David Hogg: The poster boy for liberal privilege


2-14-2021 -- David Hogg was originally embraced by the left-wing media because he loudly preached their anti-gun narrative. Best of all, because he was still a child at the time, he could never be challenged.


Hogg was able to further cash in on his liberal privilege by getting accepted into Harvard. According to TMZ, he scored a 1270 SAT score. If true, this would put his score at 190 points below the average score of the bottom 25% of accepted students.


Hogg has now hatched the idea of creating a pillow to compete with Mike Lindell's My Pillow. It's just an idea in its infancy, yet the media immediately rushed to give him millions of dollars worth of free advertising. While designing a pillow isn't rocket science, Hogg hasn't even created a design yet. Will it be a soft, firm, or medium-firm pillow? Will it be white in color, or would that be a no-no because white symbolizes white supremacy? Will it be made of feathers, goose down, polyester, or polyurethane foam?


Hogg will easily be able to raise money to capitalize his company. For fear of being cancelled, all of the 'woke' big box stores will agree to stock his pillow in their stores, sight unseen. And the media will have a vested interest in promoting and puffing up the pillow. There is literally no way for Hogg to screw this up. Liberal privilege on steroids.


UPDATE: 4-11-2021 - That didn't take long... Hogg has already given up! LOL!

You can order your My Pillow from Menards.



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