Vaccine 'Equity' - 'People of color' unknowingly

being prioritized as guinea pigs


In Los Angeles, one of the reasons they have literally had to dump out vaccines and are falling behind on administering the COVID-19 vaccines is because 'people of color' have been prioritized to the front of the line because they have been dying of COVID-19 at 3 times the rate as white people, and therefore the virus is racist. They gave this prioritization policy a happy name: 'Equity'. But those people of color being rushed to the front of the line are essentially volunteering as guinea pigs to test out these rushed vaccines, which have never gone through extensive long-term safety testing. It normally takes about 5 years to figure out if a vaccine is safe. Both the Pfizer and Maderna vaccines use brand new MRNA technology. These are experimental vaccines that were authorized by the FDA for emergency use based on just two months of clinical trial data. There are unknown risks regarding auto immune diseases, pathogen priming / antibody dependent enhancement, risk of infertility for women of child bearing age, and according to immunologist J. Bart Classen, possibly even neurological disorders (from the mRNA vaccines) that may take years to come to light.


1,265 Americans have been reported to have died following COVID vaccinations from 12/15/2020 to 2/26/2021. Notice how the mainstream media has buried these stories because Democrats now control the Whitehouse, Senate and House. Suddenly they actually care about the economy because it now reflects on them. And, for what it's worth, the real reason that 'people of color' are dying at 3 times the rate of white people in Los Angeles, is not because of the pigmentation of their skin, but rather because of the fact that more 'people of color' tend to live in crowded living environments (example: 12 people per household).


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