Walgreens joined StopHateForProfit, which among other things, wants to ban Trump from social media.


Walgreens has more middle-of-the-road political donations, however, in 2020 they donated more to Democrats than Republicans for the first time since 2012.


Walgreens increased the 'diversity' of their suppliers (AKA discrimination discrimination against white people). Wants to increase 'persons of color' in management (AKA discrimination against white people).


Walgreens parrots critical race theory talk, wants equity (AKA socialism) and gave lip service to the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter. Walgreens donated to the Chicago chapter of the hyper-partisan, far-left-wing, race-mongering National Urban League. Also, notice that Walgreens turned their logo into a pride logo.




Walgreens has a policy to "utilize a minimum of 8 percent certified Minority Business Enterprise and 2 percent other certified diversity classifications".


Walgreens once fired a pharmacist who shot at armed robbers using his legally concealed handgun. Ironically, Walgreens has had to close down 17 stores in the Marxist city of San Francisco, due to out-of-control shoplifting.


Walgreen has a "Global Chief Diversity Officer".


Pride Alliance is one of Walgreens' business resource groups.


Walgreens spokesperson Phil Caruso refused to admit that the closures of its San Francisco stores was due to rampant theft made possible by democrats (defund the police, prop 47, render store security powerless, Gavin Newsom emptying the prisons, radical district attornies who let criminals off the hook, etc). Thieves are simply moving on to other San Francisco Bay Area Walgreens stores. [Rampant theft 1]



Walgreen stores are routinely looted.


Walgreen's New York City stores are looted in plain sight.


Walgreen's San Francisco store is looted 20 times per day. Everything is locked up.


#DeclineIsAChoice #GetWokeGoBroke





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