ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, the NY Times, the Washington Post, Yahoo 'news', Snopes, Wikipedia, and the rest of the vast mainstream media mob are propaganda arms of the democrat party. Their bias is obvious. They get selectively outraged over some stories, while selectively downplaying or simply ignoring others. But, some of their truth suppression techniques might not seem so obvious. Let's explore just a few.






ABOVE: Headline from The Guardian


A great way to deflect a damning story is to turn the tables on your opponent, smearing them as trying to score cheap political points. When the FBI weaponized its power to raid President Trump's home for political gain, instead of being outraged by the abuse of power, the left-wing media outlet, The Guardian was outraged by Republicans being outraged. By applying the 'How Dare You' gambit, some readers will subconsciously believe that the FBI raid was justified, that there was no abuse of power, that Donald Trump is not being witch hunted, etc. Shame on Trump, and shame on Republicans.






ABOVE: Headline from The Tennessean


In an act of bigotry, a grown man boldly walked over to a group of high schoolers and disrespectfully pounded his drum at them simply because they were white and wearing MAGA hats. In response to having a drum pounded at him by a rude man, Nick Sandman showed great restraint by simply standing his ground and smiling. He should have been applauded! The story should have been, "Why did a bigoted grown man pick a fight with children? Who taught him that?"


The media was able to completely spin this story by burying the fact that the man approached the kids -- not vice versa! The media also buried reports that some members of a Black Hebrew Israelites group were yelling obscenities at the kids. The media understands that most people only read headlines and perhaps the first few paragraphs at best. By burying the inconvenient truths later in the structure of the article and giving little attention to it, the intellectually dishonest media can always claim that they reported all of the facts.







Answering questions about Hurricane Ian relief, Kamala Harris claimed that people of color and low-income communities are most affected by natural disasters such as Hurricane Ian. Harris shockingly described how federal relief should be given "based on equity" (AKA racial discrimination against people with white skin pigmentation).


Kamala Harris said "It is our lowest income communities and our communities of color that are most impacted by these extreme conditions and impacted by issues that are not of their own making. And so we have to address this in a way that is about giving resources based on equity, understanding that we fight for equality, but we also need to fight for equity, understanding not everyone starts out at the same place. And if we want people to be in an equal palace, sometimes we have to take into account those disparities and do that work."


To do damage control for a democrat, the left-wing 'flop-check' site PolitiFact famously claimed "No, Kamala Harris didn’t say Hurricane Ian relief would be based on skin color." But, she did! So, how did Politifact pull off this deception? Very creatively! First, by playing word games. Politifact noted that technically, Harris did not mention any specific race. She said 'communities of color' but not specifically black, Latino, or any individual race. Second, Politifact conveniently used a Whitehouse propaganda statement that her comments about equity were referring to long-term, bipartisan investments in underserved communities, not immediate hurricane relief. Whether this is true or not, Harris still said it. Third, Politifact noted that FEMA's webpage says nothing about disaster assistance by race or equity. Whatever is written on FEMA's website does not negate the fact that Kamala Harris still said what she said. Essentially, Politifact dodged the question.







Nobody has ever been charged with 'insurrection', including those peaceful protestors who lounged at Nancy Pelosi's desk. But, that hasn't stopped the media mob from calling it as such.


Conversely, language can be used to protect one of their own. A perfect example of this was when a person of color used his car to murder people at a parade in the predominately white city of Waukesha, WI. Instead of calling it a racially motivated mass murder perpetrated by a black man, the media obscured the identity of the murderer and downplayed it with soft terms like parade incident, parade crash, parade accident, holiday crash, deadly crash, Waukesha tragedy, and a tragedy caused by an SUV. Instead of people being 'killed', they simply 'died'. Had it been a white person running over people of color, there would have been wall-to-wall media outrage.




WE'RE NORMAL, YOU'RE CRAZY: The media loves to smear conservatives and centrists as 'far right'.




Wikipedia is famous for doing this, while giving no such opinion smears for far-left democrat politicians. Wikipedia is so upset that Gaetz is an ally of Trump, that it gets mentioned in the very first paragraph. Wikipedia is not interested in any of Ilhan Omar's political leanings or allyships because she is a radical democrat.











