Media OK with China ripping off American companies


Let's review:

China has been stealing American trade secrets and other intellectual property related to industries such as automotive, aviation, aerospace, chemicals, electronic trading, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, and software. The loses are in the hundreds of billions of dollars per year from such theft.


Under previous administrations the mindset had been to basically allow it -- Don't rock the boat.


Trump set out to change that. If you're an American then Trump is the good guy fighting to stop the theft. China are the bad guys. But you wouldn't know it by the way the left wing media is reporting on this trade war. The democrats and their media lap dogs have turned Trump into the bad guy at the expense of those companies whose intellectual property is being stolen.


Here are some of their shameless narratives:


NARRATIVE: Trump isn't the master negotiator he advertised himself as.

REALITY: Trump wrote the book on negotiation. China is playing a waiting game, hoping that he will make concessions leading up to the 2020 election or that Trump will lose and China will get democrats to make even bigger concessions.


NARRATIVE: Trump's hardball negotiation style has fouled up relations with China.

REALITY: Playing softball has not worked. There is only one way to stop it. Hit China where it hurts... In the wallet.


NARRATIVE: The stock market and your 401K's are slumping because of 'Trump's trade war'.

REALITY: If you support America and you're against brazen theft, then you support putting a stop to it even if it means some sacrifice.


NARRATIVE: Rust Belt suffering! Blame Trump for China slapping tariffs on rust belt goods.

REALITY: People in the rust belt states should be offended by China declaring war on them. China is the enemy. Not Trump.


NARRATIVE: Trump has fouled everything up by getting us into this trade war.

REALITY: Previous administrations (under both democrat and republican presidents) did nothing, accepting theft as normal. Playing softball with China did not work. Trump is actually trying to address the issue by playing hardball.


NARRATIVE: Tariffs don't work.

REALITY: How else are you going to address theft by a country that refuses to stop their ways? Playing softball under previous administrations hasn't worked. Tariffs will hurt China more than the US. The US economy is robust right now. China's economy is more fragile. Now is the perfect time to put China in a bind.