Melissa Fleming: Sanctimonious, Open-Borders, Anti-Science, Anti-Free Speech, Unelected Tyrant




"It has come to this: A lockdown for the unvaccinated"

-- Melissa Fleming


6/21/2023 -- Melissa Fleming is the 'Under-Secretary-General' for 'Global Communications' (propaganda) for the far-left-wing non-governmental organization, the United Nations. She was not elected by people of any country in any democratic election. As one would expect, she parrots all of the usual cookie-cutter left-wing narratives on climate change, open borders/mass migration from hostile countries, COVID, race-mongering, pride tribalism, etc. To top it off, she is especially fixated on silencing 1st Amendment-protected free speech that contradicts her beliefs, all under the cloak of combatting those ambiguous words 'misinformation' and 'hate speech', which isn't even a valid argument because both are fundamental rights of freedom of speech protected by the US Constitution. Instead, Fleming essentially wants a private Orwellian Ministry of Truth (run by the UN, Google, Facebook, the DNC, etc) to combat conservative speech (facts and opinions) in order to amplify the UN's left-wing narratives. We already have laws that prohibit actual 'illegal speech' such as defamation, which is decided in a court of law after a fair trial.




Authoritarian, Joseph Goebbels would be very proud of Melissa Fleming's authoritarian leanings! She's like an alien character out of the movie 'They Live', hence the parody banner at the top of this page. Is it any surprise that Fleming has her degree in broadcast journalism (AKA activism and propaganda) from Boston University, which ranks as the most liberal college in Massachusetts?




Nothing is more anti-science than essentially declaring that The Science™ is settled. Nothing is more tyrannical than trying to shut down speech that contradicts one's opinion on science. Melissa Fleming proudly told the World Economic Forum that the UN works directly with Google to rig search engine results to censor skepticism about the climate change narrative. The United Nations and Google literally own the science, and Fleming admits this! So, if you point out the glaring fact that since before the industrial revolution, atmospheric CO2 has increased by a teeny tiny 1.4 parts per 10,000, expect to be censored/shadow-banned. Truth be damned!


BELOW: 'We're-All-Going-To-Die' hysteria



Great Replacement: Melissa Fleming and the UN want wealthy white countries to have open borders, and in doing so are pushing to destroy the culture of European countries while transforming entire neighborhoods into dangerous no-go zones [1, 2]. In typical leftist fashion, Fleming doesn't talk about the fact that the vast majority of migrants are irreverent, entitled, young men who don't want to assimilate with the West. We will...


Example: England is no longer England.

Example: England is no longer England.

Example: This is not Iran. This is England being taken over.

Example: Scottish man attacked by migrants.

Example: France's migrants destroy France.

Example: Marseille, France no-go zone.

Example: 130 killed in Paris by Islamic Jihadists.

Example: Syrian refugee stabs six at playground.

Example: 1,700 young male migrants moved to rural UK village of only 1,200.

Example: Middle Eastern immigrants harassing a Thai girl in Belgium.

Example: African migrant pushes (and kills) woman in front of oncoming train in Paris for no reason.

Example: Lawlessness comes to Manchester England.

Example: African migrants riot at Stockholm Eritrean festival.

Example: African migrants riot in Norway.

Example: This island of Lampedusa doubled from 6,000 to 12,000 as 6,000 African migrants arrived and established territorial control over many parts of the island.

Example: 3,000 men per day pour into the US.

Example: New York overrun with migrants.

Example: Series of riots and a stark rise in crime due to migrants in Sweden.

Example: Swedish PM says integration of immigrants has failed, fueled gang crime.

Example: Sweden goes from being one of the safest countries in Europe to the second most dangerous.

Example: Muslim migrants across Europe celebrate Hamas' attack on Israel.

Example: Algerian migrant stabs children in Ireland.

Example: African migrants terrorize opera house in the Netherlands.

Example: Belgium has surrendered to the Muslims.

Example: France is no longer France. Muslim gang wars in France are spiraling out of control.

Example: At least half of Paris crime is committed by foreigners.

Example: 77% of rape cases on Paris streets committed by foreigners in 2023.




