Geriatric Joe's 1/14/2021 Speech: Deception of Perception

The theme of Biden's speech was that finally, finally, Democrats are "coming to rescue" you! "We cannot afford inaction" Biden declared, falsely implying that the Trump administration is doing nothing or neglecting something. Yawn...


Let's review: Democrat governors and mayors suppressed their local economies as well as the overall US economy through Draconian lockdowns. Now, surprise, surprise, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) is suddenly calling for bars and restaurants to reopen, and New York governor Andrew Cuomo (D) is suddenly against the lockdowns. It's only five days after Biden took office and California governor Gavin Newsom has suddenly decided to reopen outdoor dining when there are 4,395 ICU patients and 17,037 non-ICU patients. When Newsom first shut down outdoor dining, there were only 1,086 ICU patients and 3,032 non-ICU patients. And suddenly Biden has unearthed a way to reopen schools -- but of course, in order to make that happen, he just needs money for the schools, AKA money for the teacher's union, which is always beholden to the Democrats.


These sudden shifts in policy have nothing to do with science and everything to do with DNC politics.


They're setting the stage. Inevitably more and more people will get vaccinated, and inevitably the virus will play itself out because virus spikes always burn themselves out after about 70 days. We are also approaching herd immunity even without the vaccine. According to the CDC, as many as 8 times as many Americans have been infected than has been reported. Therefore 206,826 million Americans have already been infected by COVID-19 -- That's 25.853 million cases times 8. Everyone knows that the pandemic is coming to an end soon and inevitably the economy will come bouncing back.


But the Democrats think that you are stupid -- That you won't notice why things got better. You'll think that getting rid of Trump and the Republican led Senate paved the way for the Biden administration to 'take action'.


Biden also implied that vaccine roll out problems have been a Federal problem. It has not been a Federal government problem. The vaccines have already been distributed. It has been a failure of some state and local governments to administer the vaccine. A prime example of failure is California, where 2.8 million doses of vaccine have been distributed to the state, but as of 1/14/2021, California has only administered less than one-third of those doses. By contrast, West Virginia has already administered nearly 70% of the vaccine doses it has received.


Destroying the economy and jobs also creates a pretext for Democrats to implement some of their other projects -- Higher minimum wage, dump money into green energy, bail out broke states like California, create more dependence on government, etc.


Biden also laughably called for unity among parties... as Democrats are once again trying to impeach Trump for political reasons! 'Unity' to democrats really means 'give us what we want'.


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