Bath & Body Works


Boycott these race hustlers



Parent company L Brands CEO, Andrew Meslow joined other leftists in signing a joint statement put forth by the left-wing CivicAlliance, essentially in opposition of Republican efforts to stop Democrat voter fraud in states like Georgia.


L Brands individuals and PAC's donated 62% to Democrats in 2020. L Brands appears to have turned into never-Trumpers in 2020, as is evident by the fact that Republican donations fell off a cliff. You can blame companies like L Brands for why Democrats won the house, senate and Whitehouse in 2020.


Bath & Body Works is obsessed with the false and racist narrative of systemic racism. This highly woke left-wing company is so woke that their "fight for social justice" takes center stage on the front page of their website.




Following the Derek Chauvin verdict, B&BW parroted the left's narrative that there is always 'more work to be done'. TRANSLATION: Democrats always need there to be a race problem in order to continue to divide and conquer. Perhaps B&BW will denounce Tim Scott's message that America is not a racist country.



B&BW is also pushing their systemic racism politics through mass unsolicited emails to customers who never asked to be given a lecture on systemic racism. For example, if you signed up for coupons, you were greeted by an unsolicited social justice message. Why is a bath and body products store lecturing their customers on race politics?




Bath & Body Works has no redeeming qualities.



Do not shop at Bath & Body Works. Do not shop at Bed Bath & Beyond either (also on our boycott list).




1. Instead shop at


2. CVS




4. Ashley Home Store


5. Walgreens, although this would be our last choice.


6. Let us know of any other comparable good or apolitical online alternatives to B&BW.



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