Davos World Economic Forum = Academy Awards drivel

1-28-2021 -- Watching the 2021 Davos World Economic Forum was no different than watching Hollywood's limousine liberals at the Academy Awards give us morality lectures while patting each other on the back. It was the usual elite thinkers who know what's best for us... wealth redistribution (AKA socialism), climaphobia, dividing based on race and gender (divide and conquer), etc.


France's Emanuel Macron (GLOBALIST) had his true colors on full display when he regurgitated the same old climate hysteria and declared that capitalism "can no longer work".


Germany's Angela Merkel (GLOBALIST) preached about "fair distribution" of COVID-19 vaccines. She argued that wealthy nations should prioritize getting poor nations vaccinated. Sorry folks, but this is about life and death. The minute a leader wants to push their own citizens to the back of the line, they have lost their mind.


Canada's Justin Trudeau (GLOBALIST) preached noxious gender 'intersectionality'. He preached that companies should hire and promote simply because a worker has two X chromosomes, rather than merit.


The Davos globalists enjoyed not having Donald Trump around to rain on their parade. One of Joe Biden's campaign slogans was that he would get us "back on the world stage". It has a nice ring to it. If you're not on the "world stage" then you must be some sort of outcast. Right? Unfortunately, it's just a clever new name for globalism and socialism. Trump is a nationalist. He did not apologize for fighting for better trade deals and speaking out in favor of countries looking out for their own interests and borders. This agitated the globalists. They smeared Trump and called him "divisive", an "isolationist", etc.


If there was any bright spot at Davos 2021, that would be that Boris "Brexit" Johnson chose not to attend. He called the World Economic Forum “a great big constellation of egos involved in massive mutual orgies of adulation”.



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