San Francisco Travel Alert!


We are advising the public (tourists especially) to avoid traveling to San Francisco.


HEALTH HAZARDS: About 10,000 homeless people live on the streets of San Francisco, most of whom are drug addicts and/or mentally ill. San Francisco streets and sidewalks are so littered with human poop and used hypodermic needles, that a map has been created.


Even restaurants may be unsanitary. Here's an everyday incident in which a homeless man brought a dead raccoon into a restaurant.


RAMPANT THEFT: In California, criminals are allowed to steal up to $950 in merchandise and only be charged with a misdemeanor. In San Francisco the problem is amplified by district attorney Chesa Boudin, who is essentially on the side of criminals. Thieves are typically released from jail without having to post any bail money. There are no consequences. As a result, car break-ins were 75% higher in May 2021 compared to 2019 (before the pandemic).


SMASH & GRAB CAPITOL OF THE WORLD: According to police records, the city of San Francisco has about 74 car break-ins per day. Police only make arrests in about 2% of cases. Walgreens says that shoplifting is five times higher than before the pandemic. If you try to stop a criminal from robbing you, it is very possible that you will be prosecuted for fighting back, or you may get shot by the criminal.


LAWLESSNESS IS NORMALIZED: Some restaurants refuse to serve police officers, creating an even more dangerous environment. Criminals are treated like royalty; Police are treated like the 'bad guys'.


Furthermore, the city of San Francisco is a Marxist organization.


For your safety, we advise everyone, especially tourists to avoid San Francisco.