(AKA Harley-Diversity)


Completely abandoned their core customer base by going woke




Harley-Davidson completely disgraced their formerly iconic patriotic brand by falling in line with noxious media/democrat party lies about Donald Trump, by parroting the false and racist narrative of systemic racism, by joining leftist calls for censorship of social media, and by standing against parents trying to protect their own children from being sexually groomed.


Harley-Davidson joined radical leftists by opposing Florida's Parental Rights Bill, which protects children from being sexually groomed in elementary school.


Harley-Davidson joined an anti-Trump campaign known as StopHateForProfit, which is led by radical left-wing groups like the Anti-Defamation League, the NAACP, Color of Change, Sleeping Giants, and the radical censorship-loving Mozilla company. StopHateForProfit was launched as a response to Donald Trump, essentially under the left's false narrative that Donald Trump and his followers are hateful, racist, violent, misinformation spreaders who must be silenced, and that the first Amendment doesn't exist.


In lock-step with StopHateForProfit, Harley-Davison paused Facebook ads in July 2020 in order “to stand in support of efforts to stop the spread of hateful content.” Harley-Davidson never identified what supposed 'hateful content' they are so outraged by. They just joined in the echo chamber of StopHateForProfit leftists calling for censorship of online speech. StopHateForProfit originally called for Facebook to "address" the so-called "prevalence" of "hate, racism, and misinformation" on their platforms. All three words are not only vague and subjective, but protected by the 1st Amendment. The left is famous for banning dissenting opinions, inconvenient facts, conservative speech, and 'bad speech' by falsely flagging it as 'hate speech' or 'misinformation'. Gab founder and free speech defender, Andrew Torba says that "the answer to bad speech, or hate speech, however you want to define that, is more speech".


Harley-Davidson completely cut ties with a West Tennessee motorcycle dealership following allegations of racists posts on social media for which the dealership owner claims he never posted, and that their account was instead hacked. Harley-Davidson applied a scorched-earth policy by completely canceling the dealership. Keep in mind that when leftists act up, either no action is taken by their left-wing superiors or they are merely suspended. Examples include LucasFilm not firing Pedro Pascal for comparing Trump supporters to Nazis, but firing Gina Carano for comparing being Republican to being a Jew in early Germany. Also, Whoopi Goldberg being merely suspended by ABC for saying that the Holocaust was "not about race". Also, Adorama not firing the employee who refused to serve conservative Brandon Straka.


Donald Trump called for the boycott of Harley-Davidson after they moved some of their production to Thailand.


TWO WOKE TEAMMATES: Harley-Davidson teamed up with Budweiser (the Queen of Beers) after Budweiser was targeted for boycott.


BELOW: This image is from Harley-Davidson's Instagram cover page as of 5/27/2023.



Further confirmation that Harley-Davidson has gone woke: Employees and PAC's failed Republicans in 2020 after having been big Republican donors in the past. Could this have been due to all of their race-over-merit 'diversity' hires?




In response to hysteria about systemic racism and the Black Lives Matter riots, Harley-Davidson voiced support on Instagram. Harley-Davidson also called for an "equitable society" (which we know as code for things like socialism, affirmative action, race quotas, race over merit, etc)...




Harley-Davidson actually has a "Diversity & Inclusion Manager"...



Tribalism: Harley-Davidson has joined with other left-wing companies by virtue signaling about how "inclusive" they are...




Harley's CEO says that the brand will be all-electric in the future (AKA the final destruction of the once iconic brand).



Harley-Davidson is not the all-American patriotic company that it once was. Harley-Davidson has gone the way of the Walt Disney Company and Coca Cola.





1. Indian - Very patriotic. Indian has no woke politics, however the parent company Polaris keeps track of employees by gender, but has no artificial discriminatory quotas that they are trying to meet. Polaris parrots global warming nonsense. The bottom line is that Polaris is nowhere near as woke as Harley Davidson.


tri 2. Kawasaki - Has a page about 'diversity' but it could be interpreted to mean 'equal opportunity employer'. You decide. Also, making 'an effort to expand the scope of these initiatives, we aim to create an LGBT-friendly work environment and, to this end, are focusing on pushing ahead with various measures and employee awareness campaigns.' Contrary to old articles, Kawasaki did not end association with "the New Apprentice" because Trump was an executive producer. A rogue employee spread this fake news, and was later fired.



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