Other 'woke' companies and products

fist tribal bord amer Ancestry.com - Pulled advertising from Tucker Carlson for supporting merit-based immigration. Race-mongering, pride and women's tribalism. Against using gender-at-birth to determine gender. There are numerous other companies that do DNA testing and for probably much cheaper.

fist tribal 23andMe - Donated to the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter. Against using gender-at-birth to determine gender. Against Florida's Parental Rights Bill.

fist tribal newsg Warby Parker - Anti-Breitbart, race-mongers, D.I.E, woke bathrooms, joined other leftists in opposition of much needed voting integrity bills.

fist tribal newsg Clorox (Glad bags, Burt's Bees, Formula 409, Glad, Hidden Valley, Kingsford, Kitchen Bouquet, KC Masterpiece, Liquid-Plumr, Brita (in the Americas), Mistolin, Pine-Sol, Poett, Green Works Cleaning Products, Soy Vay, RenewLife, Rainbow Light, Natural Vitality, Neocell, Tilex, S.O.S., and Fresh Step, Scoop Away, and Ever Clean pet products) - Joined the anti-Trump group StopHateForProfit. Donated 10X more to democrats in 2020! Headquartered in the far-left-wing city of Oakland.

fist tribal alert-1 Arm & Hammer (owned by Church & Dwight) - Embraces D.I.E., CO2 hysteria, small dem donors. However, Arm & Hammer may actually be the least 'woke' of the major detergent brands.

fist tribal alert-1 Newell Brands (owns Sharpie, Elmer's, Krazy Glue, Papermate, Parker, Reynolds, X-Acto, Rubbermaid, Quickie, Crockpot, Mr. Coffee, Oster, Sunbeam, Coleman, etc) - Joined other leftists in opposition of much needed voting integrity bills. LGBTQ workplace tribalism. Race-based employee tribalism. Committed to advancing D.I.E. discrimination. Democrat donors. Pushing carbon neutrality nonsense. Left-wing Atlanta-based.

fist tribal bord newsg Nest- Owned by Google.

amer SimpliSafe - Pulled advertising from the Post Millennial.

amer RingCentral - Pulled advertising from the Post Millennial.

alert-1 Hallmark Cards - Took sides against Josh Hawley (R) and Roger Marshall (R) by asking them to return campaign donations to Hallmark's PAC, and said that Hawley and Marshall "do not reflect [Hallmark's] values". Boycott Hallmark because of their left-wing agenda.

alert-1 PaperSource - Joined other leftists in opposition of much needed voting integrity bills.

alert-1 Seventh Generation - Joined other leftists in opposition of much needed voting integrity bills.

alert-1 Steelcase office furniture - Joined other leftists in opposition of much needed voting integrity bills.

alert-1 Zola - Joined other leftists in opposition of much needed voting integrity bills.

alert-1 Guggenheim Museum, NY - Disrespected Melania Trump.

alert-1 DOW Chemical - Stopped donations to Republicans who voted to object to the certification of Joe Biden (two years for House Republilcans and up to 6 years for Republican Senators).

fist John Deere - Partners with the race-based Thurgood Marshall Fund.

fist tribal newsg VistaPrint - Tribalism, joined StopHateForProfit.

tribal Fossil Watches - Tribalism - Buy from Egard Watch Company instead.

tribal Skagen Watches - Tribalism - Buy from Egard Watch Company instead.

tribal Skittles - Tribalism

tribal Zenni eyewear - Tribalism

tribal alert-1 1-800-Flowers - Tribalism. Joined the anti-Republican Civic Alliance.

newsg Pro Flowers - Cancelled Rush Limbaugh.

fist tribal alert-1 Fruit Bouquets - Has a "social responsibility" page talking about "inclusion" (AKA discrimination) and "Environment" which includes hysteria about
CO2. One reader reports to us that at one location they were fired for refusal to get vaccinated and for not agreeing with the Trump-hating owner's liberal views.

tribal Joann Fabrics - Tribalism

newsg Keurig Coffee Machines - Pulled advertising from Sean Hannity for supporting Roy Moore (R) for Senate and for supporting the presumption of innocence. Joined other leftists in opposition of Georgia's much needed voting integrity bill. Destroy your Keurig machine.

amer Martha Stewart's crap - 99% of contributions go to democrats. Martha does a commercial with rabid Trump-hater, Snoop Dog.

newsg Mattress Firm (owns Sleep Train) - Stopped selling My Pillow products. Cancelled Rush Limbaugh.

fist Beats Headphones (Owned by Apple) - Partners with Colin Kaepernick and Bubba Wallace. 'nuff said. Sponsored Eileen Gu, the Olympic skier who defected to China.

fist tribal newsg The Bouqs - $20,000 to Campaign Zero, "an organization devoted to ending police brutality" which we all know really means they're just plain anti-law & order because systemic racism in police is a lie. Joined StopHateForProfit.

fist alert-1 Eaze - $25,000 donation to the NAACP.

fist Lokai products - Supports the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter right at the top of their website.

alert-1 Magla Products (Stanley tools, Mr. Clean) - 100% of its contributions go to democrats.

fist Matchstick Ventures - Plans to hire based on skin pigmentation rather than merit. Plans to invest in companies simply because they are led by founders or founding team members who are black instead of merit.

