KIND Snacks


As left-wing as a company can get!



KIND Snacks is a perfect example of how liberals use language to distort reality. The entire company exists apparently to build a "kinder world". Who could possibly be against kindness??? Anyone who discovers that the CEO's idea of "kindness" is essentially hatred of Donald Trump, pushing critical race theory and other toxic left-wing politics.


The company's "Impact Report" is chock full of race-mongering, pride tribalism, talk about D.I.E. (diversity, inclusion, and equity), and giving 100K specifically to "historically black colleges".


Kind Snack's hypersensitive founder, Daniel Lubetsky is a rabid never-Trumper who laughably self-describes himself as a "moderate" -- yet another example of using language to distort reality. His words and actions show him to be nothing less than a hardcore leftist in need of a quiet safe space. Lubetsky is about as "moderate" as Jennifer Rubin is "conservative".


Lubetsky wrote a letter to his staff, fretting over how he would explain the results of the 2016 election to his children, calling Trump's win "a painful journey of division, vitriol and alienation for our country." Like Martha Raddatz, Daniel Lubetsky evidently cried himself to sleep after Trump won.


In an Op Ed for none other than CNN, Lubetsky spoke of Trump's presidency as "my worst fears confirmed", and "Trump's polarizing behavior and disregard for constitutional norms", and of course Lubetsky urged readers to vote for Joe Biden.


Not surprisingly, Lubetsky's only documented political donation was to a democrat, Susan Wild.


And not surprisingly, Lubetsky is a member of the far-left-wing Anti-Defamation League’s "Inaugural Board of Directors."


And of course, the CEO is pro-illegal immigration.


New York City-based (86.7% of Manhattan voted for Biden).



KIND Snacks has no redeeming qualities.



This is the last company on earth that you would ever want to patronize. If you live in a Republican-dominated area and you see KIND Snacks on grocery store shelves, tell them to remove KIND products immediately.


Do not buy Wonderful pistachios either!




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