She doesn't talk about the terrorists that are posing as 'refugees'. Instead, during a TED conference speech, Fleming cherry-picked the sob story of a Syrian woman living a 'grinding existence in Egypt, working day wages' (NOTE: That would make her an economic refugee -- not an actual refugee). Then, with one of her trite slogans, Fleming asks the TED audience of leftists, 'Can we take a stand for a world in which every life matters?'


BELOW: Putting happy, innocent female faces on mass migration destroying Europe





Melissa Fleming declares that The Science™ of masks is 'crystal clear' because she says so.




Never mind that the actual real-world data shows us that mask mandates did nothing! In fact, there are a wealth of studies that show that masks no only don't work but cause harm. Too bad the truth about masks was suppressed by tyrants during COVID.








According to Melissa, the government has no business telling people what to do with their bodies. It's set in stone. When it comes to the human body, it's a universal HUMAN RIGHT... YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE!!!



NOT SO FAST: Your Body... The Government's Choice! Melissa Flemming, the blithering hypocrite, suddenly wants to force the unvaccinated to be locked down. So much for 'my body, my choice'...




We knew from the data that healthy kids (no comorbidities such as diabetes, leukemia, or obesity) were at extremely low risk of dying of COVID. As of 5/28/2022, the data was showing that only about 75 healthy children had died of COVID since the onset of the pandemic. Accordingly, healthy children should never have been locked down or vaccinated with an experimental vaccine. Allowing children to safely go about their lives is one of the ways you get out of the pandemic. Children protect 'the herd' of older people -- Nice vise versa, as Melissa Fleming falsely asserted. During the pandemic, cases were inflated by people checking into the hospital simply because they were scared (not in grave health) or they checked in because of some other reason (car accident, etc) and then just happened to test positive for COVID after routine testing.


BELOW: Spreading 'case-demic' hysteria, and medical misinformation that masks help stop the spread. Note the overweight kid.



On 4/13/2021 a study by MIT researchers debunked the notion of social distancing. They found that such guidelines are unnecessary and not based on science. It makes virtually no difference whether folks are 6 or 60 feet apart. Yet, a week later, Melissa Fleming was still spreading medical misinformation regarding 'physical distance'. Of course, she was also still spreading mask misinformation. They don't work either. This perfectly illustrates the danger and absurdity of a sanctimonious tyrant working to censor speech while summarily claiming that her view of Science™ is settled.


BELOW: Melissa Fleming spreading medical misinformation



Melissa Fleming became triggered over the prospect of Elon Musk restoring 1st Amendment-protected speech. Oh no! People might start fact-checking her misinformation!


BELOW: The concerns of a tyrant.



Melissa Fleming cheered on proposed censorship in Australia. You can see how such a slippery law is open to wide interpretation by leftists. If you say that masks don't work, a Ministry of Truth will declare that you are killing people with 'disinformation'. If you present unfavorable studies, data or analysis that goes against the climaphobia narrative, a Ministry of Truth will declare that you are killing the planet with 'disinformation'. If you say that men who think they are women have gender dysphoria, a Ministry of Truth will declare that you are causing suicides.




FIDDLING WHILE FRANCE BURNS: As her beloved migrants were rioting, looting, and burning down France, Melissa Fleming was fretting about stopping free speech. Better not let anyone point out that migrants are destroying Europe. That's hate speech!




After a third night of migrant violence in France, the United Nations had the gall to defend the violent migrant revolutionaries and blame ‘deep’ police racism.


SELECTIVE OUTRAGE: Left-wing conspiracy theorist, Melissa Fleming is only concerned about right-wing 'conspiracy theorists' making money on Twitter. Unsurprisingly she re-tweeted propaganda from a 'Senior Researcher' at the far-left-wing site MediaMatters.




"Profits don’t matter if civilization collapses"

-- Elon Musk, on buying Twitter to stop censorship



On Twitter, Melissa Fleming is very worried about “right-wing” and the “far right". But, "left-wing" and "far-left" are terms that do not exist in her vocabulary. We could have predicted this!




In lock-step with leftists, Melissa Fleming parrots the words of race-mongers.




More race-mongering and honoring of armed robber and x-convict, George Floyd, who had fatal levels of fentanyl in his system and one artery that was 75% blocked: Before the trial had even begun, Melissa Fleming rushed to judgment. This post also sure sounds like a call to abolish the police.




And, like clockwork, Fleming parrots pride tribalism. Divide and conquer!





"The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance"

-- Albert Einstein








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