(owns Air Jordan, Air Max, Jordan Brand, Foamposite, Converse)




Boycott this divisive, anti-American company for life



Nike is a despicable anti-American company that embraced Colin Kaepernick for kneeling in disrespect of the national anthem. When Nike celebrated Kaepernick, they unashamedly spit on America.


Nike also began severing ties with the Washington Redskins, and even took it a step further by asking others to sever ties because the football team would not change their name.


Nike donated a whopping $40 million to social justice organizations that support the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter.


Nike Employees and PAC's are huge democrat donors, including $305,939 to Joe Biden. 88% of donations went to Democrats in 2020.


Converse has honored an 11-year old drag queen in advertisements.


Against Florida's Parental Rights Bill.


Against Trump's travel ban.


Nike CEO John Donahoe says “we are a brand of China and for China.”


Committed to OneTen, AKA hire based on race over merit.


Nike opposed Tennessee's faith-based TN Fosters Hope push.


Nike is headquartered in the metropolitan area of the Marxist city of Portland.



Nike has no redeeming qualities.


A mob of migrants looted and utterly destroyed a Nike store in France! LOL


The BLM mob, who Nike supports, looted and ransacked their stores during the George Floyd riots.


BLM supports the looting of Nike stores.


Circular firing squad: Leftists in NY protested outside a Nike store over killing of Kangaroos.


BLM looted their Chicago store during the BLM riots of April 2023. The mayor of Chicago refused to condemn the looting. We don't condemn it either! Nike is an evil company!


People routinely loot Nike stores in California. Security does nothing. LOL


8/14/2023 - Nike store in Los Angeles looted.



Sever doing business with Nike, Foamposite, and Converse.




1. New Balance has a stellar donation record. However pushing climate change nonsense. Beggars can't be choosers in this 'woke' category.


2. Dr. Scholl's seems to be apolitical. However pushing LBGTQ tribalism.


3. Any other brand that is not on our boycott list.



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