Woke Restaurants


(Support mom & pop restaurants, In-N-Out Burger)

fist tribal bord amer alert-1 worst Starbucks - (see our detailed review of Starbucks) - Rabid Trump haters, SJW's, huge Dem donors, enemies of free speech.

fist tribal amer alert-1 worst &Pizza - Highly woke company! Tribalism, race mongers. Offered to pay employees who want to protest over armed robber George Floyd. Supports the democrats' radical “For the People Act". Joined the anti-Trump group StopHateForProfit. Headquartered in the far-left-wing city of Washington DC. Boycott this woke democrat company! Support your local mom & pop pizzeria instead.

fist tribal alert-1 worst McDonald's - Punishes executives who hire too many whites or too many men. Withdrew from the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council under liberal pressure. Supports the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter. Donated $1 million to the NAACP and the National Urban League. In a commercial, McDonald's listed the cop-assaulting Michael Brown as someone they stand in solidarity with. McDonald's labeled four cops as "bad apples" before they have even been put on trial. Tribalism. Turned its arches at its Lynwood location upside down to honor women. KARMA: ANTIFA likes to destroy McDonald's. BLM ransacked and looted their Leimert Park, Los Angeles location.

fist tribal amer worst Chipotle - Enemies of free speech. In a vile attack on free speech, Chipotle stopped advertising on Elon Musk's twitter. Had a pride float in SF's pride parade. Gave $1,000,000 to "fight systemic racism", including $500,000 to the National Urban League. Donated 2.7x more to dems.

Enemies of free speech. In a vile attack on free speech, Chipotle stopped advertising on Elon Musk's twitter.

fist alert-1 worst Sonic Drive-In - Owned by Inspire Bands (also woke) - (see our detailed review of Sonic) - This company is a slap in the face to the people of Oklahoma. Huge Dem donors.

fist tribal amer Burger King (owned by Restaurant Brands International, which also owns Tim Hortons, Popeyes, and Firehouse Subs) - Threat to free speech! BK stopped advertising on Rumble for not silencing conservative, Russell Brand. Pushing global warming nonsense, race-mongers, has worked towards "improving diversity" (AKA race quotas). 'Proud Whopper' for pride month. Called police on customers without vaccine papers. Restautant Brands donated 82% to democrats in 2022.

tribal amer bord Papa John's Pizza - Pulled advertising from Tucker Carlson for supporting merit-based immigration. Fired its CEO for criticizing the NFL. Tribalism. Us your local mom & pop place instead.

fist tribal Pizza Hut (owned by Yum! Brands) - Why is a Pizza restaurant pushing critical race theory on teachers!? Pushing D.I.E., anti-white race-based hiring, women's tribalism. Once loyal Republican donors, Yum Brands employees and PAC's are on the verge of becoming a majority Democrat donating company, and an insult to the people of Louisville, KY where they are headquartered. Support your local mom & pop pizzeria instead.

alert-1 Little Caesars Pizza (owned by Ilitch Holdings) - Shamelessly opposed Republican-backed legislation to repair Michigan's broken voting system. Support your local mom & pop pizzeria instead.

fist amer bord Red Lobster (owned by Golden Gate Capital, which is headquartered in the Marxist city of San Francisco) - Pulled ads from Tucker Carlson for supporting merit based immigration, yet hypocritically continues to advertise on MSNBC despite homophobic and transphobic tweets by Joy Reid and on-air homophobic statements by Mika Brzezinski.

alert-1 Arby’s, T.J. Cinnamon’s - 96% of parent company donations go to democrats.

amer bord IHOP - Paused advertising from Tucker Carlson for supporting merit-based immigration, before returning. Also pulled ads in 2019.

fist tribal alert-1 SweetGreen - Joined other leftists in opposition of much needed voting integrity bills. Tribalism. Supports the violent Marxist group BLM.

fist tribal Wendy's - Donated $500,000 for what they call "to support social justice", thus reinforcing the systemic lie of systemic racism in America. Tribalism.

fist tribal Subway - Hired obnoxious, race-mongering, America-hating, identity politics pushing, Megan Rapinoe for their commercials. LBGTQ tribalism.

fist tribal Carl's Jr - Race-mongering, Pride tribalism.

fist tribal alert-1 Yum! Brands - (owns KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, The Habit Burger Grill, and WingStreet worldwide) - Committed to OneTen, AKA hire based on race over merit. Diversity, tribalism. Partners with the left-wing Rock The Vote. 'Support the Current Thing' hypocrites still open for business in Russia [1, 2].

fist tribal newsg Denny's - Joined StopHateForProfit.

fist newsg Chic-Fil-A - Donated to the despicable, far-left Southern Poverty Law Center. Donated 6.2 million to BLM related causes. CEO says that we should shine black people's shoes. For fast food, support local restaurants or In-N-Out Burger. UPDATE: We love the circular firing squad! Georgia leftists are now boycotting Chic-Fil-A for not fulfilling their latest ransom demand that Chic-Fil-A speak out against Georgia's voter ID law. Proof that leftists are never ever satisfied.

fist Panera - Called the police on a customer who was not vaccinated. Supports D.I.E. (diversity, inclusion, equity) AKA socialism, hiring based on race over merit. Supports the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis. The national Urban League wants to "re-envision public safety” and “change divisive policing policies,” which are usually watered down code words for defunding the police, bailing out criminals, and shortening their sentences.

fist tribal Dominoes - Went woke in 2020. Pride tribalism, wants workplace diveristy, race-mongering, race-based donations. Support mom & pop pizza.

fist tribal Cracker Barrel - Has a racial, LBGTQ, and gender diversity and inclusion "strategy" (code words for discrimination over merit) for their employee hires, and vendors and suppliers they do business with. Cancelling history: Wants to remove a bust from the Tennessee state capitol. Supports the NAACP and the Urban League. UPDATE: Cracker Barrel had to shut down one of their restaurants in Portland due to lots of theft and security issues.

fist tribal Inspire Brands - Company is pushing pride tribalism, race-mongering.

fist tribal Jimmy Johns - Owned by Inspire Brands, a woke company.

fist tribal Buffalo Wild Wings - Owned by Inspire Brands, a woke company.

fist tribal newsg Dunkin Donuts - Owned by Inspire Brands, a woke company. Joined the anti-Trump group Stop Hate For Profit.

fist tribal Baskin Robbins - Owned by Inspire Brands, a woke company.

fist tribal Chili's (owned by Brinker International) - LGBTQ tribalism. Pushing D.I.E. Committed to 'racial justice'. Brinker keeps track of employees by race and is 'proud' to report that diversity among operations leaders increased from 35% to 35% in 2022 (AKA less white leaders).

fist tribal Shake Shack (owned by Leonard Green & Partners) - Lots of pride tribalism! Race-mongering about 'systemic racism", #blackouttuesday, pushing people to vote.

fist tribal White Castle - Has a 'D.I.E. Committee'. 'Diversity' extends to suppliers too. Keeps track of employees by race. Pride tribalism. CO2 cllimate nonsense.


Small Restaurants


alert-1 Red Hen Restaurant, Lexington, VA - Bigoted co-owner Stephanie Wilkinson refused to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Even other bigoted employees felt "uncomfortable" with Sanders being there. Normally we don't bother with small businesses, but this dump earned a mention. UPDATE: Out of business! Good!

gun Hilda And Jesse, San Francisco, CA - We are rooting for the continued destruction of the Marxist city San Francisco, so when the owner(s) of this woke restaurant refused to serve three SF police officers, we say great! Let this mentality continue to destroy your city. Hopefully BLM will loot this store the next time they roll into town.



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