As COVID cases and deaths

plummet, the CDC, USA Today

and Yahoo spread falsities in

order to keep up the fear







3-1-2021 -- It is intellectually dishonest to be overly concerned with a few minor and random blips in COVID-19 cases when we are currently fast approaching herd immunity, and the most vulnerable elderly population has already largely been vaccinated. Children and young adults, for the most part, don't need to be vaccinated at all. Yet if the media, the government technocrats and tyrannical politicians have their way, we'll remain locked down to one degree or another well into 2022. It has been one excuse after another for why we need to be remained locked down indefinitely.


Excuse #1: The new virus strains might be more deadly (they aren't) and the vaccines might not work against them (they do work).


Excuse #2: We can't open the economy until 75% of Americans are vaccinated (This would take 8 months. Additionally, 75% is likely unattainable because some 39% of Americans do NOT want to get vaccinated. And again, the most vulnerable elderly who wanted to get vaccinated are already vaccinated, and children and young adults are not at any great risk).


Excuse #3: Get ready for... Other countries are lagging behind the USA in vaccinations, therefore we cannot reopen the economy until 75% of the rest of the world gets vaccinated (this could take years if it's even possible at all).


Now that the curve has about flattened, the CDC's new angle is that we don't want to "lose the hard-earned ground we have gained". First of all, they are falsely implying that lockdowns and masks have an effect on the virus -- they don't. Furthermore, what ever happened to keeping the hospitals from spilling over? We are out of the woods as far as that goes. And what ever happened to just flattening the curve? We are just about there now. They moved the goal posts again!


Today, the left-wing outlet USA Today took it a step further by claiming that "29 states see virus cases rise". Yahoo reposted the story. A quick check of shows this to be untrue.


But, let's first look at all states overall. This is the most important metric. It looks like a normal curve that is flattening. This chart is what the road to herd immunity looks like. If the last 7 days had more cases than the previous 7 days, it was statistically insignificant because the curve has always been bumpy in nature. Furthermore, as the curve gets flatter and flatter, somewhere along the way, it doesn't take much for the curve to move higher than the previous week.



We examined all 50 states for these supposed 29 states that are experiencing a week over week rise in cases. If we include the District of Columbia (not a state), we only found 15 states (or only 30% of states) that appear to have slight increases week over week. And so, here they are. These are the cherry picked 'case rises' that the CDC, USA Today and Yahoo are "deeply concerned" about...


















It doesn't take a degree in statistics to understand that there is no trend here. Again, if you look at past performance, you quickly see that these curves are normally spiky. It's also not unusual if 15 out of 50 states don't follow the mean average perfectly. There might even be an outlier or two in this random universe of COVID-19, althought even Texas' little spike in cases this week probably doesn't even qualify. The big trend, however, is a downward one. We won't bore you with all of the other 35 states, but perhaps California and Illinois typify what you'll find...





In conclusion, don't be worried about a resurgence. This is all part of the fear campaign to scare people into remaining locked down and getting vaccinated.


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