Will Trump run in 2024?

It doesn't matter


1-29-2021 (updated 4/13/2021) -- At 78, will Trump be to old? Will he decide to enjoy his time on the gold course? Will the senate convict? Count the latter out because Republicans know not to commit party and career suicide. Either way, it doesn't matter. As Democrats, RINO's and the media cheer on impeachment, what they don't seem to understand is that Donald Trump's agenda will not vanish even if they could prevent him from running again. Donald Trump has forever changed the Republican party. The cat is out of the bag. Republican voters will demand real border protection (not lip service), pro-fracking, pro-oil, pro-business, anti-censorship, anti-global warming hysteria, nationalism, anti-identity politics, etc. Future candidates other than Trump will probably be more careful with their words, but not too careful. Any wishy washy stance on these issues will turn off voters, and simply draw favor to that candidate who takes a decisive stand. Republican voters will not accept another George Bush type, giving lip service. And certainly people like Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney and Lisa Murkowski have absolutely zero chance of winning any Republican voter support.


Trump has created a clear and obvious formula to win over Republican voters. Despite 5 years of media smears and attacks on Trump, Republican voters have never wavered in their support of him. That speaks loudly and clearly to any future candidate.


Trump originally ran because he didn't like the direction of the country, including the direction of the Republican party. It was obvious during the primaries that the Republican party didn't like Trump either. But Trump's victory and ongoing polling has proven that Republican voters want Trump's direction. The Republican party has been forever altered. Future Republican candidates know that George Bush politics will not cut it. The path to victory is to embrace Trump's policies. Therefore, Trump doesn't even need to run in 2024. He can let a young gun like Ron DeSantis run, campaign for DeSantis, while focusing on things like launching a social media platform.


Besides Trump, who else is on the 2024 presidential short-list? Yes, Florida governor Ron DeSantis is the frontrunner. That's why propaganda networks like CBS are already attacking DeSantis with lies. Those who objected to the 2020 election results have already instantly stamped their way onto that list. Those include Rick Scott, Josh Hawley, Matt Gaetz and Ted Cruz. And lastly, the wild card -- Don Junior could send the swamp into a tailspin!


Some cite Nikki Haley as a 2024 hopeful simply because she served in Trump's cabinet, however Nikki has been at odds with Trump a few too many times. She once demanded that Trump release his tax returns. She attacked Trump over a Jake Tapper CNN interview. She walks and talks like a RINO when it comes to the wall and illegal immigration. And Nikki did not fall in line with supporting Trump's Muslim country immigration ban. When the alt-left Washington Post speaks glowingly of Nikki, that's when you know that she's not the right candidate.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott? He denounced the free speech social media platform Gab. Strike 1, 2 and 3.


UPDATE 2/12/2021: Nikki Haley has slammed the door on her ever being a Republican presidential contender. Her words on Trump... "We need to acknowledge he let us down. He went down a path he shouldn't have. And we shouldn't have followed him. And we shouldn't have listened to him. We can't let that ever happen again." Nikki also said "When I tell you I’m angry, it’s an understatement" and she said she was "disgusted" by Trump. Well, we are disgusted by Nikki Haley (RINO). It's no surprise that Trump refused to have a meeting with Nikki at Mir-a-Lago. And when the rabidly left-wing Newsweek ridiculously calls Nikki the Republican 'frontrunner' for 2024, that's when you know she's the wrong candidate and has zero chance.



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