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Democrat party echo chamber and Silicon Valley silencers





We have a fundamental human right to discuss political, medical, and social issues in our society. Twitter doesn't believe in free speech. Twitter's egregious censorship violates the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.


In a vile attack on free speech, Twitter banned President Trump's account. Prior to this, Trump was censored by Twitter no less than 625 times. Twiter is a clear and present threat to free speech. Twitter also has a long history of closing conservative's accounts (Mike Lindell, Laura Loomer, etc), censoring conservative speech, and shadow banning.


According to, there are three types of shadowbanning on Twitter:


Without flat out banning, we believe Twitter may also simply bury your tweets or bury your profile in searches.


Twitter is run by unapologetic anti-Trump propagandist(s).


Twitter opposed Georgia's and other state's much needed voting reform bills to eleiminate fraud.


Twitter employees and PAC's are huge Democrat donors. In 2020, donations to Democrats out numbered donations to Republicans by $920,870 to $16,740.


Twitter protects the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter.


CEO Jack Dorsey donated 25 million to illegal immigrants and inmates.


Twitter is against North Carolina's bathroom bill.


Twitter is an echo chamber of Democrats -- Not a cross section of America. According to the Pew Research Center, 69% of Twitters most active users are Democrats. Only 10% of Twitter users generate 92% of US tweets. The 10% most active Democrats tweeted 157 times per month, verus just 79 times for the 10% most active Republicans.


Twitter protects the Chinese Communist Party from criticism.


Twitter bans right wing groups, but allows violent leftist groups such as ANTIFA and BLM on their platform.


Twitter allows the Taliban to use its platform.


Twitter allows ANTIFA to use its platform to organize violent encounters (code word "smash")...




Twitter banned the user who posted a video about her Wi Spa exposure experience.


Twitter suspended users for supporting Kyle Rittenhouse.


Twitter suspends accounts that cover the Arizona election audits.


Twitter is headquartered in the Marxist city of San Francisco.


Twitter requires employees to get vaccinated.



Twitter has no redeeming qualities.



Do NOT use Twitter or Periscope.




1. Use, a Twitter-style social media platform launched by Team Trump on July 4, 2021.


2. Use Gab, a Facebook-style social media platform. 1,784 Alexa ranking as of 4/17/2021. CEO, Andrew Torba is committed to free speech! Gab is the ONLY free speech platform. They are able to keep it this way because they built their own cloud servers, and therefore are not restrained by Big Tech web infrastructure companies, which ALL censor to one degree or another.


3. Use Minds only as a backup plan. 4,832 Alexa ranking as of 4/17/2021. We recommend Gab instead. Minds is hosted by Cloudfare, which banned 8chan. The Minds App is also approved by Apple's App store, which tells you that censorship is alive and well. Furthermore, there's too many social media platforms. This fractures Gab's share.


4. Use CloutHub as a backup plan. Clouthub is committed to free speech. Right now Clouthub is just not gaining that much traction. 46,589 Alexa ranking as of 7/4/2021.



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