Women's History Month: Just another conduit for promoting

leftists and their left-wing agendas


3-8-2021 -- If you haven't noticed by now, Women's History Month is nothing more than another mouthpiece of the left. Once upon a time, women fought for the right to vote, for better work conditions, equal pay, etc. But this isn't 1920 anymore. Nowadays, women can do just about whatever they want to do. With nothing much to complain about, the movement has devolved into a conduit for pushing left-wing agendas.


A prime example is a promo being run by the left-wing National Geographic Channel.


They honored anti-gun activist Emma González, but not gun rights activist Dana Loesch.


They honered promoter of anthropogenic global warming, Greta Thunberg, but not Candace Owens for challenging anthropogenic climate change, and for being black and conservative.


They honored Amanda Gorman for promoting the lie of systemic racism, but once again, not Candace Owens.


Why couldn't they honor Laura Loomer and Marjorie Taylor Green for fighting against Big Tech censorship?


You get the point. Women who are on the wrong side of the political aisle are not heroes.