San Francisco Travel Alert!


'No one is safe'


"The city of San Francisco is an example of how you can get to being a rat hole over 10 years. It is an absolute war-zone. " -- Kevin O'Leary


"You can't even walk around down there" -- Charles Barkely


"No one is safe, everyone’s angry, and you see all sorts of terrible stuff happening right there in broad daylight in the middle of the street."

-- Ana Kasparian, radical left-wing podcaster


HEALTH HAZARDS: About 10,000 homeless people live on the streets of San Francisco, most of whom are drug addicts and/or mentally ill. Some may attack you for no reason. San Francisco streets and sidewalks are so littered with human poop and used hypodermic needles, that a map has been created.


Even restaurants may be unsanitary. Here's an everyday incident in which a homeless man brought a dead raccoon into a restaurant.


RAMPANT THEFT/CRIMINAL'S PARADISE: In California, criminals are allowed to steal up to $950 in merchandise and only be charged with a misdemeanor (no consequences). In San Francisco, the problem has been amplified by the city's history of being run by far-left-wing district attorneys and mayors, who are essentially on the side of criminals. Thieves are typically released from jail without having to post any bail money. There are no consequences. As a result, car break-ins were 75% higher in May 2021 compared to 2019 (before the pandemic). There were 30,000 car break-ins in 2017. Car break-ins are regular occurrences. A WSJ reporter got robbed within 3 hours of arriving in town.


VIOLENCE IN MALLS: Gangs freely attack people in malls without impunity.


VIOLENCE IN THE STREETS: Cash App founder Bob Lee was stabbed to death. Former San Francisco Fire Commissioner Don Carmignani was brutally attacked by a transient with a metal crowbar just steps away from his family’s front door.


VIOLENCE IN THE STREETS: Gangs smash and set car on fire as bystanders cheer them on.


SMASH & GRAB CAPITOL OF THE WORLD: According to police records, the city of San Francisco has about 74 car break-ins per day. How many more are never reported? Police only make arrests in about 2% of cases. Walgreens says that shoplifting is five times higher than before the pandemic. If you try to stop a criminal from robbing you, it is very possible that you will be prosecuted for fighting back, or you may get shot by the criminal. San Francisco prosecutes good, law-abiding people who defend themselves against criminals!


To fight rampant crime, stores have to make customers wait outside before being escorted by an employee.


BELOW: People leave their trunks open so that theives will not smash them open.



LAWLESSNESS IS NORMALIZED: Some restaurants refuse to serve police officers, creating an even more dangerous environment. Criminals are treated like royalty; Police are treated like the 'bad guys'.


BELOW: Smash & Grab robberies happen in broad daylight:



NBA legend, Charles Barkley says San Francisco is getting so bad that you have to wear a bulletproof vest to protect yourself from all the “homeless crooks.”


THE CITY IS BROKE: Fleeing residents (due to crime and homelessness) and Marxist democrat COVID lockdowns have caused property taxes and public transit ridership to slump. The city has a 728 million dollar budget deficit over the next two years. [1]


BUSINESSES CLOSING DUE TO SHOPLIFTING, HOMELESS: Nordstrom closed both of its SF locations due to 'difficult conditions' (weasel words for rampant crime, homeless). Saks Off Fifth also closed. Target was forced to close all six of its stores in San Francisco, due to rampant shoplifting. Walgreens has had to close down 17 stores in San Francisco, due to out-of-control shoplifting. After just one year, Whole Foods Market closed its San Francisco flagship store, because it was too dangerous for workers. Hilton Hotels is leaving San Francisco because because the city's 'path to recovery remains clouded'. AT&T had to close their flagship store.


Stores that remain open must keep their merchandise all locked up.




TAX REVENUE DRYING UP: The top revenue generating neighborhood, the Financial District/South Beach area, saw a 30% drop in revenue in 2022. The wealthy Tenderloin district experienced a 53% decline in revenue. Get woke, go broke.


NATIONAL GUARD CALLED IN AS A PUBLICITY STUNT: The National Guard was temporarily called in, not to fight crime, but to give the appearance of fighting fentanyl street drug dealers. Make no mistake, San Francisco is still a violent third-world city.


SAN FRANCISCO'S GHETTO MAYOR has no clue how to run a city, but she can dance and she checks the 'diversity' box.




SAN FRANCISCO is worse than any third world country.


THINGS WILL NOT GET BETTER: San Francisco's light-on-crime, do-nothing-about-homeless policies will never change. The vast majority of people who live in San Francisco (the voters) are far-left-wingers. They actually support San Francisco's do-nothing policies. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Only 12% voted for Trump.


LOSING CONTROL: San Francisco appointed a non-citizen (Chinese) to its election board.


The city of San Francisco is a Marxist organization.


SUPPRESSING THE TRUTH: Don't believe the gaslighting. As part of their Marxist agenda, Google promotes sites that claim that San Francisco has gotten a bad rap and it's actually safe. A Google search for "Is San Francisco safe?" produces nonsensical propaganda from a San Francisco tourism site, and left-wing articles from Forbes, Quora, etc.


Surrounding cities are not safe either! Oakland is a crime infested war zone. Restaurants get robbed regularly. Restaurants in Oakland are closing due to rampant crime. Due to the dangerous streets, Kaiser Permanente told its employees not to leave the building during lunch break.




For your safety, we advise everyone, especially tourists, to avoid San Francisco and surrounding areas.