Google promotes Biden/Fauci video


Video gets 6 times more DISLIKES than likes!


We all know that Google / YouTube is a propaganda arm of the Democrat party, so it was no surprise when the search engine promoted a Biden / Fauci propaganda video in which the duo fielded questions from cherry-picked left-wing YouTube creators. No questions were allowed from Stefan Molyneux, Paul Joseph Watson, Steve Turley, Mark Dice, Steven Crowder, The Hodge Twins, Diamond and Silk, Styxhexenhammer666, Salty Cracker, or anyone else who would ask anything other than softball questions.



In typical Democrat fashion, comments were disabled. However, likes and dislikes were not. Evidently, people have had enough of government propaganda. As of Friday night, the dislikes outnumbered the likes by a ratio of over 6 to 1. Don't be surprised if YouTube wipes clean some of the dislikes. It wouldn't be the first time that YouTube has "moderated" likes and dislikes when the dislikes go against left-wing groupthink.






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