number of people who are kept incarcerated? Or do we have to not lock up some criminals just because of an arbitrary cap? Do we need to have a cap on the number of people from certain races being incarcerated? If someone of low income commits a crime, do we give them a free pass to commit crimes?


The EJI home page reads like a critical race theory blog. They say that they are "committed to changing the narrative about race in America". They talk about addressing "the legacy of slavery, lynching, and racial segregation, which shapes many issues today". Just because a criminal is descended from a slave from 150 years ago, does not entitle them to special treatment or give them a get-out-of-jail-free card. Do descendants of people who survived (or didn't survive) the Holocaust get lenient prison sentences? How about descendants of people effected by the Srebrenica massacre or other civil wars? WWII? WWI? The war of 1812? The Spanish–American War?


On the EJI "Public Education" page, they say "We are haunted by our history of racial injustice in America because we don't talk about it." The lie that critical race theorists perpetuate is that the history of slavery is never taught in school history classes. It is taught in school and always has been.


The EJI is triggered by statues. On their "Public Education" page they say "We’re also harnessing the power of place to change a physical landscape littered with thousands of Confederate monuments."


The EJI "challenges" the death penalty.


The EJI has been funded by left-wing companies such as Amazon, Adobe, Cisco, Etsy, GrubHub, Subaru, Florsheim, Ikea, Glossier, Honesty Beauty, Pattern Beauty, Ulta Beauty, Everlane, and Woop.






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