The media famously accused Donald Trump of calling 'white supremacists' at the Charlottesville protests 'fine people'. He did not. The media twisted his words. There were four groups of people in Charlottesville. There were extremists on the right and the left. There were also peaceful protestors on the right and the left who simply wanted to take a stand on whether or not to tear down a statue. These were the 'fine people' President Trump was talking about. But, the media didn't care. They were hell-bent on smearing him.





When Trump referred specifically to MS-13 gang members (who were also illegal immigrants) as 'animals' and 'rapists' in May of 2018, the media took his words out of context in order to confuse the public into thinking that Trump was referring to all illegal immigrants in general. It worked! Members of the public believed the media's lie. Then, more than a year later, CBS was able to repeat the lie by simply giving a random misinformed citizen a forum to speak on the CBS Evening 'News'. CBS purposely aired this unrelated comment with a different story about the August 3, 2019, El Paso shooting, all as propaganda leading up to the November election. This way, some CBS viewers might erroneously believe that Donald Trump called all Mexicans 'animals and rapists' and this inspired the El Paso shooter.




The left-wing site, Wikipedia simply cherry-picks far-left-wing sources (NY Times, The Guardian, Wash Post, NPR, DailyDot, etc) to make their articles say what they want them to say.


BELOW: A deliberate and complete smearing of the free speech site Gab.








When Republican, Rick Caruso ran as a democrat, spending over 104 million dollars in his failed bid to become Mayor of Los Angeles, the far-left-wing LA Times dreamed up a creative way to attack him. They asked why he didn't spend that money on something else, such as private schooling for 2,158 teens, or 3,466,666 all-day parking passes at the Grove shopping mall, or housing for 17,000 homeless people.


Of course, the LA Times has no interest in applying the same logic to Hillary Clinton. She spent 1.3 billion dollars in her failed attempt to defeat Donald Trump. Imagine if that money had been spent on something useful such as medical research.





Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels understood that if you simply repeat a lie over and over again, the public will start to believe it. A perfect example of this is the notion that masks are necessary to stop COVID-19 and they work.


Prior to COVID, it was common knowledge that there has never been a respiratory virus in history that spread from asymptomatic carriers. Therefore, if you're sick, you know it, and so you stay home. No need for healthy people in public to wear masks, assuming masks even work, which they don't. Even Anthony Fauci understood this.


Then they pivoted. We were suddenly told that 1) the virus spreads asymptomatically, and therefore we don't know who is sick, and 2) masks work. Experts like Dr. Kelley Victory told us that this was all nonsense. The media smeared her and other truth-tellers as a quacks, conspiracy theorists, etc. The Science is settled.


The media lies continued. Even with study after study of real-world data showing that masks (including N95 masks) do nothing, to this day, due to ongoing media censorship and propaganda, some people are still walking around in public wearing their useless masks.


Viruses are spikey. Outbreaks surge, but sometimes the virus is more dormant. CNBC ignored the basic concept of 'correlation is not causation'. Just because cases had been relatively low in Germany, didn't mean that it was because of mask mandates. CNBC hailed Germany's N95 mask mandates as a 'Master Class' in stopping the virus. The Atlantic declared that Germany's mandates were 'beating' COVID. All famous last words.




BELOW: This is not a Babylon Bee headline!





No police officers were killed during or as a result of the January 6th protest. None. And, nobody was ever charged with 'insurrection'. But, the mainstream media repeated these lies and continues to repeat them today.


"January 6th, when an estimated 2,000 rioters breached the capital building, causing the deaths of 5 police officers"

-- The CBS Evening 'News' propaganda show


"Police officers died"

-- Erin Burnett, The CNN propaganda network


"There was a deadly insurrection that the right-wing is trying to cover up"

-- Brian Stelter, The CNN propaganda network


"He incited a deadly insurrection"

-- Don Lemon, The CNN propaganda network


"Donald Trump supporters, who of course rioted and killed police officers"

-- Joe Scarborough, The MSNBC propaganda network


USA Today lied by ommission by failing to mention that bomb threats against Target stores came from leftists! They did everything they could to suggest to readers that the threats originated from conservative(s). The bomb threat was sent due to the retailer's decision to pull Pride Month merchandise -- not put the merchandise there.



NOTE: Cut or at least reduce the cable/dish. Stop financially supporting the Marxist TV media by paying for bundled propaganda networks. Consider a digital antenna for free local channels and a smart TV or Roku for à la carte cable channels (or use Roku for no cable channels but some free shows + YouTube on your TV).


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