Bed Bath & Beyond


Boycott these cancel-culture, race-mongering Democrats






Democrat cancel culture: Bed, Bath and Beyond removed Ivanka Trump's products from their website, then laughably claimed that politics does not effect merchandising decisions. Then, a few years later, surprise surprise, BB&B stopped selling My Pillow products because CEO Mike Lindell merely questioned the integrity of the 2020 election (an act of free speech and fact gathering).


BELOW: BB&B complied with the demands of democrat party activists....



In Minneapolis, BB&B was reportedly handing out black lives matter signs, thus inherently promoting Marxism, abolition of the police, violence, lawlessness, etc. To our knowledge, BB&B has never denounced the black lives matter group.


Donated 1 million dollars to the NAACP in response to the George Floyd riots/insurrection.


Pushing ESG, discriminatory 'diversity' hiring based on race, gender, LBGTQ+.


Partners with


Left-wing AARP pledge signers.


81% of employee / PAC 2020 donations went to Democrats.



Net sales down 33%. BB&B is expected to close 150 of their stores. “Lack of inventory” cost them $100 million in the 3rd quarter of 2021. In January of 2023 BB&B said that they are running out of money. BB&B finally went bankruptcy protection on 4/24/2023.



Do not shop at Bed Bath & Beyond. Do not shop at Bath & Body Works either (also on our boycott list).




1. Instead shop at


2. All-Star Health sells bath & body products.


3. My Pillow


4. Ashley Home Store (also kitchen, bath, baby, lighting, etc)




6. Let us know of any other comparable good or apolitical online alternatives to BB&B.



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