Media smears Rush Limbaugh


2/17/2021 -- The media has always hated Rush Limbaugh because he not part of their groupthink. It doesn't take much just to merely subconsciously shape some people's opinions. The media started with a headline designed to stigmatize Limbaugh as being other than centrist. They couldn't just call him "talk radio host". They labeled him as 'conservative' talk radio host Rush Limbaugh. If it were a left-wing commentator or comedian who died, such as Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, John Oliver or Stephen Colbert, do you think the media would label them as 'liberal'? No. This is part of moving the line in the sand so that left-wingers are middle-of-the-road, straight up the middle, and normal. But if you're not in line with their left-wing groupthink, then you get stigmatized into a category in order to train people into believing that someone like Rush Limbaugh was abnormal.


The rest of the media's reporting on Rush Limbaugh was a left-wing opinion piece. They reported as if it were a fact that he was 'divisive', 'sexist' and 'racist'. Because Rush's political views were at odds with the Democrats, that made him 'divisive'. Questioning Barack Obama's birth certificate is of the opinion of the media, racist. Limbaugh pointing out that the media wanted Donavan McNab to win the super bowl because of the pigmentation of his skin... racist. And of course women have a shield and can never be challenged. So when Rush made the prostitute analogy about Susan Fluke wanting free birth control, Rush became a lightning rod and called 'sexist'. The left loves to have bulletproof communicators. We've seen this with the Parkland students. We've seen this with Greta Thunberg. You can't debate children otherwise you're being insensistive.


Other lefty media outlets didn't hold back their left-wing biases at all...








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