Is corporate America about to become victims of the very wokeness that they helped cultivate?


Following the George Floyd riots of 2020, large corporations paradoxically joined sides with the very BLM mob that looted and vandalized their businesses. These companies legitimized the riots and racial division through tweets and prominent web pages, their CEOs did interviews, they ran ad campaigns, they voiced opposition to the police, and/or they donated millions of dollars to race-mongering groups. Just to name a few are Nike, Adidas, Target, Wal-Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Costco, Patagonia, REI, Foot Locker, T.J. Maxx, and Gap brands. It would be much easier to just name the few large corporations that were silent.


These big corporations have also given billions of their advertising dollars to the very left-wing media that give unwavering support for the mob. And they pulled advertising out from or refused to advertise with, conservative media outlets that did so much as question left-wing narratives.


As the trial of Derek Chauvin proceeds, evidence is unfolding that contradicts the media’s relentlessly one-sided murder narrative. It is very reasonable to conclude that George Floyd died from heart disease coupled with his drug use -- AKA reasonable doubt. There is a real possibility that Chauvin will be acquitted or that there will be a hung jury. Then what?


Will a hung jury provoke the mob? Probably to some degree, especially if the juror tilt is more towards acquittal. If Chauvin is acquitted, all bets are off. We all know what will happen next... George Floyd riots PART II. And when that happens, will the rioters care that corporate America supported them? Absolutely not! Leftists are never satisfied. In blue cities across America, the same large retailers will be looted and ransacked, if not worse. The irony is that corporate America will have financed the activists who organize the protests, looting, and destruction of their stores.


But, the irony doesn’t end there. Once again, the very corporate media that the corporations have supported with their advertising dollars, will once again characterize the violence as justified. Will corporate America have the backbone to denounce the mob? Will corporate America continue to funnel advertising dollars into the media that cheers on the mob that keeps destroying their stores? Don’t count on it. More like, thank you, can I have another? SNL has already endorsed the riots.



Remember that we support looking the other way if you see any of these lefty stores being looted and destroyed by BLM and ANTIFA. These companies amplified the mob's lies, so don't call the police! In most states, mere failure to report a crime isn't a crime in itself. However, there are some exceptions.



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