Wonderful Company

Fiji water (merchandising), POM Wonderful, Wonderful pestacios


Rabid democrat donors



A common theme among pistachio companies (Wonderful, KIND) especially, is to pervert language in order to distort the truth. 'We're wonderful!' No, you're not. You are vandalizing our democracy! Wonderful Company owners, Stewart and Lynda Resnick have made endless donations to democrats, including Joe Biden (D), Mitt Romney (RINO), Nancy Pelosi (D), Kamala Harris (D), Adam Schiff (D), Diane Feinstein (D), etc. In 2020 they donated $1,030,000.00 to democrats and only $22,650 to Republicans. They even hosted a Michael Bloomberg (D) fundraiser in their 25,000 square foot Beverly Hills home.


To grow their pistachios, they use more water than every home in Los Angeles combined.


Roll Global, now called 'The Wonderful Company', acquired Fiji Water in 2004. Fiji water contains arsenic. This article claims 1 ppb of arsenic. One study detected 6.31 micrograms of arsenic per liter. Another test claims 1.2 micrograms per liter. Fiji claimed their water never exceeds 2 micrograms per liter. In one study, Crystal Geyser claimed only 0.0021 micrograms per liter. A 2021 Crystal Geyser report claims 0.01 micrograms per liter.



Wonderful Company has no redeeming qualities.



By purchasing Wonderful / Fiji / POM brand products you are esentially helping to fund the democrat party. Do not buy Fiji Water, Wonderful pistachios, or POM brand pomegranates


Do not buy KIND pistachios either!




1. Support other brands that are not on our boycott list.


2. Support Crystal Geyser water.



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