Bath & Body Works


Boycott these race hustlers



Parent company L Brands CEO, Andrew Meslow joined other leftists in signing a joint statement put forth by the left-wing CivicAlliance, essentially in opposition of Republican efforts to stop Democrat voter fraud in states like Georgia.


L Brands individuals and PAC's donated 62% to Democrats in 2020. L Brands appears to have turned into never-Trumpers in 2020, as is evident by the fact that Republican donations fell off a cliff. You can blame companies like L Brands for why Democrats won the house, senate and Whitehouse in 2020.


Bath & Body Works is obsessed with the false and racist narrative of systemic racism. This highly woke left-wing company is so woke that their "fight for social justice" takes center stage on the front page of their website.




Bath & Body Works donated to the hyper-partisan, race-mongering, National Urban League. “We’re proud to strengthen our partnership with these organizations to best leverage our donation in support of the fight against racism.” -- Bath and Body Works CEO Andrew Meslow


Following the Derek Chauvin verdict, B&BW parroted the left's narrative that there is always 'more work to be done'. TRANSLATION: Democrats always need there to be a race problem in order to continue to divide and conquer. Perhaps B&BW will denounce Tim Scott's message that America is not a racist country.



B&BW is also pushing their systemic racism politics through mass unsolicited emails to customers who never asked to be given a lecture on systemic racism. For example, if you signed up for coupons, you were greeted by an unsolicited social justice message. Why is a bath and body products store lecturing their customers on race politics?




Bath & Body Works has no redeeming qualities.



Do not shop at Bath & Body Works. Do not shop at Bed Bath & Beyond either (also on our boycott list).




1. Instead shop at


2. All-Star Health sells bath & body products.




4. Ashley Home Store


5. Let us know of any other comparable good or apolitical online alternatives to B&BW.



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