2nd Printify - Dropped allowing Kyle Rittenhouse's family from selling "Free Kyle" merchandise.

amer Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency - Fired an employee for having Gab and Parler accounts. Jennifer De Chiara is evidently a bigot who is offended by free speech, yet hypocritically and arrogantly claims to believe in "unity" and "equality"! Let's hope her little company gets sued.

alert-1 Gibson Guitars - CEO James 'JC' Curleigh signed a petition started by the left-wing group Civic Alliance. Partners with the far-left Rock The Vote. Pride tribalism. This once great American brand flipped and went woke in 2020.

fist tribal Fender Guitars - Woke! Parroting media/DNC/BLM anti-police/race-mongering crap. Pride tribalism.

fist Zildijian Cymbals (owns Vic Firth, Baler Mallets) - Race-mongers! Established a 'Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee', recruiting at least one minority Intern each year (whites need not apply), increasing efforts to hire more minorities (whites do not qualify), indoctrinating employees with 'Diversity Training'. Plans to donate to the hyper-partisan, far-left-wing NAACP.

fist tribal Guitar Center - Pushing D.I.E. and BLM race-mongering, pride tribalism, global warming nonsense.

newsg Titleist - Banned the phrase "Let's go Brandon" to be printined on their golf balls.

alert-1 Melville House - Torturing terrorists works! But Melville House is at odds with Trump over treatment of terrorists.

alert-1 Cards Against Humanity - Launched a campaign to buy border land to resist Trump's wall.

alert-1 Nielsen Holdings - If you thought that a TV ratings company is unbiased, you would be wrong. Nielsen Holdings CEO, David Kenny joined other leftists in opposition of Republican's voting integrity bills.

fist Southern Company (Gas) - $5 million donation to Emory University School of Law to fight for "civil rights and social justice".

fist tribal Thrift Books - Applauds "activism in support of justice and equality", celebrates pride month.

bord GoPro - Against Trump's "Muslim country travel ban".

fist tribal Webtoon - Pride tribalism, donated $100,000 to, the among others, the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter.

fist tribal Kay Jewelers - "Proud" to be recognized on the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index, pride tribalism. Has a Chief Diversity Officer to promote D.I.E.

amer Hornady Ammo Manufacturing - Threatened employees who did not get vaccinated with "career devastating decisions".

fist Morton Salt - "Commitment to Racial & Social Justice". Donating $600,000 based on skin pigmentation.

amer OpenSea - Banned political cartoonist Stonetoss.

amer Rarible - Banned political cartoonist Stonetoss.

tribal Ray-Ban (owned by EssilorLuxottica SA) - French company. LBGTQ tribalism. Weird polygamy imagery.

fist tribal Georgia-Pacific (Brawny, Sparkle, Quilted Northern, Angel Soft, Mardi Gras, Vanity Fair napkins) - Wants to "combat systemic racism". Pride tribalism.

fist Khan Academy - Race-mongering

fist Udemy - Wants racial equity, race-mongering,

fist tribal alert-1 EcoLab - Highly woke! Encouraged employees to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund (bail criminals out) and matched 50% of donations. Supports D.I.E. (AKA discriminate based on race, gender over merit). Keeps track of employees based on race and gender as part of their effort to hire less white people and less men. Pride tribalism. Pushing anthropogenic climate change nonsense. Joined the left-wing CivicAlliance. Employees and PAC's have flipped to become a majority democrat donating company. Based in the rabid left-wing Minneapolis, MN.

fist tribal SC Johnson (Windex, Raid, Pledge, Shout, Ziplock, Off!, Drano, Fantastik, Glade, etc) - Pride tribalism and equality. tribalism. Pushing 'diversity and inclusion', and used in how they hire. Otherwise SC Johnson are heavy Republican donors. Based in Racine, WI.

fist tribal PLZ Corp (Sprayway, Champion lubricants) - Pushing ESG, pushing D.I.E, pushing 'climate actioin', CO2 footprint nonsense, wants gender and apparently racial 'equality' in their hires, keeps track of employees by gender and race.

fist tribal Yeti - Pushing D.I.E. (Diversity, Inclusion, Equity -- AKA racism and discrimination). Wants to 'increase racial and ethnic diversity at all levels by 2030' (AKA hire fewer white employees). Also has a 2030 gender quota. Pushing climate change nonsense. Based in the left-wing city of Austin, TX (71.7% voted for Biden over Trump). Buy from Pelican instead.

fist tribal Procter & Gamble - Obsessed with D.I.E. (AKA discrimination). Keeps track of employees by ethnicity. Wants to invest in people based on skin color. Advertises on / supports the propaganda networks. Cheering on black trans immigrants. Partnership with trannie, Dylan Mulvaney. Recently, employee and PAC donations have flipped in favor of democrats.

tribal Uniball pens (Mitsubishi Pencil) - Pride tribalism. Wants suppliers to take 'measures to prevent global warming'. Committed to ESG. Japanese company.

amer 2nd Southern Star Brewing Co. - Free speech grifters! Canceled free speech rally and Kyle Rittenhouse.

fist tribal alert-1 Spencer's - Partners with the left-wing Rock The Vote. Race-mongering. Donated to the radical ACLU.

fist BIC - Signed CEO ACT!ON for diversity and inclusion in the workplace (AKA discriminate against white people). Black workplace tribalism. Climate change nonsense. French-owned.

fist Smith & Wesson - Has a full-time 'Director of Diversity and Inclusion'.

amer Dyson - Enemies of free speech: Stopped advertising on Musk's Twitter. Pushing anti-CO2 agenda.


We don't cover small companies unless they get national attention


Lucky Strike Tattoo - LLC in Paris TN. - This bigotted owner hates conservatives. If conservatives come to his shop, he says “I will actually hurt you”.

Reem's California, an Arab bakery on Mission Street in San Francisco refused to serve a police officer.


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