This company has very bad intentions



Mozilla (Firefox) is a dangerous company that says censorship and deplatforming isn't enough. Gab's founder, Andrew Torba believes that browsers are the next level of censorship. We have had big tech companies shutting down the servers of free speech platforms such as Gab, Minds and Parler. Now that Gab has built their own server, big tech may just block your browser from accessing conservative websites. They also seek to cancel advertisers who support conservatives. Payment processors have banned platforms such as Gab, who had to resort to only accepting bitcoin payments.


Mozilla's vile CEO, Winifred Mitchell Baker foments racist, vile DNC propaganda, calling Trump's "actions reprehensible" and that Trump "rampantly" uses the Internet to "foment violence and hate, and reinforce white supremacy." Mozilla is clearly intent on vandalizing our freedoms.


Mozilla partnered with none other than George Soros to combat what they call 'fake news' by creating a 'fact-checking' engine. We all know that leftists use 'fact-checks' to essentially censor conservatives, inconvenient facts, and opposing opinions, while protecting democrats. Snopes, Politifact, and others are prime examples of how the left craftily distorts the truth.


94% of Mozilla's revenue has come from royalties received from search engines that are bundled with Mozilla Firefox browser. But, search engines decide how much they are willing to pay Mozilla by looking at Firefox browser market share.


In 2020, Mozilla moved to monetize their Thunderbird local email client (program runs off of your computer instead of on the cloud). Through a new company, MZLA Technologies, Mozilla will be able to make money through partnerships and non-charitable donations.


Against Trump's "Muslim country travel ban".


Mozilla owns Pocket, an application that hand picks left-wing articles. Not surprisingly, Google and Twitter use Pocket because it spits out propaganda from outlets like The New Yorker, Vox, The Guardian, NY Times, The Atlantic, Slate, etc.


In favor of DACA.


Mozilla frets when YouTube's algorithm recommends gun right videos.


Workplace tribalism.



Mozilla has no redeeming qualities.



Stop using Mozilla Firefox (do not use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome either).




1. The Brave browser.


3. Email client alternatives to Thunderbird. Beware that Postbox is the work of Mozilla employees.



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