Shutting down schools has a silver lining

Schools remain closed or partially closed in most states despite the fact that more children died of influenza in 2018 - 2019 than have died of COVID-19.


Deaths involving COVID-19 as of January 21, 2021

39 deaths - under 1 year old

21 deaths - 1 to 4 years old

58 deaths - 5 to 14 years old

525 deaths - 15 to 24 years old


Deaths from influenza in 2018 - 2019 season

266 deaths - 0 to 4 years old

211 deaths - 5 to 17 years old


Keeping schools closed damages the economy, it further devalues the dollar, stunts learning and causes more depressed kids to kill themselves. The Democrats have decided that pleasing the powerful teacher's unions will translate to more votes and campaign money. Also keeping people dependent on stimulus checks and unemployment checks translates to more psychological control of the people. But there's one silver lining. One less year in the classroom means one less year of left-wing indoctrination by liberal teachers. That could pay off for Republicans in future elections.


Geriatric Joe's 1/14/2021 Speech: Deception of Perception

The theme of Biden's speech was that finally, finally, Democrats are "coming to rescue" you! "We cannot afford inaction" Biden declared, falsely implying that the Trump administration is doing nothing or neglecting something. Yawn... Click here for story


Google, Apple and Amazon's assault on free speech

Google and Apple launched a simultaneous attack on the social media platform Parler by banning the Parler cell phone app. Next, seemingly to be a coordinated attack, Amazon followed suit by completely kicking Parler off of their web server. As of Jan 11, 2021 Parler is offline because of Amazon! Now more than ever, freedom loving people should boycott these companies.


Twitter and Facebook shareholders brace for pain

Shares of Twitter have dropped 12.24% since Twitter permanently banned Donald Trump, who had a whopping 88 million followers. The downward fall may have begun days before the 'official' announcement of the banning of Trump. Twitter shares are down 17.15% since January 4th. And over at Facebook, they banned Trump at least until his term is over. You can read the writing on the wall: Trump is not coming back to Facebook either.


Donald Trump is considering building his own social media site. It makes perfect sense that Trump will move to some other platform where he will insist on retaining at least 51% ownership so that he can't be banned in the future. When that announcement comes, expect a mass exodus of Trump's followers.


It isn't just about Trump. Twitter and Facebook have gained bad reputations as the platforms of censorship. Yet another great advertisement for this yet to be determined platform. Investors will always have MySpace in the backs of their minds. In the months to come, this will cast a cloud over Facebook and especially Twitter. These companies are putting ideology ahead of profits. This has to be turning off investors. Some of this is baked into share prices, but once Trump makes his platform announcement, expect more stock blood bath for TWTR especially.


Blue state governors and mayors continue to destroy their economies

According to the data and numerous studies, lockdowns do not work. Yet, blue state governors continue to impose Draconian lockdowns and curfews. STORY


Gold peddlers ramp up ads

We know that Democrats like to spend, spend, spend. With Democrats owning the Whitehouse, House and Senate, what's to stop them from driving the national debt further through the roof? Hopefully Joe Manchin. Hopefully congressional leaders who are on the chopping block in two years. But, with the House moving towards Republicans gaining back control, expect the spend-happy Biden administration to tack on another 10 trillion in national debt in just year one.


The US debt to GDP ratio stands at about 127%. 20 years ago it was at 55%. The world bank estimates the "tipping point" of debt to GDP at about 77%.


Either way, anyone who suggests that we're now Germany circa 1920, and hyperinflation is just around the corner is spreading hysteria. Nobody knows. Our national debt could eventually go to 100 trillion and beyond. Trying to time the destruction of the dollar by loading up on gold now is a fools game that's been going on for years now. Never forget that gold is just one of many hedges against inflation. So are many other assets such as oil, natural gas, farmland, and to a lesser degree commercial real estate. Even stocks can be a hedge against inflation.


Is the 'UK variant' of COVID-19 really more virulent?

The so-called experts are declaring that there is a new variant of COVID-19 that is more virulent. But the experts have been wrong and flip-flopped so many times that we should never take what they say as fact. Common sense says that this could be a case of Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy. We know that viruses have seasonal peaks. Don't be surprised if at some point in time after the virus has died down, they say "Sorry. We misinterpreted a seasonal spike in cases as the virus being more virulent."


It's RINO season again!

It feels like it's 2016, pre-Republican primary, when 'outsider' Donald Trump invaded the Republican fraternity. Story