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Boycott these leftists



Walmart's CEO, Doug McMillon is a never-Trumper who has shamelessly repeated the media's blatant Charlottesville lie that Trump called white supremacists "fine people".


The Walmart Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation supported the Clinton Foundation.


Walmart attacked Republican Senator Josh Hawley, calling him a "sore loser" for objecting to the certification of the electoral college results of the 2020 election.


Walmart suspended donations to Republicans who did not vote for the certification of Joe Biden.


Walmart donated 100 million dollars "to create a new center for racial equity" (AKA discriminate against other races) as well as money to the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter.


On May 25, 2021, Walmart devoted their entire front page to honor armed robber, George Floyd, and to push the lie of systemic racism, and the need for racial discrimination:



Committed to OneTen, AKA hire based on race over merit.


Walmart ended sales of handguns and ammunition in its stores from September 2019 until November 2020.


Walmart's CEO laughably and falsely claims "We are not in the business of partisan politics."


Walmart required all employees at its headquarters and managers who travel within the U.S to get the non-FDA-approved vaccine.


Walmart sometimes drop ships merchandise via, who we boycott.



Walmart has no redeeming qualities.


The BLM mob, who Walmart supports, looted and ransacked their stores during the George Floyd riots, Philadelphia riots, Minneapolis riots, etc.



Stop shopping at Walmart. Do not shop at any other big box store on our boycott list.




1. is much less offensive than Walmart for general merchandise.


2. CVS is less offensive than Walmart for general merchandise.


3. Big Lots is much less offensive than Walmart for general merchandise.


4. Menards


5. Ace Hardware


6. Walgreens - General merchandise. More middle of the road political donations. However, Walgreens once fired a pharmacist who shot at armed robbers using his legally concealed handgun. Decide for yourself.


7. - Not as offensive as Walmart. Not just hardware. Kitchen, bed, bath, furniture, etc. Co-founder, once supported Trump, then fell for the media's Capitol protest lies about Trump. Home Depot's store in Minneapolis flew a pride flag and was handing out black lives matter signs, thus promoting Marxism. Home Depot donated 1 million dollars to Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. We give HD credit for the fact that employee and/or PAC donations favor Republicans, and for not caving into the left-wing mob's demands to denounce Georgia's voting integrity bill.


8. Any other apolitical stores.



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