Bed Bath & Beyond


Boycott these cancel-culture, race-mongering Democrats






Democrat cancel culture: Bed, Bath and Beyond removed Ivanka Trump's products from their website, then laughably claimed that politics does not effect merchandising decisions. Then, a few years later, surprise surprise, BB&B stopped selling My Pillow products because CEO Mike Lindell merely questioned the integrity of the 2020 election (an act of free speech and fact gathering).


BELOW: BB&B complied with the demands of democrat party activists....



In Minneapolis, BB&B was reportedly handing out black lives matter signs, thus inherently promoting Marxism, abolition of the police, violence, lawlessness, etc. To our knowledge, BB&B has never denounced the black lives matter group.


Donated 1 million dollars to the NAACP in response to the George Floyd riots/insurrection.


Pushing ESG, discriminatory 'diversity' hiring based on race, gender, LBGTQ+.


Partners with


Left-wing AARP pledge signers.


81% of employee / PAC 2020 donations went to Democrats.



Net sales down 33%. BB&B is expected to close 150 of their stores. “Lack of inventory” cost them $100 million in the 3rd quarter of 2021. In January of 2023 BB&B said that they are running out of money and could go bankrupt.



Do not shop at Bed Bath & Beyond. Do not shop at Bath & Body Works either (also on our boycott list).




1. Instead shop at


2. My Pillow


3. Ashley Home Store (also kitchen, bath, baby, lighting, etc)




5. Home Depot would be our last choice (Also sells Kitchenware, Bedding & Bath)


6. Let us know of any other comparable good or apolitical online alternatives to BB&B.



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