Review of the Anti-Defamation League


A racist hate organization, and a rabidly anti-free speech, anti-conservative, mouthpiece of the DNC




"F--- them"

-- Tucker Carlson


"The ADL and anyone else who demands that Gab censor legally-protected political speech on the internet can go pound sand"

-- Andrew Torba


The Anti-Defamation League has been described by Gab founder Andrew Torba as an anti-Christ, anti-American, and anti-White hate organization. Torba says that the ADL should be registered as a foreign agent under Foreign Agents Registration Act.


Reminiscent of Nazi Germany propaganda, the ADL created their own definition of racism so that only "white people" can be racist...




ADL CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt is a never-Trumper who is clearly against free speech, and he spreads DNC lies that Trump incited violence at Capitol Hill. The ADL is deafeningly silent on people who actually incite violence, such as Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, Ayanna Pressley, Nancy Pelosi, the leaders of BLM, etc.


Greenblatt called for advertisers to pull their ads from Fox News and Tucker Carlson...




ADL CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt says the words 'caravan' and 'open borders' are 'white supremacist phrases'.


The ADL has been accused of being unable to argue with real facts, and so they resort to trying to get their political opposition fired or expelled from society. Tucker Carlson says the ADL is "operated by a guy who’s just an apparatchik of the democratic party".


The ADL asked FOX News CEO Lachlan Murdock to cancel Tucker Carlson's documentary about the January 6th protest.


The ADL put up a weak response to CNN and MSNBC figures, Ice Cube, and others comparing Trump to Hitler. The ADL called Trump a "troubling political figure", parroted media crafted hysteria about Trump regarding enforcing immigration laws, etc.


The ADL shamelessly defends ANTIFA. The ADL amazingly considers anti-ANTIFA images as "hate symbols".


The ADL considers "white lives matter" a white supremacist phrase. Translation: White lives don't matter.


SELECTIVE OUTRAGE: The ADL parrots the democrat party lie that 2020 voter fraud claims are extremist "conspiracy theories" (liberals always pervert language). Yet, the ADL is blind to claims by Hillary Clinton and Stacy Abrams that their elections were 'stolen'. In 2020 the ADL went so far as to allow Stacy Abrams to address students at the ADL's race-mongering "No Place for HateĀ® Summit". The ADL promotes books by Abrams and Clinton.




The ADL is going after the free speech social media platform, Gab. The ADL demanded that the DOJ investigate both Andrew Torba individually and Gab as a whole for “intentionally aiding or abetting individuals who carried out the January 6 attack on the nation’s Capitol.” The January 6th Capitol Riot hoax has been widely debunked, including by the FBI which found scant evidence that the Jan. 6 event at the U.S. Capitol was the result of an organized plot to overturn the presidential election.


The ADL wants Twitter to censor links to Gab (AKA censor legally-protected political speech on the Internet). Andrew Torba has said that the ADL "can go pound sand".


When Elon Musk took over Twitter, the ADL demanded that Twitter essentially adopt censorship policies under the guise of fighting hate speech. No different than saying 'freedom is slavery', as in the book 1984...




BELOW: ADL CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt had a tantrum when Trump was reinstated. So, free speech = a 'threat to American democracy'.



The ADL has donated 100% to democrats since 2008.


The ADL has downplayed the dangers of taking away gun rights.


The ADL pushes LBGTQ tribalism.



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